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  1. I’m really enjoying watching Kyle with the GM Golf/GoodGood guys. Very entertaining. I’ve also really grown to appreciate how knowledgeable KB is on the golf swing. Shows how much the LD guys put into their craft.
  2. Did Bandon last year before SR was open. We did 3 straight days of 36 and I’ll be honest, by that last round of 18 I was done and couldn’t wait for it to be over. The thing I didn’t account for his the firmness of the grounds and how it impacts your feet. My feet were killing me by the end of each day. Here in the south the fairways are nice and lush and generally medium to soft. Out there...firm and hard. My order of preference in courses was Old Mac, Pac, Bandon, and Trails.
  3. Here’s the thing, if all you guys join Legends we can start our own weekly money game lol! Let me know if you guys join.
  4. I’m 43 with a 13, 9, and 8 year old. I’ve seen a pretty good mix of guys ranging in ages. I’ve met Darrel Waltrip and Kevin Stallings (both older guys) and actually played a few holes with Beau Brinkley, the long snapper for the Titans (he’s 30 I think). Dude can hit it a mile and is a solid golfer. Are there a lot of older guys? Sure, but there are a lot of guys from late 20’s to 50 that can play. I also see a lot of young kids out there practicing which I love to see as someone with two boys that work at the game. Trubador you have to own land. The Grove you can join, but the monthly dues a
  5. Loving it, the courses are in great shape already and the growing season for zoysia hasn't even taken off all the way yet! I really love the practice facilities, hands down, some of the best around. I've found the staff are very friendly and helpful, that's something I honestly didn't know what to expect going in. The other thing I like is the range is very rarely closed for anything. I was out there a couple of days ago with my son for a lesson and it was raining pretty hard. There were people on the range practicing in the rain. So far the best golf decision I've made. The only thing I can't
  6. No doubt about it, SeeMore. I went to SeeMore about 5 or 6 years ago and haven't looked back. I've had tons of Scotty's, Bettinardi's, Odyssey, TM, etc. and this is the first time in my life I've never had any desire to change. The owner and the staff at SeeMore are great guys and always helpful. No, I don't work for them lol. The owner (Jim) gave my then 12 year old son a full tour of their shop and literally let him pick everything out for a full custom putter. Then he got to watch them build it. It was great.
  7. I joined at the end of February. It’s nowhere near $350, single is $550 and family is like $670. Also, initiation was $8k no matter if I knew a member or not. I am loving it. Friendly staff and friendly members so far. Everyone has been very supportive of my kids being out there with me too. Great club with typical excellent conditions on all three courses.
  8. According to the grip itself and TaylorMade they are GP Tour Velvet 360, but they are grey. I swear they feel tackier and more durable than any other tour velvet I’ve had though. I absolutely love them.
  9. Robert Trent Jones course at Palmetto Dunes is one of my favorite for conditions. Of course it is well below Harbour Town and Atlantic Dunes. If you are going there and don’t know when you might go back, I would still be willing to play Harbour Town. One of the best layouts you will find that will challenge every part of your game. Be sure and walk the course with a caddie. Very walkable. We go every year the Tuesday after the Heritage.
  10. Selling my Ping G410 irons, 4 iron through U Wedge (8 clubs). Standard black dot with AWT stiff shafts. These are in very good condition, only used for about 20 rounds. GP Tour Velvet grips in good condition. Asking $550 shipped OBO.
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