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  1. I saw that as well. Going the all-inclusive route. I haven't seen it since the renovation. Rising tide raises all ships. Adds another option to those in the area, to whom $275 compared to a day at Sand Valley, or to Kohler or Erin Hills might be attractive. Has anyone played Stevens Point CC since the renovation post pesticide/herbicide court award?
  2. I’m pretty sure that this Rogue White 130 is untipped 19-1/4” from the tip of the shaft to the top of the Atomic A
  3. wrist to floor is key info. you sould like you might be a candidate for single length irons all irons built to 8 iron length
  4. I can speak to the driver being ok at 0" for a velocore blue (ss 100-105, and more of a hitter, but am trying to be smoother), but I, for the first time in a long time, am playing driver at 45" (used to play 43-44"). I have a velocore blue hybrid shaft (8-s) built I have yet to build it. Was thinking to go un-tipped in a 22 or 19* hybrid built to 39" or so.
  5. The dimensions in this thread and most on this site refer to the tip of the shaft to the reference graphic on said shaft (not the tip of the adapter). That's why it's especially good when people include photos of the shafts alongside a ruler.
  6. yes, the 4" dimension is for a uncut shaft (no adapter). 4" from the tip of the shaft (not tip of adapter) to the last "e" in velocore. I didn't know TM was tipping their driver shafts still.
  7. In these situations, I find it helpful to include a photo of the shaft on a ruler with the ruler showing the tip of the adapter or shaft all the way to the graphic on the shaft that's required to determine tipping.
  8. tip to the e at the end of the word velocore for untipped is 4".
  9. if you are hitting the 3 wood well (contact location on face as good as it can be and most consistent), I wouldn't touch it, unless you just want to do a test with lead tape.
  10. thanks for the reminder. I knew it was less than 2g/SW points for woods.
  11. Typical length difference between 3 and 5 wood would be an inch. one inch is 6 swingweight point which is 12 g or so (a bit under as grams per inch.
  12. could be that and the lower weight plus half inch tipping could make shaft feel stiffer, affecting contact. Increased weight might offset flex and hopefully improve timing. lead tape is your friend
  13. One set of heads I saw was 208 g for 3 wood and 218 g for 5 wood
  14. both headweights seem low 1/2" length difference is 3 sw points, or 5.5-6.0 g I'd add weight to both with lead tape as a test (start with the 5 wood)
  15. since tip to graphic to the e at the end of velocore is 4", I'd estimate this to be tip trimmed 1/2"
  16. how's the communication been? I know that he moved a while back.
  17. For tip trim, Tom suggests using 7 wood tip trim guidelines for fairways in the 40-41" lengths.
  18. This part being the key of Tom's length thoughts about single length fairways
  19. Here is some text relating to 40 and 41" in the single length fairways and what might point you in either direction Once I designed the EQ1 woods with the option to be fit/built to either incremental lengths or single length, I really had the chance to test and look more deeply into what happens when the woods are all 40 to 41 inches in length. Yes, a golfer will swing a 41″ 3w slower than he would one that is 43″ and from that, the golfer would not hit the 41″ 3w as far as a 43″ 3w. But golf is a game of percentages because no one hits all the shots good. So the goal of single length woods based on a length between 40 and 41″ is to increase the % of better shots/better misses with the understanding that is better than having a few shots hit 10-15 yds longer but with more shots overall hit inconsistently. The better the golfer’s swing consistentcy wise, the more you would lean toward 41″ as the single length for the woods. The more inconsistent, higher the hdcp, the more the golfer would be wise to go with a single length on the woods of 40″. Hybrid wise, the EQ1 hybrids can be made to be the same length as the single length irons and thus could fill in to be an iron in the full single length set makeup. The decision for that lies in your clubhead speed first and foremost. If your 7 iron clubhead speed were not more than 75mph, you would not want to go with a EQ1 5 iron and you’d likely start the irons with the #6. Which means having a 5 hybrid at the same length as the rest of the single length irons would be a viable option. With a 7 iron speed under 75mph, I don’t think I would go with a 4 hybrid at the same length as the irons. I might look at that one to be an “in between” the irons and woods length of say, at least 2″ longer than whatever Ed deems your best iron single length to be.
  20. There is a guy on here asking about a 40" 17* EQ1-NX Fairway Woods | Wishon Golf This guy went heavy, D6, which is a bit outside the envelope, but Tom says at 40" for fairways are definitely inside his design envelope. Corey Christensen 5 months ago Hi Tom, I was fit for a 4 wood and 7 wood both at 40”. I am use a swing weight of D6 and with my project X evenflow white 75g shafts I still need to have roughly 8g of lead tape added to each club head even with the full 30g of weights. Are there other heavier weights that can be bought to increase swing weight beyond the 30g that come with the fairway woods? I just want to say I love these clubs, I hit them so pure and far! 0 Reply Admin Tom Wishon 5 months ago Reply to Corey Christensen COREY Yes, trying to hit a swingweight as high as D6 at the shorter length of 40″ with a 75g shaft is definitely a little outside the range of what adding a full 30g to all the weight bores would allow, so this does not surprise me at all. There is just no way that I can design heads that have enough weight addition capability inside the head to achieve every possible combination of length + shaft weight + swingweight desired. It’s the D6 combined with choosing the shorter of the single length options that pushes it that far outside… Read
  21. I think it depends on where you play. Played the preserve a week ago last Sunday and the greens were in great shape.
  22. you can also post a question on the website and Tom himself answers questions there. wishongolf.com go the to the EQ-NX1 club under designs and you'll find a comments section below.... i'll think you'll find others have asked similar questions and Tom has already answered those questions. I've found the comments sections with Tom's anwers very educational.
  23. If you can ask for hand select lofts to ensure gapping
  24. yes, build to same length
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