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  1. Thanks for those points these were chosen by the optimizer dg120 s300 px LZ 6.0 c-taper lite x Not the recoil 125 proto f4’s though i just have them
  2. I feel you. I am light haired and fair skinned, and 51 years old. Need to resume visits to dermatologist, but I have been very diligent to wear UV sleeves the last 5 years, in addition to a wide brim hat. Recently, I have been using a buff (neck scarf) to protect the front of my neck down to the "v" area that's exposed to the sun typically.
  3. Which wide brim model Nike did you experience that with? You've got me thinking
  4. I'm embarrassed to reply for him, but he got the P790's. He was digging them at the end of last season. That's all I got.
  5. or you could try to play at Club at Lac La Belle
  6. Would anyone know if Wishon's software has these bend profiles? I have the software, but haven't been able to access it. Looking at Mizuno Optimizer results that gave: Don't have the values from the shaft optimizer, but hit 7 iron at 85 mph Dynamic Gold 120 Stiff Project X LZ 6.0 C-Taper Lite 115x want to look at Pxi 6.0 in relation to those... I have Recoil Proto 125 F4 just installed in a 6 iron and hit it for the first time and liked it. Thanks
  7. I got 18-1/8" on my DF 60 S. See this thread
  8. So, in this photo I have both Diamana BF and DF shafts. The BF looks to be at 17-3/16"to the l in Chemical, so that's tipped 1 inch. The DF is at 18-1/8" to the l in Chemical is untipped in my mind. That is if the DF and BF and, maybe by extension, RF and ZF all have the same tip to graphic dimension.
  9. I don't have this particular driver but all of the Tour Edge Drivers with weights are removable and fastened with a screw. Easily changeable to alter swingweight with different playing lengths.
  10. I'm not surprised. I thought that the Pxi were less tip stiff than dynamic gold. Better comparison would be Pxi 6.0 to Modus105 stiff
  11. I've played Arrowhead a handful of times, but that was when I was in Arlington Heights (a co-worked had a permanent tee time for a while). Always seemed to play South to West, and only the last time played South to East. East is a very exacting 9. Not in a hurry to go back there and now with young kids and living further away, it's off the list for the time being.
  12. They built that clubhouse to serve as a community event space (wedding and restaurant). I remember walking up number 9 on the South Course and the guy we were playing with had been on the park district board when that was done, and I commented on the nice view as one crests the hill and sees the green and water front right and the clubhouse behind. He said, thank you.
  13. I've only played Cog #2 once and that was 2011, and it was not in great shape then. There were some interesting holes and nice topography as mentioned, but it was disappointing overall. I used to play #1 and 3 in a work league many moons ago (30 years ago). Now, I'll only travel down (longer trip since I live way up north in Lake County) to play Dubs (of the Cog courses).
  14. I'd probably go play Prairie Bluff in your situation.
  15. I don't think that would have worked for mine. I guess one would have to cool the adapter tip and not the head. Sounds difficult The mechanical solution was best for me, to be able to get a long threaded bolt onto the adapter and then be able to thread it all of the way in and then pop it with a hammer, that's what I did.
  16. Schaumburg has done a nice renovation of their facility recently that might be worth trying if you haven't played it.
  17. Glad I found this thread. I have had this issue even with adapters purchased from Tour Edge for the EXS and EXS220.
  18. Just have the head now...
  19. IF you talk to Kyle at Bastain Milled he has made face-balanced blades in his BM-007 head. BM-007 Short Slant Prototype | Bastain Milled
  20. You could have gone to watch the korn ferry boys battle the elements at Glen Club
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