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  1. Secondhand info from my caddy on the Irish course at Whistling Straits said he loved it (Stevens Point CC).
  2. I normally don't WI golfing experience to post, but the wife and I went up to Kohler for a getaway from the kids (first time staying there), and I was able to play a solo round on the Irish this past Sunday night with a caddie (Rey, short for Reynoldo). It was also my birthday, so I splurged for the caddy. Tee time was at 3:30 pm (twilight started at 2:30, but wife and I were at the spa), so it was smooth sailing up until the 7th hole where we hit the wall. We were bringing up the rear and I had been warned and knew that there was no guarantee that I'd get in 18 holes.
  3. are you thinking of putting it in the 19* hybrid? I am liking the 85TS so much in the 22*, that I thought to get another 85TS for my 19* which I don't always game, but this is golfwrx, need to have options! Looking at your profile with the OT hybrid in 80s, I'd say to go for the 85TS.
  4. hitting it very consistently, so I bought a 95TS for a 25* hybrid. looking to get another head that's the same as the one that I'm gaming which has a thump 4 iron shaft in it. 22* hybrid had a thump hybrid shaft
  5. It's a little higher launch and spin (I think) than the Diamana Thump (90'ish g weight).
  6. As title says, specifically looking for a good to very good condition (or even better) 5 hybrid. Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta model only (25 degrees loft) shaft doesn't matter full club or just the club head is ok Thanks all!
  7. can't comment on these specific wedges, but I use a 56 and 60, with the 56 having more bounce than the 60. I use the 56 for almost all greenside bunker shots I'll use 56 over 60 for any shots around the green where the ball is sitting up (easier to go under ball with 60 with less bounce). I'll use 60 when I need a shot from less than 70 yards that needs to stop quickly (high shot), and the lie is good (again, not fluffy grass where the ball might be sitting up).
  8. Those 550 Ltd's are money!
  9. PD, were you the one who pulled the badges off of some 560mc's? I think you were because you had the same canadian flag on those if I remember correctly.
  10. I play a 48* Pitching Wedge, but have always used the set PW. That might be because I have 3 wedges (all blade style) to choose from for most of my chipping (52-56-60) I'm not sure if that would change if I only carried 54 and 60 (dropping the 52*)
  11. some 565 photos that were requested above I can't find original threads, but saved some photos to the computer. 6 iron at address (1st one) PW at address (2nd one, without ball)
  12. I really like wishon's designs. Have played 919 and 950, driver and deep-faced fairway also played 775hs, current hybrid The 560mc irons are in the bag (and i've got a few sets) I have recently discovered his HM wedges, and I really like the grinds with some heel relief and leading grind. I'm playing a 56 and 60 now with his stepless steel shafts. Tour Edge is my other favorite brand, but Tom is a great designer as well as a master of clubfitting.
  13. someone will likely come in and say that the maxfli revolution black dot isn't forged. Cast nickel, but plays as soft and buttery and with good feel like a forged cavity back
  14. wishon 560mc 8 iron is 39*, so is maxfli revolution black lofts from 1999-2005 era? both are low offset irons I play both...
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