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  1. If I go to Honolulu in June, and am staying in Honolulu, considering playing Wailae Club.  Any reason to play it over Royal Hawaiian.  Played Turtle Bay before and likely won't be able to make the trip again this time.  I think I can get on Wailae Club through resort where we are staying.  Is it worth it?  I know the pros play there and it's a Seth Raynor design (although it's be re-worked with hotel there now, and Doak has done recent work).


  2. I saw that as well.

    Going the all-inclusive route.

    I haven't seen it since the renovation.

    Rising tide raises all ships.

    Adds another option to those in the area, to whom $275 compared to a day at Sand Valley, or to Kohler or Erin Hills might be attractive.


    Has anyone played Stevens Point CC since the renovation post pesticide/herbicide court award?

  3. I can speak to the driver being ok at 0" for a velocore blue (ss 100-105, and more of a hitter, but am trying to be smoother), but I, for the first time in a long time, am playing driver at 45" (used to play 43-44").


    I have a velocore blue hybrid shaft  (8-s) built I have yet to build it.


    Was thinking to go un-tipped in a 22 or 19* hybrid built to 39" or so.


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  4. 4 minutes ago, Howard_Jones said:

    Forget the rule of thumb, its only valid for Irons, and most irons need more than 2 grams, while woods is below.

    The woods in question is 43 and 42.50 so its 1.71 and 1.73 grams pr SWP
    1.71 x 6 = 10.26 grams
    1.74 x 6 = 10.44 grams

    Thats why woods is 10 grams appart as average


    thanks for the reminder.

    I knew it was less than 2g/SW points for woods.  



  5. 6 minutes ago, justcallmemoses said:

    Thanks. I think saw before about 10g increments per half inch so was wondering if the 5 wood head weight being light is potentially my struggle with it 


    Typical length difference between 3 and 5 wood would be an inch.  one inch is 6 swingweight point which is 12 g or so (a bit under as grams per inch.

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  6. 37 minutes ago, ldchristopher said:

    Fall Break started for me at 12:30 this afternoon so I got in a round at Harborside. $59 is a fair price, though saying it was saturated is an understatement. The course itself was in very good condition considering the recent rainfall, though there were ponds in a few bunkers. The greens were outstanding. They were completely healed from when they were punched, were stimping at 10, had almost no ball marks, and were extremely smooth. I get a kick out of the different views based on what hole players are on. Walking up the first, there's a decent view of the skyline, while to the left of the third tee box there's a giant freight yard. The ninth stares straight at the port authority structure. More variety than Lost Marsh and slightly less industrial wasteland. 

    I played pretty well, though I didn't have the driver working at all. I just left it in the bag and hit three wood on almost every hole on the back. Ball striking was good (9 fairways and 11 greens) and my wedges were very sharp. Easiest way to keep scores down is to keep the amount of putts down, and I only needed 27. I had three bogies (9, 14, and 16) and two birdies (3 and 18). Shot of the day was my approach on 3. After a 3 wood off the tee I stuck a 54 to 3 feet for an easy bird. 73. 


  7. 1 minute ago, geochitown said:

    So the goal of single length woods based on a length between 40 and 41″ is to increase the % of better shots/better misses with the understanding that is better than having a few shots hit 10-15 yds longer but with more shots overall hit inconsistently.


    This part being the key of Tom's length thoughts about single length fairways


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