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  1. Sorry none at the moment but I can try to get some later. If I were to get these I would get the MB short irons. Much better shape.
  2. I will say, I am not a fan of how the 9, PW, A wedge look.. They are more round than mizuno short irons..
  3. I feel ya man. I have been a skeptic when it comes to putter shaft tech. But, I still remain very curious and always think "but what if".. But I totally agree on the autoflex. I will stick with the Ventus. It is the best thing going. Just look at the tour adoption. At the masters it seemed like ever player had a ventus of some kind in play.. I have 4 haha.
  4. I agree to some extent that "gains" in a putter shaft are minimal to none existent. I just think its cool and I like to see technology at play. I have not been willing as of yet to take the plunge on one as I have not been convinced of the merits. I think under a microscope and in a vacuum you can see numbers that point to a benefit. Out in the real world on various putting surfaces and dealing with lots of other factors. I think a lot or all of those benefits disappear really quick. That being said. I still think this is cool and I would like to try one.
  5. With putter shafts, it seems there should be way less ego at play. Your not looking for the lowest launching lowest spinning putter shaft. These truly seem like it would be a pure stroke based idea. I think of someone that may have a short'ish stroke with a bit of hit to it wanting the X stiff and someone with a longer more rhythmic stroke fitting into something softer. But I dont know for sure.. and fitting is part art part science and does not always play out according to numbers.
  6. Of course you are.. lol.. I am always jealous when I listen to your podcast.. These look great to me.. I think the black with dark lettering is pretty subtle while still having some pop..
  7. I was thinking the same. I would want to try the x firm I think... But I honestly dont know..
  8. This is different from the old one. It is basically a soft stepped 8 iron shaft. It doesn’t work for me though..
  9. Didnt see any discussion on these. So I thought I would post it. Composite putter shafts are not a new thing but this seems to be an interesting take. Three separate flex profiles based on your stroke. It seems that everyone else is going as stiff and as low torque as possible. No idea what the torque is in these but I am interested. https://www.instagram.com/p/CN74R5_l--Z/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. I prefer the zipcore head. I dont like the spinner shaft. I just ordered some new shafts to replace them.. After a few months I am not a fan of those.
  11. The ts hybrids and utilities came out separately as well.
  12. sorry wrong location.. I just confirmed though. No new T100 irons till September.. That is straight from the horse.. The only thing coming in June... Are sets that are backordered..
  13. I thought they were right on schedule. Hybrids and utilities have always been a sperate release from them. At least I think they have.. lol
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