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  1. These should be out in feb (maybe March). expect leaks around nov dec.
  2. I played the face off a set of T irons. Loved that set. The taylormade P7-TW is as close as you are going to find to those now shape wise.
  3. The 681 is different from the 680. That is why I ask. The 680 was more compact and had a different muscle shape/design. the 681 is what tiger played forever.
  4. Are they the same shape as the old 681/T irons? that’s a new shape for him.
  5. Wonder if he switched to the 681 head shape. Those are different from the 680s
  6. That is just for the star line that just came out. Next year is going to be a rogue blue reboot.
  7. I know the Pro X LS and IO are available now. I am not sure about anything else. You can get the nippon 125s in the wedges. I am not sure if that is new or not...
  8. Why do I have the perfect club commercial bouncing in my head as I look at those pictures.
  9. fitting heads will be at shops by 12/6. Customer orders will ship on 1/30. That is the correct answer. Anything else is lies.
  10. Top shelf ventus iron shafts makes complete sense. I would prefer them to be more “iron” shaft looking. Meaning black, or something not bright colors. but whatever.
  11. This could be cool. If they got the feel right and were able to produce a composite shaft that felt like steel and had properties of velocore stability. Sounds like a total win. Dynamic gold launch and spin would be ideal..
  12. This is going to be a completely different shaft from the ventus. More launch and spin and higher torque.
  13. You can only use it during practice rounds anyway. Golf logix has a green reading app. Clunky and a bit hard to use. Totally pace of play killer.
  14. The average stimp at public courses is like 9. Your upscale country clubs 10-11 max..
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