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  1. Dang, wish I would have known about the Odyssey 10...been wanting one of those!
  2. A few items up for sale but really want to sell (or trade) as a group! Shaft #1 Graphite Design HD 60 Stiff 44.25 from grip to tip Callaway Adaptor Shaft #2/3 Driver and 3 wood shafts PING Tour OEM Shaft BOTH X-Flex Ping G425 adaptor(s) ONE ROUND IN EACH OF THE SHAFTS! PRICE: KEEPING PRICE: KEEPING PRICE: KEEPING TRADES: 1. Odyssey 10 Two Ball 2. VENTUS with Velocore RED X 60 gram 3. Wedge Set (Vokey SM8-50/54/58 12deg) 4. PING TYNE 4 5. PUTTERS
  3. I have the non TCB version Forged CBs and I am in love with them! I could only imagine how these play and feel! #nobrainer
  4. Is anyone having issues with the SIM2 holding up? I hit one high toe and heard a weird noice and looked down and the epoxy separated a little. The company gave me a new one, but I wanted to see if anyone else had issues. That’s a lot of carbon and glue on that head...
  5. Heading to the vault...no connection! Will answer in the order I receive.
  6. Good day Golfwrx world! Two items for sale...more trade but I am not opposed to the right cash offer! Item #1 SIM2 MAX One round 9.0 No issues at all! Headcover/wrench included Diamana TB 60 STIFF (UPGRADE) HEAD ONLY PRICE: $old WILL NOT SELL JUST THE SHAFT...unless I have a buyer for both! ITEM #2 SIM 2 MAX No issues at all! Headcover included Graphite Design HD 60 (UPGRADE) PRICE: $375.00 PRICE DROP: $325.00 COMBO PRICE: $925.00 for all of the above! I will gi
  7. Heading into work and I don’t get good reception, will answer PMs in the order they came in. I won’t be keeping the ad up for too much longer, so you window shoppers make me some offers and let’s get this stuff sold!
  8. Thanks everyone! You know I am a ho but I need to stop before my wife kills me! Some interest but nothing solid...let’s get these sold please. PRICE DROP!
  9. Getting ready to go into work...not a lot of access where I am...will PM in the order I receive them.
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