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  1. I know nothing of Heritage Oaks as I haven't played there, so thanks for the data point. To be fair, there's been quite a bit of rain in the last 12 days (5 inches in Libertyville). from Saturday, October 2.
  2. Stonewall Orchard wasn't bad yesterday according to a friend. I'd say Sunset Valley will be fine Maybe Heritage Oaks (both are recent renovations with improved drainage. It's supposed to be blowing pretty good this weekend, so maybe it will get better while one plays In the past, Arrowhead was another that drained pretty well. Shepherd's has added some drainage to the 9th and 18th holes and they've improved drainage on the run-ups to the greens.
  3. the tighter weight tolerance isn't a difference in the manufacturing of the shafts, it's a tighter tolerance achieved by sorting the produced X100 shafts by weight.
  4. haven't heard that regarding public access at Midlothian. I'd consider putting Stevens Point CC on the list (they offer public tee times as I understand and work was done there by Craig Haltom (same as Lac La Belle) with settlement money from an herbicide case (?). I've become a big fan of Rick Jacobson and if you can get on at the Club at Strawberry Creek (Kenosha area) 12 miles north of the IL state line in Bristol, I'd highly recommend it. Just a fun, fun course. Nice elevation change across the property and very strong design. Open layout with nice landforms and mounding, and very few trees. A buddy drove up from Orland Park yesterday to play it and loved it. Shepherd's Crook in Zion, IL (holes 13 and 14 touch the state line) is in much better shape these days and just put in an awesome patio area with firepits. It's a great bargain also. I think it's a great routing with challenging green complexes. No range and so-so start (gentle handshake) but very strong from holes 5-18. Thunderhawk and Stonewall Orchard are great tracks as well in the area. The Preserve at Oak Meadows is closer to O'Hare and solid (mentioned already above). Sunset Valley in HIghland Park, IL is a small municipal course, but a real gem after its renovation by Rick Jacobson (ex-Nicklaus architect) - public. Normally in great shape, with fun green complexes and great drainage. Great walk on a compact property with a nice routing.
  5. had another great experience at The Club at Strawberry Creek yesterday. What a change 16 days makes, 20 degrees colder, cart path only vs fast and firm made for a different experience, but still a super fun golf course. The membership really has a great course there, and again kudos to Rick Jacobson for his design.
  6. FYI my results from above were with a 7 iron at 85 mph dont have any of the other parameters though
  7. what's the loft on your 5 iron? maybe could make an educated guess from your 4 hybrid for 4 iron experience? 4H is 22*, what was loft of your 4 iron? what is loft of the 5 iron, then does that same manufacturer make a 25* or 26* hybrid (or whatever loft compared to 4H for 4i)
  8. Quick precipitation update for Libertyville/Gurnee area. 3/4" of rain yesterday which brings the rain total up to 2-1/2" for the last 5 days. as measured at des plaines river at Rt 120 (Belvidere Rd) in gurnee USGS Current Conditions for USGS 05528000 DES PLAINES RIVER NEAR GURNEE, IL
  9. Nice to hear that the greens are in better shape than in previous years. I probably last played there in 2015-2016, I think. I think the drives on 5, 6 and 7 are somewhat challenging. 5 for the tight landing area (normally need less than driver) and water on left. 6 for OB left and water (although it's pretty far right) 7 for water right (more in play and fairway tilts to the right) looking at the map, the drive on 10 is pretty tough also! good one to make sure you're still on your toes as you begin the back nine.
  10. think this one has a conversion of R to L, or vice versa Kyle Sebastain Lucas (@bastain_milled) • Instagram photos and videos found another example Kyle Sebastain Lucas (@bastain_milled) • Instagram photos and videos
  11. you are welcome Kyle Sebastain Lucas (@bastain_milled) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. contact Kyle at bastainmilled.com and you can find him on instagram he's done a bunch of these conversion YOu'll get a lot more info if you post or browse the putter section under artisans or something like that...0
  13. I'm guessing a 25/26* hybrid would be the one to replace your 5 iron, but you would know best
  14. Not to muddy the waters, but my shaft fitting with the Mizuno optimizer gave me these three shafts: DG 120 S300 Project X LZ 6.0 KBS C-Taper Lite X I prefer the Project X LZ 6.0 to DG120 S300 Haven't tried the C-Taper Lite X Going on weight, I've also purchased a set of Accra i-series steel stiffs which are 115 g nominally.
  15. From the man himself: Awalkspoiled
  16. I guess I should measure the ones I have downstairs. The uncut Program 130's I have in 5.5 flex measure 40" long and 117g. I have 4 shafts (3 weigh 117g, and 1 weighs 118g).
  17. good point on weight sorting he'd have to compromise on shaft weight by going substantially lighter than his desired target, though.
  18. you can just ratio the cut length of the shaft to the blank weight assuming a bottom bore to ground of 1.25" on your irons For a 36" pitching wedge, that would be a 34.75" cut shaft length (-1/8" for grip cap). So 34.75/40 * 130 (don't know exact weight) = 113 g If 125 g is your minimum 125 * (40/130) = roughly 38.5" to get 125 g, so your shortest length iron at 125 g is 39.75". Not going to work. 5 iron is 38" standard - 1.25 = 36.25 * (130/40) = 117.8 g
  19. Since you would be starting with the same "blank" and building to different lengths, these would be called a descending weight set of iron shafts, because the shaft weight for each club is directly proportional to its length.
  20. There are parallel blanks. You tip trim them for flex and then butt trim for playing length. THere are some threads about them. Tough to get swingweight in the D range as they come out light.
  21. info here might help...' The AMT drawings and tables are in there as well for White/Black/Red and AMT Tour Issue
  22. I play a 27* loft 5 iron as my longest club. I replaced my 24* 4 iron with a 25* hybrid and it is very confidence inspiring. Variable face thickness, good off-center hit forgiveness. If the 4 hybrid is money for you, buy the 5 hybrid of the same model?
  23. Quick check in with the rain up here by Independence Grove 1.75” in the last two says (oct 2-3)
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