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  1. Thanks for the awesome reply!
  2. Leaving next Sunday! 3/29: Bandon Preserve 3/30: Pacific Dunes and Bandon Dunes 3/31: Old Macdonald and Bandon Trails 4/1: Sheep Ranch and Pacific Dunes 4/2: Depart for Eugene Airport In another thread, someone called out that OM and BT together were a rookie mistake. Already booked, but curious if you have a knee jerk thought on that. Great write up. Hoping for great weather. How cold were your morning rounds. I'm a Florida native and live in GA now. Not adverse to cold weather, but wondering if its just cold... or one of those "biting
  3. Does any one have a pic with a bit of actual rust on them? The sticker on the wedge says it will rust, but I'm skeptic. Looking for a poor mans raw wedge ? Thanks!
  4. The new key from Leupold fixed it. I will say, I dont trust the adjustments. Compared to a Bushnell, it just seems off. I think it needs to be calibrated. All in all, It's been more hassle than I was expecting, but even without the slope, it's still an amazing rangefinder for the price I paid.
  5. I will periodically flip through that book and Tom Watson's "Getting Up and Down". To me, my biggest takeaways from Stan's book are: To learn how to use bounce Understand the relationship between your lead hand through impact and the loft of the club. It's one of the best books out there on short game, but anything past that is over thinking it, IMO. Learn those two concepts and you will "out wedge" anyone, from anywhere. Not to get too far off topic. But I also pull from Pelz's books from back in the day that point to "the clock". It's also an awesome concept to deploy, although mine is sl
  6. Hi TMG! Can you comment on the p760 replacement? Still in the works for a summer release? Thanks! Cody
  7. Curious... you said only the weight. Does that mean you felt like the flex profile was similar to the S300?
  8. I think the are a 1/4 size smaller. I'm being particular, I just don't think they are a whole size. I have two pairs, wear a size 10 in all my Nike street and training shoes. Little snug, but they get broken in to a good fit. Cart golf: LOVE THEM! Walking: The heel is really stiff. I got a blister on one foot after one of my rounds and went back to my FJs for when I'm hoofing it. Hope that helps!
  9. Thanks Fellas - I actually spoke with Leupold yesterday. They thought it was weird and are sending me a new smart key to see if that is the issue. Said they were putting it in the mail yesterday, which is awesome. Hopefully I will have it by the weekend to test out. Regardless, they said they would replace the whole device if it continued to have the issue. I'm pretty brand loyal to them based on my past range finder that I had for almost 10 years. Sent one back well after warranty when the sight lines got a little blurry with no charge. They earned my business once and haven't gotten to place
  10. Yep. Bright yellow... can't miss it! I'm not too worried about it. Either it gets returned to RockBottom for a replacement or Leupold talks me through it tomorrow and/or replaces it. Just more of a bother than anything else. Truthfully, for line of sight, it's still a great product for the price, but I would like to get what I paid for! Thanks, Cody
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