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  1. You are so right!!! Just have to keep reminding myself that the grass is not always greener! Thanks!
  2. I would say he drove the ball better than Bryson..
  3. Another great round with this set up yesterday. Holed some really long putts.
  4. First round with it. And the driver was not the issues. He has been fighting the driver for months.
  5. I have had the original design in my bag twice haha. It works but I just could not keep it in my bag..
  6. Want to know something interesting about lagolf? They purchased sik putters..
  7. I have two sleeves left.. I love playing them but dont want to use them.
  8. Maybe. But that is why I am interested. That said the left dot prov1 is maybe the best ball I have every tried.
  9. I will be honest. Mostly interested in the ball..
  10. It literally came down to dollars. That’s it..
  11. haha.. I wish I could find my post from when he put the ZX7 in play..
  12. Yep. The solution seems simple to me. But I am not very smart..
  13. Srixon has honestly been killing it for a few years. The woods have been very good just under appreciated. This year stuff is next level though.
  14. Search this forum. I said this happened early this year. It was just a wait till the end of the year deal.
  15. I have had these for about two months and they are awesome. Tried doing some stamping that didn’t really work out. I don’t have a big enough hammer. Haha. the 60 c grind may be a smidge too low bounce but it is ok.
  16. Wish watney could play better. I was a fan back when he was hot.
  17. he even dipped his toes in the autoflex pool for a day or two. I can had ping install a longer lighter stock ping shaft to try at one point last year. the Rdx blue is very good. I really want to try the new green as well..
  18. I don't know the details as to why or who failed a complaint. I just know it has been resolved and they are super excited to get these into the hands of golfers.
  19. The grind issues has been resolved so you should start see'ing C grinds out in the wild soon.
  20. Interesting that his irons all have KBS $ taper 130 HTs, then his 52 has an S400, then his next wedges have 135 KBS 2.0 hi revs. I wonder why the one outlier in the 52?? It is the only one that does not seem to match.
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