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  1. Moving this gorgeous set of Srixon ZX5 irons (4-PW) with Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts. Standard length and loft, lie is 1* upright. Soles of each club have a small mark from where my local shop put these on the lie machine. Picked these up from my local shop last month and played them less than five rounds with maybe 3-4 range sessions mixed in. Decided to stick with my current gamers, but these are really sweet and are in great condition. Soles have some very light brush marks and the faces show little sign of wear use. 8 iron has a very light ball mark out on the toe from a mishit on my local range, which is notoriously sandy. Set is in great shape overall and you won't be disappointed in the condition. Asking $850 shipped CONUS -- SOLD
  2. Up for sale are a few really nice items as I continue to clean out leading into the winter season. Paypal only and items will ship within one business day after receiving payment. All prices listed are shipped. 1) Mizuno ST190 9.5* Driver w/Atmos Tour Spec Black 7S shaft. Stock 45" length, includes headcover. Purchased new in late summer and played 5 total rounds with around 5 range sessions. Has very small paint chip in the crown as pictured. $175 2) Mizuno ST190 Fairway 3 wood w/Atmos Tour Spec Black 6S shaft. Stock 43" length, includes headcover. Purchased new in late summer with driver and hit around 15 total balls. Excellent condition. $125 3) Ping S55 (5-PW), ie1 4 & 5 irons & Ping 50* Glide wedge. All w/AWT 2.0 X flex shafts, soft stepped 1x. All Ping Yellow dot color code (1.5* upright). I sent the S55 heads to the Ping factory and had them custom built with the AWT 2.0 shafts and set to Yellow dot. S55 heads/grooves are in good shape with plenty of life left, but show wear consistent with their age. Grips are Ping ID-8 Gold color code in good condition. The ie1 irons and Glide wedge were ordered new at the same time and built to the same specs by Ping. I have the build sheet from Ping that I can include. ~~$300~~ for the set SOLD 4) Odyssey O-Works #9 Putter w/Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 Black/Red, includes headcover. 34”. Played two rounds total. Grip does have a little wear from being in storage. ~~$85~~ SOLD
  3. Up for sale are two items today, cleaning out for the winter season. Paypal only and items will ship out the next day after receiving payment. 1) Callaway Apex CF16 (4-PW) with XP95 S300 shafts in very good condition. Stock black Lamkin UTx grips with Callaway logo in good shape. Standard L/L/L. Bought these new from Callaway in spring 2018 and have put maybe five rounds total on them with a handful of range sessions (off mats). 9 iron has a small surface blemish on the hosel and 7 iron has a small scratch on the sole (tried to capture both in pics). $325 shipped (add $10 for shipping west of Mississippi). 2) Callaway MD4 54/10 S Srind wedge in matte black finish. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 S200 wedge shaft. Stock red Lamkin UTx grip with Callaway logo. Club is in really nice condition, played very little. There are a couple sandy range ball marks on the face as pictured. $65 shipped. Will combine irons and wedge for $375 total shipped (add $10 for shipping west of Mississippi).
  4. That's unfortunate and not typical of my experience with CPO. They will take it back with no questions asked. Call their customer service department, they've always been very helpful and I'm sure they'll cover return shipping for you as well.
  5. How did you get it down to $126? Mine comes out to $157 for the same condition and shaft.... Just added another "Like New" 816 DBD 9* w/Rogue I/O 60 stiff standard length to my cart and it came out to $124.49 plus shipping.
  6. Picked up the ie1 4 & 5 irons yesterday that I custom ordered through PING. Had a chance to hit them off the mats at my local range and immediately noticed how much more forgiving they are than the S55's in the longer irons. I'm now combo'ing ie1 in the 4 and 5 irons and S55 6-PW, all with PING AWT 2.0 X flex shafts. I really like the trajectory of the ie1's in the longer irons and feel like these will get a lot of use on long par 3's and even tighter tee shots on par 4's. At $799 for a full set of ie1's, this is one of the best values on new irons going right now IMO.
  7. This! I've been waiting on the CPO Black Friday deals for driver so I could pick up a 816 DBD. I just pulled the trigger on it this morning, 816 DBD 9* w/Rogue I/O 60 playing standard length for $124 plus shipping. The 816 line is cheaper than the 815 line on CPO, which is crazy. This on top of finding a Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 6x shaft with Optifit adapter on CPO earlier this week for $150 plus shipping. I am a happy camper this morning!
  8. Our SS is very similar and I do not consistently see the carry distances you do. My issue is excess spin due to a negative AoA...I would venture a guess by saying your AoA is most certainly positive based on your spin and carry numbers. I've always been somewhat skeptical of those launch monitors. Usually the longest carries I see on course are in the 270 range. I probably average in the 270-290 total distance range on my well-struck drives, with the occasional 300+ outlier. I rarely see spin above 2400. I'm more apt to see sub 2000 than over 2400. I think those carry distances with your swing speed are certainly attainable with a positive AoA. I've seen the Trackman chart that shows "Optimal Carry" numbers given a variety of swing speeds and at our SS, 270 is within range given a positive AoA. I'm jealous of your spin rates, as I've been working on the swing to bring down total spin. At my SS of 106-108, I see carry in the 255 range on well struck shots which is not optimal, but again I fight a negative 2-3* AoA and my spin numbers are high. Talk about a distance killer.
  9. Our SS is very similar and I do not consistently see the carry distances you do. My issue is excess spin due to a negative AoA...I would venture a guess by saying your AoA is most certainly positive based on your spin and carry numbers.
  10. Good opportunity to pick up the 816 alpha fairways at a great price today. CPO running black Friday BOGO deal, brings the price of "like new" to just over $100 each if you buy two.
  11. Two items today. Payment accepted via Paypal only please. Please PM with any questions and I will attempt to response as soon as possible. 1. Mizuno JPX 900 Driver HEAD ONLY - $300 OBO shipped TRADED!! My preference is to trade for one a Taylormade M1 or M2 9.5* Driver head only or a Cobra Kind LTD driver in mint or excellent condition Used for five rounds and a couple range sessions Head cover and wrench are included Shaft pictured is NOT included Will send additional pictures upon request (not sure why these came out sideways) 2. Nike Engage 50* Square Sole Wedge w/ AMT S300 shaft - $45 shipped Standard L/L/L Played approx. 20 rounds AMT S300 shaft was pulled from a 716 AP2 PW and reinstalled in this head Groves in nice condition
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    My guess is the Callaway "Epic" line of drivers.
  13. Thanks all for the responses. Stopped by my local golf shop at lunch and they were selling them for $99 per club. Was able to custom order a 4 and 5 iron to match the specs of my S55 set. $799 seems like a great price for a full set of 8 clubs.
  14. Can anyone confirm the price for an 8 club set of PING ie1 irons has dropped to $799? I saw that price at a local big box store last week, but am unsure if it's an across the board price drop? My reason for asking is I'm thinking of custom ordering a 4 and 5 iron in the ie1 to match a set of S55's I recently had rebuilt at PING and would like to take advantage of the recent price drop.
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