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  1. Hi Rod, I would call your credit card company and file for a chargeback. You did everything right on your end. Shaft Shack should have insurance included on all their labels. If they choose not to insure the shipping that is on them. You dropped the shaft off and used the provided label, your job is done. If it gets damaged Shaft Shack should file a claim with USPS. I wouldn't even bother trying to contact them further.
  2. Byron absolutely does his own welding.
  3. The grip in that photo is 100% for sure a fake Iomic grip.
  4. EXTREMELY RARE and BRAND NEW M2 Tour Issue 5HL head only. This has never been shafted. These are one of the best Taylormade woods ever made. This has the full face scoring lines and hot melt port. You will not find many of these left in this condition. Specs are unknown, as the head came with no sticker. Asking 225.00 shipped.
  5. HEAD ONLY TOUR ISSUE M1 5 wood. This has never been hit. The spec sticker is shown. It looks like it says 18* loft and 1.75 open. These are hard to find brand new nowadays. No headcover or adapter. Asking 125.00 shipped priority mail. PM me with any questions.
  6. Hard to find tour issue fairway heads. I have the spec sticker for the 5 wood as shown, the other 2 heads the specs are unknown. M1 3HL head 9/10 shape 125.00 M1 5 wood head NEW never hit 150.00 M2 5HL head NEW never hit 250.00
  7. Excellent condition 9* SIM MAX tour issue head. I do NOT have the original spec sticker. This has very light marks on the face and sole, no marks in the paint. Very muted sound, must have been hot melted. This weighs 198G on my scale. No headcover or adapter-head only! Asking 325.00 shipped.
  8. To get the oil can finish the platinum finish needed to be stripped off down to raw metal. This is essentially now a “raw” putter with an oil can finish. If you do not keep the putter oiled and dry it will rust pretty quickly. You went from a no maintenance finish to a high maintenance finish essentially.
  9. Mizuno used to dimple all their iron shafts like that from the factory. Not sure if they still do it or not.
  10. Looks like an aftermarket "T" stamp to me. The font and size are incorrect for the stamps Scotty used to use in that era.
  11. Refunds are only instant if the funds are already in your pay pal account. If you are pulling funds from a bank account or credit card it takes a few days for the refund to go back into your account. This is the way it has always been. Just relax!
  12. Yes you do have to create an account. The first time you use UPS through PayPal they make you put in all your personal info and assign you an account number. You may not be seeing this is you signed up previously.
  13. I wish you didn’t need to create a personal account to use UPS. I had an issue a few years ago where someone used my personal account number by mistake and UPS sent me a bill for around 200 bucks. It took forever to dispute the charges.
  14. Try buffing the spots with some fine steel wool. It should take the rust right off.
  15. You can leave the ferrule snapped in when you do the shaft install.
  16. Hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like the ferrule is just slipping up the shaft. Personally if it were me, I would fix it because it would drive me nuts. If the head is still attached tightly there should be no issue with the head flying off. Many times you can heat up the ferrule and put a dab of glue in the gap and twist the ferrule back down.
  17. Pretty sure those codes weren't for the general public and weren't supposed to get out. I doubt we will see them again.
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