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  1. Greg is a guy that does not push as he wants to maintain access. If players ask him not to he doesn’t..
  2. Another way to look it is Greg has said many times Brooks does not allow photos of his bag. Because he does not want companies getting free press. So that this was taken may indicate a contract of some kind of contract. Then again, maybe not as it does not say Brooks, it says former #1.. It would be strange for him to have a srixon head over on a different driver if there was not contract in place.. that does not make sense for some one who loves being a free agent..
  3. He has one in the bag now.. but he is a habitual switcher. Who knows for how long..
  4. I am saying hot melt in the sense that it is a sound deal. Also, I am not saying it has no purpose or does not do what they say it does. I am simply curious if it is actually injected.. I don’t know that.
  5. This is a fair question. I know on previous heads it was much different. Maybe this is really a different deal than before but they are just running with it. It really looks like it is basically pre installed hot melt.
  6. I still have mine. I cut it down to 3 wood length. Really wish I had not done that.. But experiments must be done and sometimes there are mistakes..
  7. I wonder how these are different from last years TD.. I had one and it was good.
  8. Was playing around with the mysim2 feature.. Wow.. Not sure I can convince the wifey I need this.. This would be a sick set up though..
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