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  1. Please tell me we can MMT’s in more weight options? ?
  2. How come the UK website and YouTube say release date of September 19th and everyone on here saying next year?
  3. Lol, it’s the 120’s in the 7’s, 105’s in the 5’s.
  4. How is the spin, Consistency, and control compared to the Jaws? Do you get any glare from the tour satin finish?
  5. He kept saying how great they feel and look. I just take all the reviews with a grain of salt. It’s between the 7’s and 770’s for me.
  6. First off I have to say I absolutely love these shafts in my hybrid. I’d love to get the wedge shafts! Will any club manufactures have these as an option or would you have order the shafts from Authorize dealer?
  7. I asked Srixon/Cleveland if I could order the MMT’s in a set and this is the response I got from them. Unfortunately this shafts only come in parallel tip .370. We use taper tip .355 shafts in all of our irons. These shafts will not fit into our clubs.
  8. Their covers are second to none. I love my hybrid covers.
  9. I know my GG will have the for sure to hit by August 21, because you can sign up to get fitted by the TM rep that weekend.
  10. Look who’s already got these in his bag.
  11. How about some feed back on the 770’s? Feel, sound, look, stock shafts, anything?
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