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  1. It’s a stock Rdx 70 x flex. If was going to play it I would put a ventus red 9x tipped one inch in it in 19 degree.
  2. I like it better. The super hybrid is a speed machine. But for me is less playable.
  3. This club is Awesome.. I am completely smitten..
  4. I knew there was a reason I liked you! lol.. That and you do long range shooting.
  5. I didnt compare them side by side. So I could be off. That is just my impression.
  6. If I can figure it all out. I need to get one of these. Then if Fuji comes out with premium Ventus iron shafts in a weight around 110 (hint hint @Fujikura Golf). I could end up with Fuji shafts top to bottom..
  7. First impression after yesterdays range session.. 1. I really like the feel of swinging this tool. The added weight and super soft shaft is great for feeling the swing. 2. This is going to take some time. I need to be patient with it. I hit about 40 balls with it. I felt like I was swinging well timed and making solid'ish contact. But not a single ball went straight haha. 3. After hitting balls with the Lagshot, I tried to hit balls with my normal 7 iron. Woah, what a weird transition. I started hooking it completely off the planet. It felt very odd and light and I could not make solid contact. Makes sense after so many swings with the lag, but does create a few initial concerns. No judgement yet and I will keep at it and see how it goes. 4. This should be further to the top to make sense but oh well. it is well build and there are zero construction concerns. 5. This training aid needs time to develop a true review and honest feedback. I will keep at it for a few weeks and see what happens. I will continue to post here for everyone to see.
  8. It’s blockier. The fangs are shorter but the overall size is comparable, maybe a little shorter front to back and a little wider.
  9. We will see if it can beat the OG SIM. That driver is still beast mode!!!!
  10. Looks good from the back. Simple classic design. We will see if the get the address profile right. Previous version were off putting to me at address.
  11. One thing I will recommend right away. Is to go to their website. It has some great info. Plus there are training videos on how to use the product. I watched them all yesterday and there is some great info. https://lagshotgolf.com/pages/stop-casting-with-erika
  12. Me too. I hope it comes today. I will go straight to the range!! I am hoping this smooths out my transition and help me create more smooth speed. I know Rory has one in his bag. But I am really excited to try this!
  13. Yeah, they added it late as it seemed the True temper was the only vender that could readily deliver shafts.
  14. I saw this putter few months ago. I like the other models better.
  15. Thanks @LagShotGolf and WRX for the opportunity! Mine has not arrived yet but I am excited for it. I have wanted to try this product for some time now.
  16. These should be out in feb (maybe March). expect leaks around nov dec.
  17. I played the face off a set of T irons. Loved that set. The taylormade P7-TW is as close as you are going to find to those now shape wise.
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