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  1. These days I'm happy to call the pro shop when I am faced with a group in front that has a gap in front of them and is playing the "I don't see you behind me, even if you have been on our tail for the last 3 holes." Give the course a chance to sort things out.
  2. Tis' the season. Called The Preserve wanting to book a time for next Wednesday. Thankfully, the considerate pro shop employee let me know they were closed next Tuesday to aerate the greens. He then helped me set up a tee time for Monday. Share the info
  3. Steven’s Point CC is another that got the DuPont settlement money and Craig Haltom (Oliphant golf, Sand Valley, Club at Lac La Belle) worked with them to renovate the golf course
  4. 1 inch of rain up in Libertyville last night, looks like very little down by the airport as evidenced by not much rise in Salt Creek at Irving Park Rd.
  5. yes, quite nice. Barrington area, big pretty clubhouse set high above finishing holes 9 and 18 I’d recommend taking a look at both 9th and 18th greens on backside of clubhouse before your round 9th green has a tricky ridge on it typically course is in great shape and greens can be super speedy there was an issue with homeowners that forced them to shorten the par 4 12th so that hole is a bit iffy, but a fun green 8th hole is super short downhill dogleg right to an elevated shallow green, long is death Th tips are pretty fun at Makray 16th hike is a fun one to at least look at it from the tips Great par 4 with a super tough green and the tee boxes require a longer abs more challenging angle of carry over the pond
  6. Tough course. Enjoy! Beware the tough short par 4's (3rd, 8th and 14th).
  7. I'd recommend Shepherd's but Thunderhawk is good too
  8. I read in a book of his that his home was destroyed in a fire. His wife, Maria, said to him to focus on golf and she would focus on the recovery from the fire. Was the home you worked in the original one or after the fire?
  9. I think they just went through some work with Lohmann on that course never played there but the photos looked nice Arnold Palmer course? Bummer that their staff isn’t more welcoming
  10. Roughly what year was that? In the 80’s? I didn’t play there until 1995
  11. I had heard the sand story before, but not the willow sunset valley went from 29 willows to 2 in their renovation #theygetit
  12. I thought I had purchased one from Golfworks for my Sonoma, but can't recall which one it was. Current Golfworks offerings don't seem to have one, because the OD of the putterhead knob/ID of shaft is 0.350" And you need to have that ID in a straight taper. The ones that are flared won't fit all of the way onto the spud at the end of the putter hosel. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  13. not sure how accurate these two following statements are, but Heard Big Rub sale held up because of soil tests silver lake course sale seems more a sure thing to proceed
  14. some photos/brief discussion of the par 4 15th at Lido from twitter.
  15. dump smell is really only an issue in the case of an easterly wind...
  16. The 2nd gen Thump is a made for shaft, not the aftermarket Thump. The torque values are higher on the 2nd gen.
  17. Good point with Stonewall, same price tier as Thunderhawk. Generally better greens than Thunderhawk in my mind. Nice range. I have played SO quite a bit, and it's up there. Only negatives are the number of forced carries on the front nine from the back tees. Always a good challenge though
  18. photos or grass growing on some of the greens/fairways have appeared on social media in the last couple of weeks
  19. Shepherd's is also less expensive than Thunderhawk. Only knock on Shepherd's is that they don't have a range, while Thunderhawk has an excellent range. If you really want to hit balls before playing at Shepherd's you could stop by the range at the adjacent course, Big Oaks (or something like that).
  20. Shepherd's is in amazing shape. I played 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic. I like Thunderhawk as well, but not as much as Shepherd's Crook. Thunderhawk's greens can be a little hit or miss. Some may not agree, but I think Shepherd's is more walkable than Thunderhawk.
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