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  1. The bridge that you are talking about is for cyclists/walkers as a nod to public non-golf use of "The Preserve"
  2. I cheated and looked, see that it's 10. Think I was only thinking about those that crossed Salt Creek (and I missed one of those that aren't encountered when one plays the course (the one at the southwest corner).
  3. yeah, I thought RTJ Crystal Tree might not float your boat, but funny that you know it well. I've never played there. Good luck on your search.
  4. ^^^ just to clarify on Pine Meadows: as you said, always good to check if they aerated the greens. They did just announce 2-3 weeks back that they will not punch the greens this spring I think Pine Meadows is a good walking course and there are no houses at all bordering the golf course. Holes 14 and 15 are really pretty when you feel like you are really tucked away in a beatiful natural setting. My personal opinion is that Thunderhawk and Bowes Creek aren't that walker friendly and are pretty tough courses (relatively speaking).
  5. Arg, you are not truly capturing the size of the skyline in your photo. If you went and climbed the hill behind the green at the north end of the property, I'm sure the skyline would appear at least 5% bigger! heavy sarcasm
  6. Another that hasnt been mentioned is Flossmoor. Family friendly and a 100+ year old design that had an award winning renovation 10 years ago by Ray Hearn.
  7. Does Crystal Tree fit any of your criteria? More of a modern Trent Jones course, so that would be a change...
  8. THanks, Arg. Path right along OB right on 10? Probably safer than between 10 and 18. I love the short par 4's at Wilmette, and especially the tucked back tee box on the par 5 6th.
  9. I've had many nice experiences at Big Run and it's a sentimental favorite. Last time I played was 10 years ago. Part of that is due to kids and living further away now. Buddy played last fall and said it was in terrible condition, like maintenance was stopped. Rumors abound that the course is not long for this world. Real Estate Development potentially, we'll see...
  10. TZ5 is not supposed to be a mid/mid shaft, more like low-mid/low, I believe? Maybe TZ6 would be a bit more fairway friendly from launch perspective
  11. I think Recoil Proto 125's are slightly ascending weight as well.
  12. The First Tee with Luke Donald and Lohmann Quitno broke ground on a practice facility at Marovitz, so that's nice. The course has a neat urban setting, but I agree that I wouldn't call it a must play either for visitors. Nice to if it's summer and you have time to kill (the people watching on some of the holes was fun).
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