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  1. Looking for new/mint condition scotty headcover for Phantom X series right hand. Let me know.
  2. Scotty Special Select Squareback 2. Ordereed custom from Scotty 35inches and 72 lie instead of 70 standard. Comes with Lime Green Custom grip. The putter head is absolutely perfect with absolutely no imperfection. The only flaw is the shaft band. Some of the black has worn off. Comes with unused HC. $OLD Tour AD VR 6s with Callaway Tip. 44.25 inches long from end of trip to end of adapter. Was used for 4-5 months on and off. $190 obo
  3. Going down to FL in a week. Wife and her friend will be at the Disney Resort and me and the other hubby are playing 3 full days of golf. 1st day, we are playing Grand Cypress before it shuts down on the 15th for overseeding. Heading over to WP9 after. 2nd day, we are thinking Shingle Creek, Southern Dunes or Championsgate National (International just overseeded and it's not in the best condition). 3rd day, Palm & Lake Buena Vista at Disney (Magnolia is closed for overseeding) as Disney right now has free replay. So what would be your pick for the 2nd day? Or if there is another course that I missed that should absolutely be included, please let me know (we both played Waldorf, both Orange county national in the past and we would like to try new courses) Thanks in advance for all of your great inputs.
  4. The end of golf season is coming and getting rid of some items that are not seeing any play. Selling one of the back up heads. Mavrik head only. Was used maybe 4-5 rounds at most. Hardly any signs of use both on the bottom and on the face. Comes with HC $OLD
  5. One item for sale today. Mint Srixon ZX 3 Driving iron. Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX 90g Stiff shaft. $OLD
  6. One item for sale today. Like new Tour AD HD 5s shaft with original Callaway tip. Ordered directly from Callaway but tad too light for me. It's 59g on the spec sheet. 44 3/8 inches long. Comes with brand new MCC Plus4 Align grip. Asking $OLD. Thanks
  7. Callaway Tour AD IZ 6s with Callaway adapter. 44 inches. New MCC Plus grip. Looking for a quick sale. $150 $OLD. Thanks
  8. Tried the Max LS and really didn't see a whole lot of difference from Mavrik SZ so sticking with Mavrik for now.
  9. Where do you go around ordering one? All the aftermarket ones I see have max weight of 14g. I rather spend a little more and get the OEM one.
  10. So Callaway driver with its 45.75 standard length at D3 swing weight is too long for me. So I cut down the shaft to play at 45, and it went down to C9 and feels too light. Do you guys prefer to hot melt or add weight? Also, if i were to add the weight, would you replace the weight with a heavier weight or would you get another 6-7g weight and put two weights? Thanks.
  11. Came with a brand new Epic Max LS driver. 60 stiff & 44.25 inch with Lamkin grip Asking $75 obo
  12. Just noticed that there is a chip on my driver shaft. You guys think it's ok to play?
  13. Odyssey Ten 2-Ball Tour Line 33 inch. Has Super Stroke Grip. Gamed 3-4 times. sold
  14. One item today. Never used Eveflow Riptide 60g 6.0 driver shaft with Callaway tip. 44.25 length. Will pay standard Callaway length. $OLD
  15. One item for today. Mint Ping G410 LST 9° w/ Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff. Stock Length. Gamed for the last 2 months. Found another driver that fits me better so this one has to go. Absolutely no idiot mark. Face is super clean. Some marks on the sole obviously from actual use. Asking $OLD obo.
  16. Ping G410 3 & 4 Hybrid. Yesterday, I got 6 inches from the hole from 205 yards out in the bunker with 4 hybrid.
  17. Didn't even realize that I had this set. I was looking for something in the garage and came upon this set being tucked away. Anyhow, title says it all. No ding, nick or major scratches. grips still have plenty of life left. GONE!
  18. Morning everyone. 4 things for sale. 1. Vokey SM2 Oil Can Wedge set: 52/8, 56/14 & 60/07 Set. I believe they were the last gen before the groove change and this was a little experiment but time to wrap it up. Standard L/L/L $OLD 2. Another failed wedge experiment. Scratch 8620 Wedge set 53(bent to 52), 56, and 60. KBS Tour Shaft. They are DS (driver/ slider) grind which is the mid bounce. (DD being high and SS being low bounce) $OLD 3. TM Kia Ma Daytona 35. Back around 2008/2009, TM was a major client for the company that I was working for. Few of the management people went to their HQ for a meeting after which they got the tour of the facility. the VP of sales got gifted one of the Kia Ma putters that Kia Ma himself was finishing up. He later on put it up as a prize for the company golf tournament and I won it on putting contest. This obviously was made for a tour player as it has two distinctive milled mark instead of one milling mark for retail version. Also the the bird is stamped on the toe rather on the heel. It's in almost perfect condition but does have a scratch on the topline which you can see from the picture. $OLD 4. Scotty Cameron Headcover for BMW Championship. Never been on the course $OLD Thanks for looking.
  19. They really don't have an idea. Actually they do, but their system doesn't make it intuitive for them to be able to tell the customer the right information. To test this theory, I called Srixon 4 times in 1 day and got 4 different answers. 1st rep said it's shipping in 2 weeks. 2nd rep said end of July due to Zx5 heads out of stock and the 3rd person said early July because Golf Pride MMC Plus 4 Gray grips are out of stock. The 4th rep told me that some of the other reps will just tell you a general statement (pretty much a lie) most of the time because the way their order/inventory system is designed, it SUCKS a**. You have to go line by line for each head, shaft, then grip separately. She actually took the time to go over each item and told me that the only thing missing on the set that I was waiting for was missing the 9 iron Miyazaki shaft and I was like can you use the 8 iron and cut it down and she said they don't like to do that on graphite shafts as it messes up the progression of logo on the shaft or something. I was like I don't give a F about the logo placement so please cut it down and ship it out asap. She said she will email the guy in production. 2 days after that call, got a notification from Fedex that it shipped. Zx5 5-7, Zx7 8-PW Miyazaki Regular and MCC Plus 4 grip. Took exactly 2 months from the date of order. My advice is to call until you can talk to someone who will check line by line and tell you exactly what you can do to expedite shipping.
  20. 3 Ping Driver & Hybrids Titleist FW/Vokey Wedges/Scotty Putter Srixon iron
  21. For the longest, I considered people using hybrid as slackers who didn't want to hone their iron skills. Then one day, I hurt my wrist playing foosball while drunk and just couldn't hit the 3 iron like I used to any more. Took it out and got a TM 2011 Rescue TP Hybrid which I had it till 2 days ago. Then I took a leave of absence from golf and came back after 3 years and same thing happened to the 4 iron. Just didn't have the same confidence I had before. Got a G410 4 hybrid to replace the 4 iron and OMG, what an easy club to hit. Ended up switching my trusty 10 year old 3 hybrid with the same Ping G410 few days ago. I guess if you can still hit your long irons without any hesitation, then there's no reason for you to use the hybrids, but if you find yourself doubting yourself when hitting the long irons, then give hybrid a try and you may become a believer like myself.
  22. R9 TP 3 Wood with Fubuki 70g shaft. I alternate between this and the TItleist FW.
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