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  1. I’m very disappointed in hearing all the durability issues.
  2. J- you still liking the MMT's in your wedges? I have the 105's in my irons and wedges, but I'm having problems with get enough bite and spin on my wedges. Should I get heavier weight in my wedges? Thanks
  3. I haven't Played a Callaway ball since the old IZ. Now that was a great ball... I should try the new CSX out, it cant hurt
  4. Oh, crap! I might be seeing divorce papers this fall.
  5. Thanks, I’ll definitely get a hold of my fitter for some lighter weights.
  6. I’ve always been a good putter. It does roll really good, I’m guessing it must be the weight?
  7. Haha. Scotty Newport’s and Nike’s
  8. I have a couple of times of the fairway once and twice off the tee. Really solid. Sounds powerful.
  9. I’m liking my Closer, BUT! I'm blowing everything past the hole and through the break. Is face really hot or just too heavy?
  10. Your a lucky man Chris! Those are so damn pretty and the MMT’s just adds a cherry on top!
  11. Two more items came in today.
  12. PXG perform great! You can also make the argument about any brand. The PXG feel the best IMO! This is the best time to give them a shot at the price they are selling them at.
  13. I hope so! The feel and sound is better. I’ll know more later this week.
  14. I agree. If I was one of those guys that buys wedges every 2 -3 years I’d be all over them. Unfortunately I buy wedges at least once a year.
  15. They are sweet, but 395 is crazy
  16. I didn't want to hear that about the 3w being disappointing i just got my clubs yesterday and didn't have time to try out the 3w.
  17. I got a couple goodies yesterday.
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