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  1. [quote name='SHORTBUTSTR8' timestamp='1332003227' post='4524999'] Taking a chance on a set of i20 irons and G20 woods. Hope they are as good as the reviews have been. Ping sucked me back in. [/quote] choo choo!! train.. well PINGS are great. I got G20s.. I hit the I20s but I do not practice a lot... now, so I like the extra forgiveness and hitting greens. I am solid single digit handicap. And I prefer to work more on my short game and putting this season
  2. [quote name='BIG BLUE 99' timestamp='1330998890' post='4444473'] [quote name='elcantante' timestamp='1330909227' post='4436507'] [quote name='BIG BLUE 99' timestamp='1330892033' post='4433773'] Oops I read that wrong, sorry! I didnt look at the pics, I just went by the title. [/quote] The Diamana White is an amazing shaft. I have played the Diamana Blue on the Rapture, G10 in the past.. But the Whiteboard takes it to another level. I also got the KBS tour shafts in my irons.. I was all set to order the CFS shafts but the KBS is much better, more accurate. I love it. Perhaps it is a
  3. What ever fits your swing.. the shaft spinned too much when I tried it. A better shaft is the Miyaziki C.Kua imo
  4. [quote name='eric_b' timestamp='1332107995' post='4531183'] So Ernie had to make a 4.5 footer for par to get into the clubhouse tied for the lead.....he pulled it.....as has, unfortunately, become his norm. So Steve Sands does a post round interview........did anyone see it? It was honestly one of the most heart wrenching things i have ever seen.... Steve asked "could you describe what happened on 18".....and Ernie responded, with what looked like tear forming in his eyes "What happened?...." then continued his answer....which was very polite, especially considering what just happened..
  5. [quote name='gunmetal' timestamp='1331938649' post='4521865'] [quote name='coolmonk' timestamp='1331041180' post='4446795'] So we all know TMAG claims the R11S is bigger, longer, and better than the R11... For those of you went from an R11 to R11S, how much distance did you gain (or lose)? I previously gamed an R11 TP 9 degree w/ Fujikura Blur 55 stiff shaft, average carry 225 yards with FCT 1 degree up and ASP set to C. Honestly that shaft/head combo felt a little harsh for me. It wasn't a bad driver...I just couldn't optimize it to my swing and mishits felt like hitting a rock. Recently,
  6. [quote name='Zach Attack' timestamp='1331604874' post='4495449'] In your opinion of course, and why was it the best? [/quote] So far I think the 2007 Burners.. amazing woods. I still hit mine on occasion.
  7. KBS tour shafts rocks!! I got them in my G20s I right away noticed the control and accuracy.. very nice shafts.
  8. elcantante


    [quote name='ronnbee' timestamp='1331593151' post='4493431'] [size="3"]anyone have a 4-wood a and if so how do you like it(easy to hit etc)[/size] [size="3"]i was looking at the ping g20 and looked pretty, pretty nice[/size] [/quote] + 1 PING G20 4 wood remarkably easy to hit and accurate..
  9. I would opt for the RAZR fit. It is more forgiving, felt better and sounded the best. The adjustbility is a plus as well. The shaft is kinda weak but it fit majority of golfers that this driver is marketed for. 2nd will be the Ping I20. Love the looks, easy enough to hit... but I did not find a big enough advancement in performance compared to the Rapture V2.. so I would not spend the money on the I20
  10. Im pretty sure it is a G20. Bubba choked again.. if he spent more time practising rather than making stupid music videos he would probably win more tournaments
  11. [quote name='Instant Offense' timestamp='1315018284' post='3538645'] For years I have been the guy that struggles with his driver but can get up and down from inside a bucket. I have played to a plus 3 handicap for about 6 years now. I have flirted with the idea of giving myself a year to try the mini tours and have had some sponsorship offers, but I always thought that my driver and iron play were lacking. My swing has came along way and now I find more fairways than ever before. I am probably playing the most consistent golf of my life. So I analyzed my game and the biggest weakness in my g
  12. [quote name='hypergolf' timestamp='1331378035' post='4475217'] I personally feel these two feel quite similar. Is it just me or anyone else feel the same way? [/quote] I have played both shafts including the Diamana BB. I played the Graffalloy Red on a G10 a few years ago.. now play the WB in a Rapture V2. The Diamana WB is very stable and smooth shaft. The Graffalloy red is more harsher feeling and feels dead. Perhaps I was not loading it enough.. But I was younger then.. Love the WB.
  13. [quote name='Robert Brown' timestamp='1331093265' post='4452955'] I have been playing golf for about 30 years...have a hdcp of 6.2...have been tested on a Launch Mont. every year since they have been available ... feel like I have been hitting the best iron, shafts, woods, ball, etc. for me... A friend of mine called me about a brand new yet 2008 made Ping Rapture V2 driver in my loft, pretty well my shaft, etc. for $90 so I bought it just to have. I have played Ping for 30 years on my irons and have played the woods since the "G" series started...for some reason, never did the Rapture V2.
  14. Solid KBS irons shafts... Have the same KBS 90 Tour shafts on my G20. Amazing so far!!
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