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  1. I hated that Rocketballz performed so well. Such a terrible name that everyone accepted because it was so great. Kinda like a dumb band name that makes great music...
  2. Sympathize, I can. I added a sight dot to my Scotty. It turned out no bueno and now its worthless. Scotty, I know you’re busy with the above poster’s request, but I kindly ask you to take my putter and recycle it.
  3. Many a putter went back because of this. Childish, I know, but you just can’t bring a unique/ugly putter out and miss any short putts. Brutal.
  4. Maybe I should try it. I would say that my game closely resembles Na’s from what I saw at the Valero some years back.
  5. Every time I roll a Scotty Newport at my shop, I think wow that feels good/soft. I kept thinking that the steel can’t be that much softer than stee in the other putters I try, so I kept testing it versus others. I am convinced that Scotty uses a softer shaft? It’s almost like I feel it load and impact is so much better. Is this his secret?
  6. Crazy he made it this far with that stroke. I’m shocked every time he makes a putt.
  7. This is the first time that the product actually matches the photos from the USGA conforming! I keep looking at the in-hand photos think they grey scaled them.
  8. All I got today is a nearly new set of T100-S irons 5-PW. These came straight from Titleist with S400 AMT Tour White shafts 1/4" under. Golf Pride Tour Velvet white standard size. Standard loft and lie. They have a range session and a couple rounds on them. Price includes shipping $815. Paypal only.
  9. Why is Srixon rep saying that they won't bring to North America until Jan/Feb, while they plan to release in Europe in a week or so? As a spoiled, entitled US baby brat, THAT'S NOT FAIR!!
  10. I tested the 765’s vs the 965’s and went with the 965’s. Felt no real forgiveness gains from 765. I would say that if you are scared of the 965, don’t be. Anyways, swore I would never leave the 965’s but T100s sounded like the holy grail I was looking for. Stronger lofts with near blade looks and feel. Sold the 965 and ordered up the T100s. After 5 rounds and a lot of range time, wishing I still had my Srixons. T100s are clanky and feel nothing like a forged players iron to me. Needless to say, I can’t wait for new TaylorMade and Srixon irons.
  11. Is there a website where you can find current day stats for strokes gained, distance, etc? The Golf Channel guys always reference the stats for the round that just completed, but I can't find them anywhere. Would be nice to have for fantasy reasons.
  12. joj

    Wedge technology

    I sold my SM7’s and got SM8’s...kinda miss the 7’s. I feel like I could flight them better. SM8 feels like the ball is rolling up the face rather than getting grabbed by the grooves. None of this makes sense to me considering that they say the main change in SM8 is better CG to flight balls and better grooves.
  13. Random questions: Are there any rules on shafts that can make them non-conforming? Wasn’t/isn’t there rules associated with grips? If grips have guidelines, I would think shafts do?
  14. Agreed. I think the golf industry has hurt people in the long run by manufacturing these clubs that ‘work’ with a terrible swing. You shouldn’t be rewarded for doing something fundamentally wrong. That sounds harsh, but I’m also a believer that a proper golf swing isn’t that difficult.
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