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  1. Looking this exact setup. Let me know if you have it. Thanks!
  2. They really don't have an idea. Actually they do, but their system doesn't make it intuitive for them to be able to tell the customer the right information. To test this theory, I called Srixon 4 times in 1 day and got 4 different answers. 1st rep said it's shipping in 2 weeks. 2nd rep said end of July due to Zx5 heads out of stock and the 3rd person said early July because Golf Pride MMC Plus 4 Gray grips are out of stock. The 4th rep told me that some of the other reps will just tell you a general statement (pretty much a lie) most of the time because the way their o
  3. 3 Ping Driver & Hybrids Titleist FW/Vokey Wedges/Scotty Putter Srixon iron
  4. For the longest, I considered people using hybrid as slackers who didn't want to hone their iron skills. Then one day, I hurt my wrist playing foosball while drunk and just couldn't hit the 3 iron like I used to any more. Took it out and got a TM 2011 Rescue TP Hybrid which I had it till 2 days ago. Then I took a leave of absence from golf and came back after 3 years and same thing happened to the 4 iron. Just didn't have the same confidence I had before. Got a G410 4 hybrid to replace the 4 iron and OMG, what an easy club to hit. Ended up switching my trusty 10 year o
  5. R9 TP 3 Wood with Fubuki 70g shaft. I alternate between this and the TItleist FW.
  6. Looking for specific model so I know it's a long shot but willing to wait. Ping G425/G410 3 Hybrid. MUST Have Tensei Blue or Orange Stiff Shaft. Thanks in advance.
  7. I know it's a long shot but I am looking for the SPECIFIC ONE. Odyssey 2 ball Ten Tour Lined S Putter 33 inch. Let me know if you have this exact putter. Thanks
  8. My uncle wants to get lighter shaft installed on his wedges now that he’s getting little older. i have few KBS Tour 90 wedge shaft that I install but just wondering how would the swingweight change. I would like to maintain the sw at d3-4. Would I need tip weights?? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  9. I ordered 2 sets. Zx5/7 Combo 4-pw with modus 105x softstepped and 1/4 inch longer. Ordered early April and received in about a month. Ordered at the same time Zx5/7 combo 5-pw with Miyazaki 80 regular. ETA for shipping is Mid June. Apparently, they have everything except the shaft for 9 iron. The Miyazakis come pre-cut from the factory in Japan according to their rep. Anyone know if this is true?
  10. Looking to buy a CHEAP shaft with Callaway Tip. It will be for my guest set which I keep for guests that are visiting us that may want to play golf with me. Any 60-65g shaft will do. Must have Callaway tip. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  11. I've been playing Zx5 & 7 combo for the past few weeks and I love it. My uncle tried mine today and he wants to order a set with the 80g Miyazaki graphite regular shaft. I was looking at their site for specs for Zx5 and seems like whether you opt in for steel or graphite, the swingweight is both D2 while maintaining the same length. Do they have heavier weight head for graphite or are they adding weight to the tip? Any insight will be appreciated.
  12. This is a set of TM Japan Forged Irons. It was gifted to me by a professional player from Japan years ago. He did mention that it was finished by the same person who finishes Tiger's irons so I'm assuming it could have been Miura himself but there's no way to prove it. Anyhow, they haven't been gamed for few years but I just couldn't get rid of them but I think now is the time. 3-P standard L/L/L with KBS Tour Stiff. 3 iron was never played and the only flaw is the little nick on the 9th iron (pictured). Asking $290 obo
  13. Looking for a 4 hybrid Ping , Callaway or TM but must have 80+g stiff shaft preferably Tensei. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the encouraging words. I was 10-12 handicapped before stopped playing. I did have few good shots now that you mention it. I hit a pitching from 132 yds out on par 3 and got it 2 inch off the hole. Sank another 25 ft putt. I guess that’s what makes you go back and hit the range the next day. I did play another 18 today and i ended up hitting 92. it will be a long way back to low 80s but guess it will be worth it at the end.
  15. I've tried TP Japan Forged, Fourteen, Miura, Epon in the past.
  16. Thanks. Playing tomorrow at a local course and hopefully it will be better than Wed.
  17. You know it. Everything has been bought used here in the past 2 months except for the iron set which was custom ordered and the golf bag which I brought back from overseas.
  18. I took a leave from golf due to various reasons for the past 3 years. Decided to start playing again few months ago and started hitting the range. While I don't have the best looking swing, I do hit the ball quite well to the point where when I'm hitting my driver, other golfers would come over to my stall to watch me hit the balls. Yesterday, I went out to the course for the first time in 3 years and it was the biggest embarrassment of my life. I shanked every drive except 3 holes, and my topped the ball all over the place. Distance control was non existent.
  19. Few items for sales 1. Mavrik 10.5 with Evenflow Riptide 60 stiff. Head is a replacement from Callaway that arrived today. Hit 5 times at the range and selling it. Can pass as new. No mark whatsoever on the head but the shaft is lightly used. Comes with matching HC $285 $OLD 2. "only been putted at home" Toulon Palm Beach 35 with Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft. Comes with matching HC. Asking $300 OBO 3. 910 D3 Driver with For Titleist Diamana Kaili 60 Stiff. Good for someone who's getting into the game. Some scuff marks on the sole and some idiot mark. Comes with matching HC.
  20. Yes!!!!!! That’s another reason why I hated many of the cart bags available here in the US.
  21. It was $210 and another $50 for baggage fee. I just tried looking it up online and seems like there are sellers from Japan & Korea who are selling them for $450+ including shipping. Just search for Adidas Caddy Bag or Adidas Cart Bag on ebay.
  22. I've always preferred cart bag over stand bag since I ride 99% of the time. But all the cart bags available here in the states are made with the same material as the stand bag and just looks little flimsy. The other option is the staff bag, and every time I look at someone who's carrying one, i'm like what's with the guy. I recently had to go Korea to take care of some family matters and there was a golf shop nearby and I walked in just to check out some stuff and walked out with this bag. It's almost the same size as many of the medium sized stand bags and it's not too fl
  23. Scotty Newport 2 from early 2010. I believe this is the best looking newport classic design in the past 10 years. It was kept at home as a putter for practice. The grip is little soiled and shiny from use for the past 10 years. I have OCD when it comes to putters. Absolutely no scratch or ding. Topline is in perfect condition. $old.
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