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  1. I've tried TP Japan Forged, Fourteen, Miura, Epon in the past.
  2. Thanks. Playing tomorrow at a local course and hopefully it will be better than Wed.
  3. You know it. Everything has been bought used here in the past 2 months except for the iron set which was custom ordered and the golf bag which I brought back from overseas.
  4. I took a leave from golf due to various reasons for the past 3 years. Decided to start playing again few months ago and started hitting the range. While I don't have the best looking swing, I do hit the ball quite well to the point where when I'm hitting my driver, other golfers would come over to my stall to watch me hit the balls. Yesterday, I went out to the course for the first time in 3 years and it was the biggest embarrassment of my life. I shanked every drive except 3 holes, and my topped the ball all over the place. Distance control was non existent.
  5. Looking for a 4 hybrid Must have 75+g stiff shaft. Preferably any Tensei line. G410, G425, Sim Max, or Sim Max 2 would be nice. Let me know what you got! Thanks
  6. Looking for vokey set. 1/2 inch longer preferred but will consider other options. Thanks
  7. Looking for Ventus Blue 6s or Atmos Blue 6s driver shaft. Preferably in Callaway tip. Let me know if you got one to sell.
  8. Few items for sales 1. Mavrik 10.5 with Evenflow Riptide 60 stiff. Head is a replacement from Callaway that arrived today. Hit 5 times at the range and selling it. Can pass as new. No mark whatsoever on the head but the shaft is lightly used. Comes with matching HC $285 $OLD 2. "only been putted at home" Toulon Palm Beach 35 with Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft. Comes with matching HC. Asking $300 OBO 3. 910 D3 Driver with For Titleist Diamana Kaili 60 Stiff. Good for someone who's getting into the game. Some scuff marks on the sole and some idiot mark. Comes with matching HC.
  9. Yes!!!!!! That’s another reason why I hated many of the cart bags available here in the US.
  10. It was $210 and another $50 for baggage fee. I just tried looking it up online and seems like there are sellers from Japan & Korea who are selling them for $450+ including shipping. Just search for Adidas Caddy Bag or Adidas Cart Bag on ebay.
  11. I've always preferred cart bag over stand bag since I ride 99% of the time. But all the cart bags available here in the states are made with the same material as the stand bag and just looks little flimsy. The other option is the staff bag, and every time I look at someone who's carrying one, i'm like what's with the guy. I recently had to go Korea to take care of some family matters and there was a golf shop nearby and I walked in just to check out some stuff and walked out with this bag. It's almost the same size as many of the medium sized stand bags and it's not too fl
  12. Scotty Newport 2 from early 2010. I believe this is the best looking newport classic design in the past 10 years. It was kept at home as a putter for practice. The grip is little soiled and shiny from use for the past 10 years. I have OCD when it comes to putters. Absolutely no scratch or ding. Topline is in perfect condition. $old.
  13. Can the marks on top of the face be buffed out? If so, i'm interested. Thank you.
  14. Title says it all. Ordering a custom Zx5/Zx7 combo and going with a lighter shaft. Getting old and 120-130g feels little too heavy for me. Tried 105S at a pro shop and liked the smoothness of the shaft but wished they would be tag heavier. Would 105x soft stepped still give me the smooth feeling? Thanks in advance.
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