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  1. These were originally gun blue finish. It has definitely been refinished. Looks great!
  2. Who is "Criterion"? I have never heard anyone mention them. Is there a website? Thanks, Steve
  3. Absolutely it is on the BUYER to confirm they get what they paid for. I would much rather sacrifice a 5-10 dollar grip to know the 200+ dollar shaft I bought was as advertised. You don't buy a shaft because it has a certain type of grip.
  4. When dealing with high end expensive shafts I always ask BEFORE I buy if there are any extensions. Then when I get the shaft in my possession I take off the grip and verify. In my opinion after you changed the adapter you own it. You should have checked for the extension before you took the adapter off.
  5. I ordered a RIPX shaft from Dallas Golf awhile back and they 100% used a box that was too short for the shaft. The flaps were rounded out on the ends when the box was taped up. Luckily my shaft wasn't damaged.
  6. Ordering a CUSTOM MADE putter is NOT the same as buying something in the B/S/T. You went into this knowing that there would be a long wait to get what you wanted. You cannot use that comparison as it makes no sense. I agree communication could have been better, but I applaud them for refunding everyone promptly when they realized Byron wouldn't be able to deliver the orders as promised.
  7. BRAND NEW never touched a ball Byron 611 putter. This is basically a 006 with no pocket and a thinner topline. It has a DH-89 welded neck. I ordered this custom from Byron many years ago and it has been sitting in a staff bag with the headcover on for years. This is CARBON STEEL with a POLISHED BLUE OIL finish. The putter was ordered at 355 grams but I cannot confirm the actual weight. Again, this is MINT. The finish is hard to photograph, and I have kept it oiled over the years so there may be some smudges on the photos. You would be hard pressed to find another 611 that is brand new, and I don't recall seeing one come up for sale in a long time. Asking 800.00 shipped.
  8. Modus 105 REG flex shafts 5-GW with matching 115 wedge shafts. These are taper tip and were standard length in Srixon irons. 9 shafts total. Asking 135.00 shipped. Golf Pride velvet 360 grips gray with red cap. These are brand new and hard to find in this color combo. 8 grips for 60.00 shipped.
  9. The shafts shouldn't be tipped as they are .355 taper tip shafts.
  10. PXG PROTO driver with RIPX 55 Stiff shaft. In great shape 8.5/10. Shaft and grip were installed new a week ago. This is 45” and D1 swingweight. This shaft is still selling for 250.00 at some retailers. The headcover is included but NO wrench. Asking 225.00 shipped east and 235.00 shipped west.
  11. Price drop to 75.00 shipped for the fairway and 80.00 shipped for BOTH shafts.
  12. The VS proto shafts always played more stout in my opinion. I would venture the guess the VS proto shaft is actually stiffer than the stated flex.
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