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  1. Lee Trevino in like the 1880s said "two things that don't last very long, dogs that chase cars and pros who putt for pars". People have known since forever that it's the long game that matters most, but for some reason they kid themselves that the short game is where it's at. I don't know why, but as I'm sure you're aware, it's pervasive.
  2. You're not being the ball Danny...
  3. Er...there is only one answer to this question. Caddyshack
  4. Approach play is the biggest after driving. Lou Stagner posted something on Twitter along the lines of a PGA tour player averages 3.0 strokes to finish from about 167 yards. A scratch amateur averages 3.0 strokes from 92 yards. So they're spotting you 70 yards and still beating you.
  5. What course is it that you're playing that's so narrow (if you don't mind saying)?
  6. I was talking about all of the videos. Your posts on here seem not to align too much with what he talks about in the videos. I don't remember specifics. Scott said on Twitter that non-comparative means it doesn't correlate well with scoring. Every user of the app will have the same stats marked as non-comparable.
  7. A couple of quite different rounds in my current round history Course: Hamlet Willow Creek Tees: Black Yards: 6,611 Rating: 72.5 Slope: 136 Score: 72 Recap: (how man pars, birdies, bogeys, etc.) 15 pars, 2 bogeys, 1 birdie Birdie/Eagle Putt Distances: 8 feet Fairways: 10/13 Greens: 14 Putts: (ball must be on the putting green - if ball is on the fringe, that is an "up and down" opportunity) 33 3-Putts: 0 Up and Down: (inside ~30 yards? I like this better than the PGA Tour's "Scrambling" stat for various reasons) 2/4 Sand Saves: N/A Penalty Shots: (water is 1. OB is 2, obviously) 0 Course: Bethpage Black Tees: Blue Yards: 7,400ish Rating: 77.5 Slope: 155 Score: 76 Recap: (how man pars, birdies, bogeys, etc.) 13 pars 5 bogeys Birdie/Eagle Putt Distances: N/A Fairways: 7/14 Greens: 8/18 Putts: (ball must be on the putting green - if ball is on the fringe, that is an "up and down" opportunity) 31 3-Putts: 0 Up and Down: (inside ~30 yards? I like this better than the PGA Tour's "Scrambling" stat for various reasons) 5/10 Sand Saves: 0/2 Penalty Shots: (water is 1. OB is 2, obviously) 0
  8. Couple of thoughts. 1. it sounds like someone needs to invest in a chainsaw. Those people who say the course needs trees for defense - those trees should be around the size they were when the course was built. You don’t have to cut them down but cut them back. If you’re in the fairway and underneath branches that’s an issue. The course superintendent will appreciate the better sunlight and airflow too. 2. I would suggest getting away from the “I need to make more birdies” mindset. You’re a 7 index? That means on a slope 140 course you’re about a shot a hole worse than a tour player. They’re averaging about 4 birdies a round. Where are the rest of them coming from? Bogeys. You need to make less of them if you want to improve. That’s true from a 30 handicapper to a tour player. Reducing bogeys is the name of the game. That’s why 80 trumps 140 when it comes to approach shot yardages. It’s not that you’ll make that many more birdies from 80 yards but that you’ll make many fewer bogeys from that distance. That’s really the benefit of hitting it further/closer to the hole. 3. if you look at the decade decision tree, it says if it’s less than 65 yards between penalty areas (and if those tree bound areas are really chip out sideways type things then I’d treat them like that) then lay up to the spot you can safely hit. Scott has a 35ish minute video on YouTube on driving. I’d watch that. It’s really helpful. bladehunter - that’s not what non-comparative means. Non-comparative means it doesn’t have any correlation with scoring. Also, have you watched the videos?
  9. Nice - looking forward to seeing pictures. I don't have this much space at the moment, so watching from a jealous standpoint. I'd need to build out to do it, which is muchos denarii.
  10. I don't think those stats columns on the right depend on what your stat is for that row. I think it's either relevant or not relevant and driver selection percentage probably doesn't have much correlation with score. It's pretty easy to shoot 100+ while hitting driver everywhere and also shoot 65 while hitting driver everywhere. GIRs have a big correlation with score, so those get populated.
  11. Depends where you're playing, but if you follow the decision tree, that would be pretty low. Mine is at 80.49% and I'm pretty good at following the decision tree. If you play courses with lots of OB or hazards, it might be less than that.
  12. Hi Obee - have you ever tried putting looking at the hole? Funnily enough I have found that my starting line is better, but my speed, at least on long putts, is worse. So for me it's really good if I'm within about 15 feet, but I struggle from further out than that.
  13. Yes it splits strokes gained down. It shows 50-75, 75-100, 100-150, 150-200 and 200-230. It also breaks down short game into 10 yard increments out to 50 yards.
  14. No idea if this is the best one or not, but it appears (based on wikipedia) that Fred Herd in the 1898 US Open shot a third round 75. From the source to the wikipedia article, no one else shot better than 85 that day. So in a 45 man field, he beat the lot of them by 10 strokes in one round. Not bad, although a somewhat different time... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1898_U.S._Open_(golf)
  15. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/remembering-al-geibergers-59-on-its-35th-anniversary Per this story, when Al Geiberger shot 59, the next best score was Ray Floyd's 65, so that's a 6...
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