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  1. I honestly wouldn't be worried about anything but the grips. My other specs all seem right on (I had my lofts/lies adjusted and ordered 1/2" over standard length) and the guys I know who had custom orders had everything else right on... except grips. Apparently Mizuno just needs a new grip installer guy. And if it wasn't customized you probably have a higher probability of good grips because all of the 'stock' mizuno stuff I have ever purchased had straight grips.
  2. If you haven't ordered yet, you might also want to consider ordering without the grips installed or logo down. My clubs are amazing but the grips came crooked and inconsistent. I have a buddy who also recently ordered MP-20s and they came the same way. Everything else seems perfect... and I also didn't expect the logo to be perfectly to my liking (I know everyone likes them different... square... a few degrees open or closed, so it all looks right to them) but a bunch of them weren't just crooked but on slightly twisted and all different. I have always loved mizuno clubs and have h
  3. Mine were supposed to have midsize +4 MCCs and that was my holdup. I didn't ask about the midsize tour velvet +4 as a replacement and instead I went with regular size +4 MCCs and they built them up to be the same size as midsize. I got them yesterday and the clubs look and hit amazing... the "built up" grips to get to midsize are a bit firmer, but that was to be expected but they got the size right. I was honestly really disappointed in how twisted some of the grips are with the install... not just "not straight" but actually curved at the bottom like someone did a rush job. It's o
  4. My order arrives tomorrow! Sadly, that means the total wait time was 7 weeks. Though (and I'm not sure why) the clubs got shipped from Mizuno to DD's last week and then DD's sent them to me. I'm not sure why they just didn't get drop shipped from the Mizuno. Either way, I'm excited to get them and hit the course with them!
  5. Mine have finally been shipped... so apparently choosing a different grip was the hold up. I just wish someone had let me know earlier about the grip issue so I could have had the irons in my hands earlier.
  6. For what it's worth, I'm at just over 5 weeks waiting on my Mizuno mp-20 order (through DDs). It turns out, after e-mailing DDs, Mizuno is "out" of the grip I wanted (MCC Plus 4 midsize) and that has been the holdup. I was told if I switch to a different grip, they'll get them out by next week. I'm not super stoked to be paying that much for irons to NOT get the grip I want... but they're going to use regular size MCC plus 4s and build them up with tape to try and match the size/weight of midsize.... so hopefully that works out ok.
  7. Any updates from recent orders? I'm thinking about ordering a custom set and curious what the wait times are.
  8. Good stuff here. I'm curious how you would compare the AMT X100 to the DG120 X100, especially in the long irons. Similar launch and spin?
  9. Wow, I just saw this! Somehow my notifications aren't set up to let me know you responded. This helps a ton. Thanks!
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