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  1. Thanks for all the feedback! Seems the Cobra LTD, 915 D2 and 915 D3 are the top choices from this generation. XR 16 seems to be a solid option too but not quite as widely praised as those top three.
  2. Don't underestimate my thriftiness. Just lost an eBay auction on a 915 D3 by $1. Winner got it for $29 + $13 shipping.
  3. In the market for a dirt cheap (under $75), used driver. Why an older driver: I'm cheap / for a second bag that stays at my parents' house and rarely gets used driver tech has not changed dramatically in the past few years time allows consensus to emerge (e.g. "that was a great club" or "that club was hard to hit") About me: I'm an ok player (6 hcp). 100ish SS / 275ish yards off tee. Prefer low spin drivers - my ball flight can get a little high. Don't work the ball. Prefer forgiving to workable. Not very sensitive to club changes - if it's a well regarded club I'll hit it well Not too w
  4. accidental duplicate post. trying to figure out how to delete
  5. I think you're right that most stock shafts / adapters are .335 but it seems you can get .350 aftermarket adapters for all the manufacturers (or at least I'm not aware of any that don't have aftermarket .350 options). Good to know that the brands are sticking to one adapter style. Seems like I should be find no matter what head I choose. Thanks!
  6. I have an old Aldila NV .350 shaft lying around and want to build up a driver with it. I've never had an adjustable driver - I change clubs very infrequently - but want to give it that a try. I like the idea of being able to swap shafts easily. Concerns: will .350 be a problem with any adapters? Have any brands changed their adapter tech over time? I've done a little googling and haven't found any issues. But hoping for confirmation before I order a head and adapter. Could y'all let me know if there are any brands I should avoid because (1) you can't get a .350 adapter or (2) thei
  7. I have two different bags in two different cities. Yesterday I played with my secondary bag that includes my my old TEE CB1 16.5*. I love that club off the tee - it's super long, super straight and super consistent - and decided I need a TEE 16.5* fairway wood for my primary bag too. If the CB1 has any fault it's that it's not quite as easy to hit off the deck as it it to hit off the tee. I rarely need that much club off the deck but it'd still be nice to have that versatility so I'm wondering which TEE fairway wood(s) perform better off the deck. CB or XCG or XRail? Any specific mod
  8. How does the extra weight affect the club?I like the idea of Club Conex for club fitters but is it appropriate for regular play? I'm not a fitter, just a golfer who pretends to be a fitter from time to time and likes to tinker. So, if I did the Club Conex thing I'd want to be able to use it on my driver that I keep in my bag but I'm concerned about the weight of the product. Club Conex would add some extra weight to the hosel area. Club Conex's website says the setup increases swingweight by 4 points. I also emailed them and got the following weight information: .335 Hosel Adapter w/
  9. Did some work on the launch monitor today with my Maltby CT250 8* with Aldila NV 55-S. Here are the average results for 20 drives: Distance (yds): 279 Carry (yds): 269 Run (yds): 10 Height (yds): 42 Club Speed (mph): 101 Ball Vel (mph): 150 Back Spin (rpm): 3231 Sid Spin (rpm) 198 L Vert Launch (degs): 11.2 Horz Launch (degs): -2.3 I'm no expert but I believe my launch angle is too low and spin rate is too high (should be closer to 14* and 2500 rpm, right?) and therefore I'm unsure which direction to go with loft as I
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