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  1. Looking for a oldie but a goodie hybrid shaft matrix hM2 stiff Please
  2. IF anyone would like to vote for TXG to open a location in chicago, you can vote here:
  3. That driver cover looks to be the Angus (Scottish Tartan)
  4. sure, I see that now. So, the black color has weathered a hair, nice!
  5. Welcome and thanks for posting... let me know if you come up to Pine Meadow (I enjoy it a lot and since I moved to Libertyville from Idaho, before that grew up in Arlington Heights, it's become on of my local courses. Have you come up to play the Preserve? Hickories? I've haven't ever, but did you play those up at Spring Valley. I need to go see that course.
  6. nice ad. how do you describe the fabric on the seamus fairway cover? It's not waxed canvas, correct?
  7. I think he must have sobered up by page 126 or else that post would have been a little more interesting, perhaps...
  8. Check this out https://fujikuragolf.com/education#tiptrimming says 1.0" for 5h I've mainly played 4 iron shafts Thump stiff in my 5 hybrid. You may want to tip it less say 1/2", and leave an extra 1/2" on overall length, so that you could go back and tip it an additional 1/2" to get to 1" FYI: I personally have a 904hb stiff shaft, and I just installed it untipped in a 4h (22*). Haven't hit it yet, but feels pretty stout untipped, but this is a Stiff flex 904hb.
  9. I have a 4 iron Diamana THump graphite iron shaft in my 5 hybrid (25*) and it's money.
  10. Latest and greatest I was using a 4 wood for tee shots only (my TEE fairways are deep faced and I didn't feel comfortable hitting from the fairway). BEFORE Driver - 4 wood - 4 hybrid (22) NOW Driver - 17* hybrid (2 hybrid) - 4 hybrid (22) going forward, may try short fairway wood at 17* instead of hybrid. 17* fairway at 40-40.5", instead of 17* hybrid at 40". I may be splitting hairs (may get higher ball flight with fairway vs hybrid).
  11. Looking for a stiff or x-stiff blueboard 93 or 103 thanks
  12. love the short inseam options Have you tried the other pants? The fairway (spring temps) or clubhouse (summer temps) pants?
  13. EQ-NX1’s are a high COR design
  14. Caution as the real deal Matrix Black Tie, as denoted by model name hM3 are quite different than the Made for Tour Edge Black Tie hybrid shafts 7M3.1. Much stouter flex wise and true low launch design, where the "made for" hybrid shaft is called mid-high launch per Tour Edge Spec sheet on XCG7 Beta hybrids not so easy to find the 7M3.1 hybrid or fairway/wood shafts (possible, but not easy).
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