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  1. First I have a Titleist TS2 18* 5 wood in near mint condition. It has been shafted with a Diamana ZF 70X shaft. The shaft has been tipped extra to play stiffer. The grip is a Golf Pride Align +4. The length is standard and head cover is included. There are some scratches right above the ferrule shown in the last pic. $old Second if a Diamana BF 70X shaft pull. It measures 39 7/8” and has been tipped 0.5”. The tip size is 0.335”. This shaft would be perfect in a 3 wood with the proper extensions. It has also been Pured. $140 OBO
  2. First l is a Tensei CK Blue 70X shaft. This shaft measures 43.25” and looks to be tipped 1/8” by measurements found on WRX. It was originally pulled from a Cobra adapter and for some reason filed down on the very tip. Almost like a blunted point. With a collard ferrule and shafting beads it will set fine. $60 Second is a Tensei AV 65 Stiff shaft pulled from a 5 wood. Seems o be standard tipping for a 5 wood and measures 40.5” with a generic Golf Pride 360 grip. $40 Please ask if you have questions.
  3. Anyone have the tip to “graphics” measurements for an untipped Diamana TB 70X?? Thanks!!
  4. First I have a Diamana ZF 70X shaft pull. It measures 40.5 and has been tipped 1.5”. It has a 0.335” tip. The shaft is in overall excellent condition. $175 OBO Second I have a Super Stroke Pistol GTR Tour pull. These grip was used for about 5 rounds. $old
  5. Seeing if anyone out there has a C Taper 120 Stiff wedge shaft to part with. Let me know please!!
  6. Yep, just remembered that. Brain fog some times.
  7. I have here 4 Dzn Pro V1x Left Dash balls. These balls are brand new free of logos. Looking for $200 shipped OBO.
  8. It will play 45” varying slightly depending on the club head. Thanks!
  9. First I have a mint Tensei Raw White 75 X Flex. It measures 43.25” and has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. The adapter has been removed. $120 OBO Second is 3.75 Dzn Pro V1x balls of various model years. The first is 2 sleeves of 2013 version with a small logo. The second is 3 sleeves of 2015 version with a small logo. The last is 2.5 Dzn of the 2017 version with only 1 Dzn with a logo. $150 OBO
  10. I have here 4 Dzn 2021 Titleist Pro V1X golf balls. They are high numbers and do not have logos. Looking for $old
  11. I have here a Tensei AV 65 Stiff pull from a TS3 3 wood. This shaft is 0.335” tip and measures 41 1/8” (playing length about 42.5”) I’m pretty sure standard tipping. $50
  12. First I have a 7-PW set of Titleist 620 MB irons shafted with Project X 6.5 shafts and Golf Pride full cord grips. Standard LLL. There is some scaring below the ferrule which I would assume is from a bad bending job. It will not effect play at all. The swingweight is D3. $old Second is a Project X HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 90g hybrid shaft. The shaft was pulled from a Taylormade P790 2 iron. It is 0.370” tip and measures 38”. $old
  13. First off I have a Taylormade SIM 8.0* driver head only. This head has seen play and it shows in the pictures. I believe all weighting to be standard. Headcover and wrench are not included. Sold Second I have and excellent condition Diamana ZF 70 TX pull. It is 0.335” tip and measures 41”. It has been tipped 0.75”. $225 Now $185 shipped
  14. I have here a Proforce V2 6F4 pull out shaft from a SIM driver. It is 0.335” and measures 44”. It was standard in the SIM. Along with that is 4 Golf Pride V-55 Cord grips. These grips have a few round on them but remain in great shape. $50!!
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