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  1. You should get a perfect putter - it's on the expensive end, but it does stimpmeter readings and it's really useful for learning about starting lines and the relationship between speed and line (full disclosure - I don't have one - this is based on some youtube videos I saw). Agreed on the speed thing. I've played a few times on some insanely fast greens. One time I played at Winged Foot. I put three balls down on the putting green, paused for a moment to take in everything around me. Looked down at the balls to figure out where I was going to putt to and they weren't there. I loo
  2. One thing I didn't see mentioned is that green size is going to impact your putts per round. If you have a mediocre approach play day and your course's greens are enormous then you might still hit a lot of greens and leave yourself average first putts of maybe 40 feet. Have the exact same day, but on a course with small greens and you're missing a lot of them and will wind up with maybe 10-15 foot average first putts. If your total putts on the first one is 36, you've had a pretty stellar putting day and would be strokes gained positive vs PGA Tour. If your total putts on the second day is 33,
  3. Outstanding on all counts - do you have a stimpmeter and if so what is it running? If not, what would you estimate? All three putts looked like they rolled smoothly - very impressive stuff.
  4. Over the past three years my scores have ranged from about 88 down to 68 (nothing humble about this brag ;)). That said I play Bethpage black a fair bit and my scores there are typically pretty steady. Never less than about 76 and rarely more than about 81. Of o get off to a good start I get nervous and make a mess of the later holes. If I start poorly then I tend to settle down and play the back better. It’s kind of obnoxious. I’d rather shoot the odd 70 and the odd 87 but no.
  5. Actual dystonia is very rare. I would suspect that for every person that claims to have the yips, maybe 1 in like 500 actually might have dystonia. I have the completely involuntary and uncontrollable muscle contractions (side note - if you really have the yips, you know you have it - if you think you have them, but you're not sure, then you probably don't), but I don't think I have dystonia. I don't believe it's neurological. I think it's partly physical and partly mental.
  6. I'm not sure - personally I'd love it if it would also show you shot by shot the distances, but it doesn't seem to do that. I think that one issue with person by person shot plots is that it wouldn't be clear what your target was. Scott could probably do it with what it should have been, but weather changes and the like will make it difficult. When he gathers plots of driver dispersion from Shotlink, he knows what the weather was like that day and he also has every shot on one hole. So the plot is the plot. If you're trying to pull it together from lots of different holes, you'd ha
  7. I *think* the answer to your question is to do with what causes them in the first place. They are caused by the subconscious mind being aware of an issue and attempting to correct it. The problem comes about because the fix comes too late to do something productive. So let's say it is a chipping issue and you lose height in the swing. If you don't fix that you're going to stick the club in the ground before the ball. Your subconscious knows that so it does something to fix it. Perhaps that's adds bend to your elbows. But to do it right you have to do that adjustment perfectly, so your brain lo
  8. Hi Used to be a 3 I hear where you're coming from. My long game is generally okay, but my pitching and chipping I get a yip from time to time. The spasm thing that you mention exactly describes it. When it's bad the way it feels to me is like the end of my backswing, someone lights a fuse in my elbows that runs down to my hands and the bomb goes off at impact. I would have days where it didn't manifest itself and I could chip great. I was also very much adamant that it couldn't be a swing flaw because on those days, I could do anything. I could pick the club up directly in front of
  9. Played in the Ike qualifier at Garden City Country Club (not the men’s club for the record) today. 1st hole runs alongside the railway line. My goal going out was to only need to hit one shot off that hole. Succeeded! Then proceeded to play pretty well. Made three bogeys on the front side on tough holes courtesy of a couple of weak shots and a shaved edge. Good birdie on 10 and parred the next several. Horseshoed a dead weight birdie putt on 14. Missed a 5 footer for par on 17 and then yipped a chip on 18 leaving myself about 15 feet for a par. Made it center cut for 73 which wound
  10. That was clear to me. And yes if your baseline number is 9 and you have two 1 adjusters on both sides, then if the green is 16 wide aim at the middle.
  11. Exactly. He says pick the worse one and use that - so in the picture here the water is worse than the bunker, so you should take your distance from the water. You don't want to get too conservative though or you start bringing in missing the bunker to the right, and if that's downhill or anything like that you start bringing in hitting your second in the water and if you're going to hit it in there you might as well do it with your first shot. That's also why he doesn't suggest changing those margins even if you're worse. So a 10 handicap should probably have the same baseline numbers as a PGA
  12. 1. Yes I probably would 2. $60/hr is pretty steep. Especially if you're including the time I have to take it to where I'm going to use it. I'd be more inclined to do it if it was a "for a day" fee - say $100 for someone to drop it off at my door in the morning and then come pick it up at the end of the day. 3. See number 2 - I'm not going to pay extra for that, but I think I'd expect that to be included unless you're not charging me for picking it up myself 4. It's hard to see this working out unless you have a dedicated space that people can come and use it. There's a place ne
  13. There is a public course near me that has a range that is open to use for the people playing on the day. It's also available to people to just use the range for a regular bucket like a normal range might be. At the top end of the range though they have a chipping/pitching area that is not available to the public. You can pay $30 to be a member for a day - that allows you unlimited balls on the range and full use of the chipping/pitching area. I think that works and you do get some people using it. I think they limit the number of people that they allow to buy the day's membership, to keep usag
  14. Yes. I occasionally get stuck on the way down. It feels like if I release it it's going to start 40 yards left and snap hook - not good. So I don't release it and it goes high, starts 30 yards right and goes substantially further right. It's an awful feeling and when it hits it sucks. It's generally speaking only with driver that it happens and I have a few "tricks" to handle it. It's not clear which trick will work on a given day and so if I hit it once it's normally 3 or 4 holes of hell before I can get it on the planet again.
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