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  1. Aldila Rogue Black Hybrid (newer all black version) They offer weights in stiff of 75, 85 and 95. ROGUE® Black Hybrid | ALDILA® I have ordered a few from Tour Shop Fresno
  2. I find it helps to play 5 hybrid at 38.5" closer to 5 iron (modern loft) or 4 iron (classic loft).
  3. 5 hybrid might be 23*, but 24* in Taylormade and 25* in Tour Edge Hybrids. My first iron is a 5 iron (old loft) at 27*.
  4. See sig, 5 hybrid has been in the bag for 5+ years and it's money! Especially good through the rough
  5. maxfli revolution black dots are 0.370 hosel
  6. found a set of these in 115 and will install in some wishon 560 heads. other sets with same heads are DG120 S300 and PX LZ 6.0 Might go for some white ferrules with silver rings for these.
  7. Just remembered another ditty he used to belt out... Rock a bye your BABY! Hi, I'm Harry Schmerler
  8. I'm about to bust out some Harry Schmerler Ford, your singing Ford dealer In the good old summertime, Hi, I'm Harry Schmerler....
  9. Heritage Oaks, where you ALWAYS SAVE MORE MONEY (sorry, Celozzi-Ettleson)
  10. Listened to a short interview by Rory Spears with Rick Jacobson and it appears most of the course redo was to regrass everything, rebuild the greens, lengthen a few holes and pull trees designated by the park district arborists. Maybe they scaled back on course renovation for the clubhouse/driving range/practice area.
  11. best numbers to report would be (if possible): length swingweight head weight shaft weight grip weight
  12. Bumping this useful thread for the following: Anyone have the tip to graphic for the Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Hybrid. For the Blue 8S I have (unknown tipping, but unlikely untipped, likely 1/2") the tip to graphic is 14.25" from the tip (tip trimmed some amount) to the "a" in Fujikura Edit to Add: Response from Fujikura CS, thanks Chad! 15-1/8" to the "a" in Fujikura
  13. I found this on another thread The tip to graphic measurement to the "I" in Tensei is 17 1/2" for Pro Blue Hybrid
  14. Tagging along to ask about tip to graphic on the Pro Blue Hybrid shaft? Anyone?
  15. That's a quality day of golf, nice! Any comments on the greens at both courses? Thanks!!!
  16. Talked with Shepherd's Crook pro shop and they've had less rain up in Zion, it appears. They haven't had to put course on CPO, so that should bode well for rounds in the next few days. Going up there on Saturday, and I'm excited to see the new patio setup. Sounds like they built it out on the east side facing the 9th and 18th holes (of course) and off the south end as well.
  17. A buddy of mine played the Brute and hated it, but then went to play Hawk's Landing and loved it. It looks like Abbey Springs is getting re-worked now by Lohmann-Quitno so that should be nice once it re-opens. I haven't played much in the area, but lots of golf surrounding it.
  18. FYI, 2 inches of rain over the last 3 days up north (Gurnee), so you should be good playing Shepherd's Crook tomorrow, as has been said. My guess is Shepherd's drains better than Thunderhawk, so it's better that you're playing Shepherd's before Thunderhawk. Are you playing 36 tomorrow? or both courses over 2 days.
  19. Hopefully they have the patio open as it appears the inside offerings are limited at the moment. Just pulled this off of dupagegolf Clubhouse Partial Open and Preview.pdf (dupagegolf.com)
  20. 1.75" of rain today at Rt 120 and the Des Plaines River (location of Merit Club, more or less)
  21. let us know. I think last report on this forum was either early this year or last year. Goose droppings and bad bunkers? Hopefully in good shape, because like you, it's been 10+ years for me, and apart from 1, 10 and maybe 13, I had fun there...
  22. I played a Thump fairway that had been tipped 1" in a F 75 stiff in a 4 wood and that was fine flex wise for me. Yours seems to be tipped 1.375"
  23. Older graphics for Thump fairway is 18.125 (18-1/8") tip to "n" in rayon
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