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  1. The shafts shouldn't be tipped as they are .355 taper tip shafts.
  2. Looking for a spider X putter. Must be MINT with no dings. Interested in the SLANT neck model only, with a SINGLE LINE from front to back. Would prefer a copper or silver head. Also interested in a "MY SPIDER" putter in neutral colors. Please PM me. Thank you!
  3. PXG PROTO driver with RIPX 55 Stiff shaft. In great shape 8.5/10. Shaft and grip were installed new a week ago. This is 45” and D1 swingweight. This shaft is still selling for 250.00 at some retailers. The headcover is included but NO wrench. Asking 225.00 shipped east and 235.00 shipped west.
  4. Price drop to 75.00 shipped for the fairway and 80.00 shipped for BOTH shafts.
  5. The VS proto shafts always played more stout in my opinion. I would venture the guess the VS proto shaft is actually stiffer than the stated flex.
  6. The tip looks fine. It just looks like black glue residue that needs to be scraped off. Good luck with the sale!
  7. No way I would put an expensive driver head on that splintered shaft. I would go back to where the work was done and ask for a replacement. Didn't you notice the damage when you picked it up? That would have been the best time to mention something.
  8. TOUR ISSUE Jetspeed fairway. One of the BEST heads they ever made. This has a tour van installed Diamana shaft. This is MINT, and has hit less than 10 balls. NO HEADCOVER with this one. Asking 75.00 shipped for a like-new fairway wood. Tour AD UT 95 hybrid shaft. This shaft is .350 tip which is standard for this series. I got this from Will Peoples and he installed it in a 4 hybrid at standard length. This is a really great felling shaft. Length is shown in pic. Asking 60.00 shipped. Fujikura Fuel TOUR SPEC 60 shaft. This was new from Chip Usher a month ago. I installed it in a tour tip and hit 5 balls. It is like new. Length is shown. Asking 60.00 shipped. Would be a nice upgrade for someone looking to get rid of a stock shaft. WILL SELL BOTH SHAFTS TOGETHER FOR 80.00 SHIPPED!!!
  9. TOUR ISSUE Jetspeed 3 wood. Has the full face scoring lines and small head. Diamana blue 72 shaft installed on the tour van. This has hit lass than 10 balls and is a strong 9/10 condition. NO HEADCOVER. Asking 125.00 shipped.
  10. Hi Rod, I would call your credit card company and file for a chargeback. You did everything right on your end. Shaft Shack should have insurance included on all their labels. If they choose not to insure the shipping that is on them. You dropped the shaft off and used the provided label, your job is done. If it gets damaged Shaft Shack should file a claim with USPS. I wouldn't even bother trying to contact them further.
  11. Byron absolutely does his own welding.
  12. The grip in that photo is 100% for sure a fake Iomic grip.
  13. EXTREMELY RARE and BRAND NEW M2 Tour Issue 5HL head only. This has never been shafted. These are one of the best Taylormade woods ever made. This has the full face scoring lines and hot melt port. You will not find many of these left in this condition. Specs are unknown, as the head came with no sticker. Asking 225.00 shipped.
  14. HEAD ONLY TOUR ISSUE M1 5 wood. This has never been hit. The spec sticker is shown. It looks like it says 18* loft and 1.75 open. These are hard to find brand new nowadays. No headcover or adapter. Asking 125.00 shipped priority mail. PM me with any questions.
  15. Hard to find tour issue fairway heads. I have the spec sticker for the 5 wood as shown, the other 2 heads the specs are unknown. M1 3HL head 9/10 shape 125.00 M1 5 wood head NEW never hit 150.00 M2 5HL head NEW never hit 250.00
  16. Excellent condition 9* SIM MAX tour issue head. I do NOT have the original spec sticker. This has very light marks on the face and sole, no marks in the paint. Very muted sound, must have been hot melted. This weighs 198G on my scale. No headcover or adapter-head only! Asking 325.00 shipped.
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