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  1. Could be right. The rep told me it was tungsten but I could have either miss heard, or he left part out.
  2. Buddy of mine has a company that makes holsters. He has all kinds of milling and computer programs. So we have been working and making putters. it is pretty fun.
  3. It is more I dont like the scotty grips. I think they are trash..
  4. I am going to get one and totally destroy the value by cutting off the stupid Scotty grip and putting something good on its then pull the shaft and install either a KBS one step or maybe a Fujikura putter shaft in it..
  5. Really the wrong thread as I am talking about the 100s but I posted it wrong to begin with. Whoops..They are really good.. here are some more pictures. It is interesting how different the T100 and T100s heads are. they have a different sole shapes. The T100s looking slightly slimmer to my eye.. Plus a huge chunk of tungsten right in the sweet spot where the T100 does not. I took a picture so you can see it..
  6. Yeah similar color to those as well.. It is just what looks like that hydro pearl finish or matte grey blueprint'y look.
  7. That looks really good! Love the low offset!
  8. It’s completely nonsensical how much I like mini drivers. it makes no sense for my game, my bag, etc. but I like, I want it. Probably gonna get it.. stupid..
  9. No judgement.. just a bit if first impressions. Can’t wait to try them in person. I will, and will give you my full impression. definitely something interesting going on with the shape. Looks like an attempt or idea to move weight from the heel to the toe. I like that idea. I also like that they are not too rounded.
  10. These are pretty impressive. The leading edge is a little strange though. Has a bit of wedge curve to them. Might just be the way the toe is shaped but I see some roundness. Otherwise. These are the most solid feeling hollow body iron I have ever hit. I couldn’t tell in the slightest. launch and spin numbers right where they should be.
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