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  1. Once PXG ships then the Fed EX nightmare starts. FED EX days and days of waiting!!! PXG please fire FED EX.
  2. Thoughts on if gen 4 fairway is worth the extra hundred over the proto fairway? Looking at buying the 5 and 7 wood.
  3. That is exactly what I was looking for thank you for the info!
  4. Looking for a course around Hilton Head area that I can play 9 holes with my young 11 and 9 year old grand daughters . They are new to golf so I plan on picking up and just let them hit from where I hit. Looking for a course where we can play a twilight 9 and not be in anyone’s way. Thanks for any suggestions
  5. Looking for feed back if the new 0211 irons are worth a update? Have been playing original 0211, good clubs trying to decide if updating to the the new model will show much gains. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Anyone know if PXG are going to offer for sale the new staff bags they are using on tour now? I love the white camo with the black camo trim look.
  7. Does anyone know what the six weights in the gunboat h gen2 are set at standard from PXG? I see the standard weight is 375 grams but can not find what weights ie 10 gram or 20 gram and the standard positions for the weights.
  8. Been playing with a PXG Gunboat Gen 1 putter with good results. Thinking of up grading to Gen 2 putter? Trying to decide between Gunboat or the new Blackjack putter. Welcome some feed back from anyone who has tried the new putter. Heard the face on the Gen 2 is a upgrade? I need all the help the putter can give me.
  9. What the exp 01 turn out to be https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/titleist-tour-speed-golf-balls-12-pack
  10. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/titleist-tour-speed-golf-balls-12-pack
  11. https://www.golfballs.com/m/New-Titleist-Tour-Speed.html
  12. Know what the Titleist EXP 01 is now. Titleist Tour Speed showing up on the internet.
  13. Update 4/21 SGI Gen 2 iron order arrived yesterday 5/27.
  14. Update on my 4/21 Gen 2 SGI order shipped yesterday 5/21. Suppose to be here on Wednesday. Took the full 4weeks.
  15. They are now just showing your build date as a month or 4 weeks from your order date? I don’t think we are being told the whole story?
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