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  1. This shaft will be a stock option in the up coming callaway x forged and apex blade irons.
  2. Thank you. I learned something today!! No sarcasm. Never heard of either of those.
  3. I think I agree with you. Whether that diminishing is intentional on his part or organic as a result of his decision really does not matter. The real question is, who will replace him, and what will their position be?
  4. You also have to ask. how a ruling, on either side will affect his future career in course design and job opportunities with that. My thinking is, he drags his feet and slows things down until he is done.
  5. Long and narrow with long rough is a terrible set up. Literally only the longest will survive as everyone, event the straightest hitters will miss fairways. Widen the fairways, firm everything up, make creativity and precision as important as length. EDIT*** None of this requires a rollback.. Just FYI. It just takes some acceptance the game is evolving. If you roll back the ball.. Just like the anchor ban and groove rule.
  6. My point is that if the reaction to length is more length. Then the test of golf becomes how can I get longer. You have to find a way to test them with something other than length. There are some courses that are very able to do that. Now they are unique and maybe not how you would want to play week in and week out. But, it can be done. Royal Melbourne, Harbor town, I would say Augusta. There is more. Where length of course helps, but is not required. If you played Harbor town every week. Then Web Simpson would be the greatest player in the world. If you set up course
  7. The thing is, making course longer is a pointless and does not create the appropriate challenge or thought. If you kept everything the same, shortend courses and made the wider. Distance is less of a premium as hitting a wedge vs. someone else 9 iron is not that big of a difference. The only question then, is are we trying to protect par? And why??
  8. This is not a jab at you. But I have never understood the conjoined arguments of the ball goes to far!! You can move up a tee!!
  9. I would take Geoff Ogilvy’s opinion over Charles. listen to this.. it is really really good!! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fried-egg-golf-podcast/id1131723994#episodeGuid=thefriedegg.podbean.com%2Fc6521d57-11e9-3141-bb50-f78f3a5e4200
  10. Fair enough, never lets them get that rusty then.
  11. The way to combat bomb and gauge is to make courses shorter. Think about it....
  12. I agree. Great courses hold up well against length. Royal Melbourne is a great example. Now, I think we can all agree not every course can be Royal Melbourne but, it should be the model to follow. There were a few other really interesting takes as well. I want to listen to it again to get all of it in and see what can be garnished. Geoff is a guy that truly loves course design and golf history. So I think is thought should sit well with both sides. I think it is relatively in favor of a roll back but it sounds like he is also in favor of a bit smarter, more thought out course set
  13. Of all these companies. Hogan feels the most premium.
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