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  1. Thanks for the information. What iron shafts are you gaming now?
  2. I'm enjoying my DG120's in S300 I have the same irons (Wishon 560mc's) built with PX LZ 6.0's but haven't had a chance to hit them. These two shaft options were numbers 1 and 2 from the Mizuno shaft optimizer for me. I do have a set of PXi's in 6.0, but not sure I'll build those. I have to get around to trying the PX LZ 6.0's. WHen I do, I'll report back.
  3. Tour version is $75 upcharge, so I see $400 as the shaft price.
  4. I'm guessing there is a whole protocol to dealing with that kind of extreme heat. I almost got sent to Qatar for a field job (petroleum refining insdustry) in July of 2001, at the last minute my assignment changed to Turkmenistan which was at the most 40C (104F), instead of 50C (122 F). The sensitivity to humidity makes sense in the water on hot rocks in a sauna kind of way.
  5. hard to tell from your ad do you still have the 58 MG2? non Hi-Toe?
  6. golf galaxy at vernon hills has a decent amount of grips. I heard that they were short and expecting a bunch over a month back
  7. If you like to read about courses, this is a good write-up on the Flossmoor work and history of the course... Golf Club AtlasOhlendorf, Greg M. – Flossmoor Country Club | Golf Club Atlas
  8. There was exactly such a list back in the 1920's and Flossmoor's 17th was on it.
  9. Is Island Hills anything like Mistwood? I only ask because I believe Ray Hearn designed both, and also the Flossmoor renovation, which most probably know.
  10. Read about it last year, and saw photos, looks to be a very impressive place.
  11. Ha! Clearly, it's been a while since I've played Maple, probably over 10 years. I've been across the street a lot but not back to Maple. I remember getting a ride on the back of the twosome's cart with whom we played. I was dragging my pushcart behind. In retrospect, it wasn't such a smart move. Sunset Valley tomorrow, can't wait, first round in 2 weeks off.
  12. walk is fine, only longish walk is from the 3rd to 4th through the tunnel under the entrance
  13. Have you tried experimenting with shorter driver length?
  14. I never got along with fairway woods off the deck, so I decided to go 3 hybrids 17, 22 and 25* hybrid 5 iron loft is 27* I figured with all of the hybrids built in the 38-39.5" range, it's easier to hit the ball off the deck, and I get good distance with the 17* hybrid if I need to use it on tighter par 4's (rarely need to) When I carried a 4 wood it was a tee shot only club. On tighter holes, I am now playing a choked up, 3/4 driver swing.. I only play once a week, so it's easier for me to swing the hybrids at <40" compared to my 4 wood at 42"
  15. I should qualify it by saying that if one plays 6400+ then the carries are there. Sure most are manageable, but there are quite a few, hence my post...
  16. For me, the number of forced carries stands out at Stonewall compared to the other two courses. Holes 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. Holes 13, 14 and 16
  17. Only posting to add the following, which you may know already stonewall orchard - Arthur Hills thunderhawk - Robert Trent Jones Jr or II Shepherds crook - Keith Foster (only one without a driving range) Shepherds Crook is a nice course to walk stonewall and thunderhawk are not designed for walking but if course can be walked none of the three have housing on course
  18. I thought that Thunderhawk did not do weddings, but they do, it seems. To each his own.
  19. Great info, thanks for the research and posting that up. I am not a DuPage county resident but rather Lake County. Makes me think about Thunderhawk vs the Preserve, although the Preserve had the big spend to restore Salt Creek and establish the wetlands and raise the golf course elevation. I don't know if Thunderhawk has a similar flood prevention function as does the Preserve with the focus on Salt Creek.
  20. Not really the mission of the forest preserve of Dupage county
  21. The key is the height of salt creek for flooding, abs the new course is playable at approx 12ft while at 10 ft, the previous course was under water (unplayable, course closed). https://waterdata.usgs.gov/il/nwis/uv/?site_no=05531175&PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060
  22. 1.5 inches in the last 7 days northern Libertyville/gurnee at Des Plaines river at 120
  23. In true wrx’er fashion, testing will commence soon with DG120 S300 and PX LZ 6.0
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