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  1. TZ5 is not supposed to be a mid/mid shaft, more like low-mid/low, I believe? Maybe TZ6 would be a bit more fairway friendly from launch perspective
  2. I think Recoil Proto 125's are slightly ascending weight as well.
  3. The First Tee with Luke Donald and Lohmann Quitno broke ground on a practice facility at Marovitz, so that's nice. The course has a neat urban setting, but I agree that I wouldn't call it a must play either for visitors. Nice to if it's summer and you have time to kill (the people watching on some of the holes was fun).
  4. me too, multiple purchases and good experience across the board.
  5. I’ll agree on solidness of Glen club for one of your 18 hole days
  6. Another idea would be Pine Meadow combined with White Deer Run or shepherds crook in Zion followed by 18 at Thunderhawk
  7. I like the dubs idea, but I’d say play mistwood in the am and then dubs in the pm
  8. For a little easier drive, I’d consider the Preserve at Oak Meadows. That could be paired with 18 at schaumburg Schaumburg is 27 holes and was just renovated
  9. My first round was may 6 , and I remember knowing that the weather had been nice for a while before the shutdown
  10. We've had an early April snow in the last 2-3 years (typically melts away within a day).
  11. Cool, UK represent! Thanks for sharing. I was once in the Humberside area doing some work there (June-July 2001), but unfortunately it was not a golf-heavy part of my life. Hope I can return in the future to play the game there.
  12. I've always like the vokey f grind 8 degree bounce gap wedges. I play a 52* SM4, but have more recent versions as well.
  13. yup and true temper couldn't tell me what the loft for the 7 iron should be for this question when I asked.
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