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  1. The new 3 wood is going to be all titanium. That’s going to be new..
  2. I think they blend extremely well. I didn’t lol close at the finish. But I recall them being the same or close enough to call it the same. I think the 223 is the most different in finish. I think the foresaw people blending the 225 and 221 so the matched them closely.
  3. This is 21.5 I carry my 3 wood 280ish.
  4. Feel very very good. Very lively.
  5. Super easy to launch. The face has a fairway wood face and the ball comes off hot. You can really feel it. Not sure of speed but I am about 120-123 with a driver.
  6. It’s the 4 fli hi. So 21.5
  7. Not mine but a demo. Holy cow is all I can say.
  8. nice. Pretty much what he has already been using but still cool to be able to get what you want.
  9. Mizuno PW tend to be a bit round. That makes them look a little bigger.
  10. I think you will be happy.
  11. Yes it sits very nice at address. Yes 80 gram. I think it’s perfect. I may swap it out for a Ventus as I really like the Ventura stuff but for now this is working just fine. also, I didn’t get the 17 degree. I got the 19 degree.
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