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  1. Now, those Odyssey putters are the best line in a long time! Simple and elegant and the weights don’t look like rims on a car. Great job Odyssey and Toulon!
  2. Really not a fan of those Taylormade putters! They look like ladybugs with their little wings sticking out as they tuck them after landing. Not good at all!
  3. Those Tour AD shafts in irons are money! Hit them in a set of irons while in Japan! Great looking set(s) man someone will be really happy! GLWS
  4. That’s a great deal as I hit one yesterday with an auto flex in the same head…wow! Great shaft/head combo! GLWS!
  5. One set tonight… Long story short my surgeon held off on doing surgery in Japan and now I have to do it and I will be out for 8-10 months! I am giving you a shot before taking and putting them in storage. Only issues, I can’t ship until Monday as I am out of town. Set: Callaway TCB 5-AW MODUS 120 Stiff Standard L/L/L Almost mint! One round before I was told about my surgery. The AW has a fat grip as it came that way as I bought it separate as well. Didn’t bother my the one round I played with it. Included in the price: Callaway X Forged UT 4 iron MODUS 120 Stiff Bought separate but still in great shape. PRICE: $old *If I get my asking price (or close to it) I have a mint MAVRIK PRO hybrid that I will throw in too. I really don’t care if these don’t sell as I love them and they are super nice! No LOW BALL offers please! Obviously NO TRADES…sorry! As always I I cherish my reputation and feedback on this site, any questions or concerns let me know in a PM.
  6. I have played both and the TCBs have landed in the bag right now! I needed more spin as my descent angle was ideal so when I compared the two (ZX7) I found the TCBs to be better suited for my game. the feel is unbelievable with the TCBs and I love the look as well. I did elected you get the X Forged UT 4 iron as well. Now that I have to have surgery on my right shoulder, my season will end on February 9th. You may see them on the BST soon…or I may just keep them. They only have one round in them!
  7. Just look at this years Odyssey/Toulon line up and you won’t get that Scotty!
  8. That Las Vegas is going into my bag! Love the 2022 look and think it’s their best offering to date! The whole odyssey line looks great, simple and elegant…they always perform!
  9. 1. Did you fill out the Rapsodo form? Yes, and they thanked me! 2. Where would you use a Rapsodo MLM? Since Washington is rainy, snowy, and sunny I will be using it indoors (garage), outdoors (range), and on the course. 3. How can the MLM help with your game? We don't have any big gold shops in my town (Oak Harbor) so having this will help me and my friends get dialed in and get are numbers.
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