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  1. First I have a 6-PW set of 2018 Callaway APEX MB iron heads. These heads will take a 0.355” taper tip shaft. The loft and lie are standard. $275 OBO Second is a Recoil 110 F4 wedge shaft. It is 0.355” taper tip and measures 32 7/8”. Just something I have laying around so let’s say $old?
  2. I have here a fairly new (10 rounds or so) Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black 7X shaft. The tip is 0.335” and measures 42.75”. It is untipped and played about 44.5” in my TSI. In the last pic it shows where the top layer was peeled of when the tape was removed. This will not effect performance at all. Please ask if you have questions! $230 OBO
  3. Got these here but just have not had a chance to try them so time to move them on. Here is a 4-PW set of 0.355” taper tip Nippon Modus3 120 X flex shafts. Lengths are as follows: 4 - 37 3/8” 5 - 36 7/8” 6 - 36 3/8” 7 - 35 7/8” 8 - 35 1/4” 9 - 34 5/8” PW - 34 1/8” $old
  4. I have here a Diamana TB 70X pull. It measures 43.25” and has not been tipped. It has a 0.335” tip. This shaft has about 5 rounds on it. Please ask if you have questions. $250 OBO
  5. I have here a Titleist TS3 13.5* 3 wood with a Diamana BF 70X shaft and Golf Pride New Decade Blackout Midsized grip. The 3 wood is 43” and the shaft has about a 1.75” extension. The headcover and wrench are not included. $235 OBO
  6. First is a Project X Small Batch HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g 6.5 TX PVD “Hulk” shaft. This shaft measures 41” and has been tipped 1”. Overall very good shape with a few parts of the small batch label rubbed away. $old Second is a Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX 70g 6.0 shaft. This shaft measures 41 5/8” and has been tipped 0.5” I believe (pulled from a TSi 3 Wood). Overall excellent condition. $80 OBO Take both for $250!!
  7. I have here 4 Dozen 2021 Titleist Pro V1x Play #20 golf balls. All balls are brand new in box. Please ask if you have questions. $170
  8. First I have a barely used (2 rounds) pair of 9.5 Adidas Tour 360 white spikeless golf shoes. $old Second is a Project X LS 6.5 Wedge shaft. This shaft is 0.355” tip and measures 33.5”. $30 Lastly I have a UST Elements Fire 100X hybrid/utility shaft. This shaft measures 38 3/8”. I believe I had been tipped to play in a 3 iron. $35 Take it all for $115
  9. First I have a Titleist TS2 18* 5 wood in near mint condition. It has been shafted with a Diamana ZF 70X shaft. The shaft has been tipped extra to play stiffer. The grip is a Golf Pride Align +4. The length is standard and head cover is included. There are some scratches right above the ferrule shown in the last pic. $old Second if a Diamana BF 70X shaft pull. It measures 39 7/8” and has been tipped 0.5”. The tip size is 0.335”. This shaft would be perfect in a 3 wood with the proper extensions. It has also been Pured. $140 OBO
  10. First l is a Tensei CK Blue 70X shaft. This shaft measures 43.25” and looks to be tipped 1/8” by measurements found on WRX. It was originally pulled from a Cobra adapter and for some reason filed down on the very tip. Almost like a blunted point. With a collard ferrule and shafting beads it will set fine. $60 Second is a Tensei AV 65 Stiff shaft pulled from a 5 wood. Seems o be standard tipping for a 5 wood and measures 40.5” with a generic Golf Pride 360 grip. $40 Please ask if you have questions.
  11. Anyone have the tip to “graphics” measurements for an untipped Diamana TB 70X?? Thanks!!
  12. First I have a Diamana ZF 70X shaft pull. It measures 40.5 and has been tipped 1.5”. It has a 0.335” tip. The shaft is in overall excellent condition. $175 OBO Second I have a Super Stroke Pistol GTR Tour pull. These grip was used for about 5 rounds. $old
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