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  1. Pro Clubs is excellent. I just had to return an item that was in worse shape than the photos. They sent me a prepaid return label, and I got a refund within hours of it being delivered back to them. All my deals over the years have been top notch.
  2. Way to stir the pot on a thread that is over 2 years old!
  3. Looking for a STIFF Rombax P95. Must be in excellent condition. Thanks, Steve
  4. Looking for a "budget" gripping station. Would really just like a nice vice clamp with solvent catch pan setup. Any ideas or photos would be appreciated. I am currently using the 1.99 rubber shaft clamp which is ok for a few clubs. I am looking for something easier to use to increase volume. Thanks, Steve
  5. I see PURE released a new combo grip that is half DTX and half velvet. It also has reduced taper. Has anyone used these yet? I am wondering how the taper compares to the Golf Pride +4 grips. Thanks, Steve
  6. Looking for a tour issue 2016 M2 fairway. NOT interested in the 2017 second gen model. Would be interested in a 3 or 5 wood. Must be in nice shape with no sky marks. Please PM me. Thanks
  7. It always amazes me how someone cant pull a 5 dollar grip off a 300.00 shaft when selling it. I always do this to give my buyers piece of mind. Heck, most people regrip the shaft with their favorite grip when they get it anyway.
  8. Just saw that as well and was going to post about it. He tends to stick with older equipment and has alot of resistance to change. This seems like a stretch for him.
  9. I’ve always used acetone and a Q tip
  10. Looking for a nice condition tour issue 7 wood. Mostly interested in Taylormade but will consider other brands. Would prefer a STIFF shaft or head only. Must be in 8.5/10 shape or better with no sky marks. Thanks, Steve
  11. Bruce who? Bruce Jenner?
  12. I'm glad it looks like it will work out for you. I just had a shaft take 3 weeks from WI to VA with no scans after receipt, just the delivery scan. USPS should stop taking packages if they cannot deliver in a reasonable timeframe.
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