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  1. One thing I've found with this is if you overly c0ck your wrists in an attempt to get a "full" backswing, it's really hard not to have a cupped wrist. My wrist just doesn't move that way. If I avoid doing that then it's much easier.
  2. For the record I would never actually suggest that you should center your shot pattern on that flag. You should be aiming it well away from the trouble. I'm just saying it doesn't matter whether you hit a draw or a fade to it so long as your shot pattern is centered in the right place, which should be the same for both shot shapes, but if your pattern is more precise with the fade then you should hit the fade. Even if that means aiming at the flag and letting it leak away to the right. Occasionally you'll hit the straight one and wind up close. Most of the time you'll be in the 10-30 feet righ
  3. Once again, I wasn't talking about aiming it left of the green. I was saying you could aim it 10 feet left of the pin - there is definitely room to do that - and if you hit it straight you have a 10 footer, if you hit your fade you have a kick in and if you hit a bigger cut you have a 10 footer (assuming your distance is spot on). But let's leave that as it is. Why not aim at the flag and hit the fade? When you hit it straight, you're right by the hole. Why are you guaranteeing never being less than 12-15 feet away? Why do you sometimes hit it straight when you hit the big draw? W
  4. I wasn't talking about having the ball working away from the pin. In any case, do you think Kenny Perry would play a fade to a right pin? Or would he aim it at it and hit his shot? If your shot circle is smaller with a fade than a draw then you should hit a fade in every instance except perhaps where you have a tree in the way or some such. The goal of the game is to get the ball as close as possible to the hole. If you're aiming this shot at the right edge and hitting a draw, then sometimes you're going to hit it straight and that'll give you 35-40 footers plus. If you're aiming it far enough
  5. If that's a PGA tour pin, it's cut 4 yards from the edge most likely. If you never miss left, then you can aim 10 feet left safely. So why would you play a draw there if your fade is more reliable? What if you overcook the draw? How do you know that's not going to happen? Then you get the short sided miss
  6. That's not a miss. I was listening to the hack it out podcast today. Crossfield was talking about how he has guys come in for lessons and they're complaining about their iron play. They come in and they're hitting a 30 yard fade, but they're all landing in the same soup bowl. He said just aim it 30 yards left. Your target and where you line your body up will only be the same if you're hitting the straight shot that apparently no one does. If you hit your shape and it lands where you wanted it to, how is that a miss? From my own personal experience, I have days where I go out and e
  7. Well in fairness, you said that your bad shot is another 10-12 feet right. If you aim at the pin and never miss left, your "left miss" is on the hole, the "good" shot is 10-12 feet right and your "bad" shot is 20-25 feet right? Why wouldn't you aim 10 feet left then? If you aim 10 feet left, your "left miss" is 10 feet left, your "good" shot is on the hole and your "bad" shot is 10-15 feet right. A 20 foot wide shot pattern with a 6 iron is far better than the PGA tour players can do. I can achieve a 20 foot wide shot pattern with a 6 iron, but it's by hitting it 20 yards. Not 180 or whatever.
  8. 16.5% left and 17.5% right in 2020. Neither of them is "eliminating one side" of the course. They might be eliminating one side of their shot pattern. If you never miss left, then you're playing suboptimally. Feel like I've said that before...
  9. 5.5% in fairway bunkers and 5% "other" - that's about 58% fairways which is probably about right.
  10. I was thinking exactly the same thing. There must be some "others" - fairway bunkers or other hazards or what not. Perhaps "straight" misses where he's hit it through a fairway.
  11. In 2020 DJ's left rough percentage was about 18% and right rough percentage was about 13%
  12. So if you aim it ten feet left of the flag and hit your stock shot, you're never more than 10 feet offline? If true that's insanely impressive. I've played with some very good players and none of them could do that with more than a wedge.
  13. Right - it's pretty clear that if your natural shot shape is a draw then you should stick with it. If it's a fade then stick with it. If it happens to be straight, then you'd be mad to try and change it so you hit a draw or a fade. I suspect that is what is really being got at here.
  14. Imagine for sake of argument I'm lefty, so the choice is between a straight pull with the face square to path or a weak fade with the face 4 degrees open.
  15. If it's a choice between 5 and 15 mph right to left or 5mph left to right to 5mph right to left, then in theory you should be indifferent, although I'd probably sooner the 5 left to 5 right range since at least then I'd know where to aim.
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