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  1. I would have though that guy named "kiteman" would actually [i]like[/i] the wind? Imagine your game is like a kite - if you don't want the kite to be affected so much by the wind, don't pull so hard on the string - don't fly so high. Simple analogy, but it may just sink in.
  2. I'm just amazed how anyone actually thinks that a driver that someone else reviews will actually perform the same for them. And of course the American obsession for stats.
  3. If you used your irons to hit balls in sand with a steep angle of attack or take big divots then the same wear would be inevitable. The equally inevitable wear of the grooves has a bigger impact on spin with lofted clubs than with less lofted irons. So the answer is....obvious?
  4. You would indeed need to give them away for me to try one. But here's the thing - they aren't actually "giving them away" unless you meet their specific criteria when you register for a "chance to win". If you don't respond to their terms, you won't get one. As with most things, you really ought to read the terms. Just remember to check "i want to receive emails TM and Golfsmith" if you really want one. https://d2xcq4qphg1ge9.cloudfront.net/assets/21603/2166490/original_SpeedBlade_Seeding_Program_2014-_Official_Rules.pdf
  5. [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1392393367' post='8667183'] [i][color=#282828]I also know all three orders were correct, because the respective club pros simply forwarded my email to the rep.[/color][/i] Being in the golf industry for 30 years, I know one indisputable fact: giving orders to a rep is almost useless. The information may have been conveyed to the rep correctly, but you have no idea what he conveyed to the factory. Even if he did get it to the factory properly, there might have been material shortages or delays and the rep would have been asked if they can substitute this f
  6. You can't suggest anything from that data - only a relative flex. You must decide what you like by hitting them - or at least use selection process based on experience. A UST Mamiya club maker suggested a UST Mamiya shaft? Does that not sound a bit obvious? Get yourself fit for the proper length and weight you like, [i]then[/i] get yourself settled on what feel, trajectory and spin suits your game. Out of interest, did the Mizuno shaft optimizer suggest anything?
  7. Ebay can be awash with counterfeit products, but these are usually bought by people who are dumb and don't do their homework. If you buy something from as seller with.... 1.Low feedback score 2. No returns policy 3. No photos of item for sale 4. Clearly too low in price to be true ....you are dumb, or you should expect the worst and hope for the best. If you want genuine items from Ebay, look for genuine sellers with rock solid credentials - just as you would in buying anything really. Yes, there are occasional one-off genuine bargains from (surprise surprise) dumb sellers. Be careful an
  8. Who said it's the loft? The 2.5 degrees is the amount it can be opened - NOT the change in loft. Neutral or "standard" it actually sits 1 degree open, closed is 0.5 degrees closed. There isn't really an adjustable club made (current drivers, fairways and hybrids) that can increase loft by a whopping 2.5 degrees.
  9. 1. They like TM products 2. They don't like white drivers 3. They like newer models 4. They like to follow trends 5. They believe the hype 6. To emulate Joe Pro who is being paid to use one 7. A bit hard to believe, but it may actually fit them better than any thing else they've tried before. * In that particular order of likelihood.
  10. You [i]really[/i] know you're on GolfWrx when you can't read that line at all - because it's been moved, edited or deleted.
  11. I've never known tipping to be the "cure" for anything - it's more if a way of fine tuning what you already have. It won't suddenly change a shaft into a different beast and it certainly won't solve an issue like a snap hook. Therefore the answer probably lies in something other than tipping.
  12. 10/10 for a back door wedge shaft question. Didn't see that one coming.
  13. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/450586-home-work-shop/page__p__8560882__hl__+starting%20+my%20+own#entry8560882 http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/879416-club-making/page__p__7494918__hl__+home%20+workshop#entry7494918 http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/580607-best-tool-setshop-equipmentpower-toolsetc/page__p__4235635__hl__+home%20+workshop#entry4235635 http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/533967-setting-up-a-club-workshop/page__p__3754399__hl__+home%20+workshop#entry3754399 http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/453956-what-do-i-need-to-do-my-own-work-at-home/page__p__3052684__hl__+
  14. [quote name='jar59' timestamp='1392317583' post='8660819'] [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1392314457' post='8660385'] [quote name='Jc0' timestamp='1392247984' post='8655377'] [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1392239168' post='8654259'] One "fact" you have is wrong. Ball spin is ball spin - period. It's not a different issue off the driver compared to a different issue off the short clubs - it is basically the result of the club on the ball. Is 4000rpm of driver spin "bad" when 9000rpm off a wedge is "good"? No - it is all relative. Balls will always react to how they are played. [b]T
  15. Sounds like a loose piece of dried epoxy which is no biggie. It can be easily cleared by pulling the grip. Nice set - a bit like own set up at the moment.
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