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  1. [quote name='Fore_Man' timestamp='1329914727' post='4348767'] [quote name='chrisbellaire' timestamp='1329881602' post='4347151'] I thought the shaft label on original 8802's was green [/quote] I believe you are correct. An original has a different grip, too. This appears to be similar to the one I sold last week, which my buyer dated as 1980's reproduction model. Still a great putter, but may want to consider looking into it more before claiming it's an original because 2 things suggest that it is not. [/quote] Sorry guys, I didnt know it was a reproduction!
  2. turn off the lights and get readyFor Sale - I am selling a few of my most treasured putters. These putters are in the best condition you will find anywhere. Make me an offer if you want one. Enjoy! I will consider ALL offers, if you want something just make me one. Extreme price drops! Trying to get rid of this stuff! 1. Cleveland "Designed By" BeCu -This is an ultra rare 1988-1989 vintage Cleveland "Designed By" Beryllium Copper. The Designed By was a tribute to the famous Wilson Arnold Palmer designed by, and is still thought to be the best copy ever made. This BeCu example is very rare, thought to be one of 500 made for a very short time. This putter is in amazing condition, it has the original fluted shaft, it is 33 inches with a brand new red iomic grip. $300 obo 2. Cleveland "Designed By" Gunmetal -Rare Cleveland Designed by Ben Crenshaw putter. It has Fluted shaft with new Leather round putter grip. -Head is brand new old stock, not re-chromed. There are very minor scratches from being in storage. Ben Crenshaw also won the 1984 Masters with a Cleveland blade putter, not his trusty 8802 "Little Ben." The Cleveland blade belonged to his manager. Ben promptly returned the putter to his friend after his victory in 1984 and went back to his 8802. The Cleveland blade he used to win in 1995 was a different putter (same model though) than the one he used in 1984. Since he won his two majors with a Cleveland putter instead of the 8802, it makes you wonder why he didn't stick with the Cleveland....Timeless design. If you like the Wilson 8802, the Cleveland Ben Crenshaw or Designed By Cleveland Classic from the late '80s to '90s is difficult to beat. Soft feel and great classic eye appeal. This putter is 33 inches and has a brand new ping blackout grip (yes the same one tiger uses) This putter is BRAND NEW $200 obo 3. John Byron "Dale Head" Anser Style -This beautiful putter at this point as a collector's item is practically 1 of a kind. This putter is pretty much in mint condition. It has been put with only a couple of times on the living room floor. This is a highly collectible item and has the Original Grip on it. -Something you might not realize if you have seen other john byron/byron morgan putters is that this putter is Milled! Not aftermarket, OEM Milled! This putter is truly amazing and is literally amazing. The feel is incredible :) The milling is a fine mill like the best scotty camerons. This is very similar to a scotty 009. 35 inches, 100% original. $300 obo 4. The Original Wilson 8802 Blade Putter -This is the real deal. This is the original 8802 in literally mint condition. Released in the 1960's, you know it's the real deal because it has the original grip with the original HEAD SPEED SHAFT! If you don't know about this shaft it is widely considered to be one of the best if not the best feeling putter shaft ever made. -This putter if you can't tell from the pictures is in mint pristine condition. You won't find another one like this and if you want it I would suggest not to wait for if you know about these napa style putters they don't EVER come around in this condition. This is the real deal. This putter is BRAND NEW. Seriously, it still has the 35 inches sticker on the shaft. $120 obo 5. Ping Anser 3 Manganese Bronze -This putter is likely a prototype. I really have no clue what it is. What I can tell you is that the face and oxidized portion looks manganese bronze. The only problem is that ping told me they didn't make a manganese bronze anser 3! -This putter came from a collection of 300, ALL OF THE ORIGINAL MODELS! This putter is most likely not aftermarket (imo). If you know anything about this model please help me! If you want to buy it make me an offer! Thanks for looking! $150
  3. 1. Almost all of the tour issue driver shafts i have seen are .350 not .335. This in itself tells you they are not just "painted differently. 2. If you test a real deal against a made for you will see that they are not the same. The real deal is consistent, i have an aldila nv shaft in my 5 wood. This shaft is tour issue x, I have hit many nvs before, they are all pretty much garbage except this one. This shaft may not be higher quality but it plays at a higher stiffness than the rack xstiff model. This shaft is also more stable at impact, most likely because of the extra stiffness or lower torque. 3. If you take 2 tour issue shafts such as the 2 iverx shafts i have they are exactly the same! They feel the same and produce the same distance. If you take 2 off the rack shafts you will get different results, which tells me the qc is not as good as with the tour issue equipment. Summary: The only real difference between off the rack and tour issue is QC. The tour stiffness is generally a bit stiffer than off the rack but its because of QC. I have a fujikura speeder made for titleist and it plays about the same as a tour issue prototype speeder I have. I think the major difference is the quality and you can tell if you have hit enough shafts and have the swing speed to load them all.
  4. I feel like nobody knows how to hit the ball flush... I play cg1 black pearls and I love them. I have played hogans and nike blades before these. I tried the Adams CB1's and i personally think that I haven't hit a better overall club possibly in all my life. They are somewhat forgiving, more so obviously than any blade, with the feel of an angel. I love these irons, if you know how to hit the ball flush and you like me like to work the ball a lot then these are the best out there. If you don't appreciate the feel from these irons i promise you don't know what flush feels like. The only problem i have is the PX's, I would far prefer the kbs or x100's. For me the PX's go way to high but I still think these are probably the best irons on the market right now. Adams is a serioulsy underated company I found out and I am very happy with their line and specifically these irons. These things look like blades at address, not many cavities can say that.
  5. Joe, I was wondering if you have heard of a fujikura prototype 70x and had specs? The shaft is in an old tm 320ti tour issue i have. Thanks! -Cliff
  6. Thanks for the reply but i obviously wouldn't be asking if i didn't have any scientific knowledge of how to do it. I did it last week by putting a sulfamic acid and rock salt compund on it. It worked overnight, indoors. then i put it outside and got some real color. Its pretty tight, I'd reccommend it to you if you have a becu putter, its pretty tight.
  7. I just recently purchased a Ping Anser 2 BeCu Putter. I am thinking of turning it green liek the copper on home siding (see pic). I have 3 questions I am looking to get answered: 1. Will it work? What chemical should I use? 2. Will it look good/cool? 3. Will it effect playability ( I will not oxidize face as this would be bumpy)
  8. I'm suprised that nobody has gotten the picture yet actually. When you hit these "pure shots" with lets say a 5 iron or a 4 iron does the ball bore or does it rise? A rising shot has A LOT of back spin but when it pushes against the air it rises and then the spin dies. As the ball comes in it will not spin back or stop, it comes in with no spin and like a rock and goes forward throug hthe green. You need to swing with your hands not so far in front of the ball. If you can't do that then you need to work on learning to swing less steep. A common misconception is that the harder you strike down the more the ball spins and thats how you can spin it back. The real way to spin the ball back is to kind of cut down on it and straight into the turf, this pinches it against the turf and the ball comes out at the right boring trajectory and spins back when it hits the ground. Why don't you try playing the ball forward like hogan says. Play the ball 3 balls off of your left heel, this is with 7-pw. When you do that it should even you out and make it so that you can't punch so hard down on the ball. In reference to people claiming that higher swing speed means that you have more spin, this is not true. You need "enough" swing speed(over 90) to spin the ball back but whether you do it is all dependent on technique. Spinning a ball, or the more skillful ability to not spin the ball, is all about technique. Remember, as long as you keep playing with your hands so far forward you will never have control over the flight or the spin. Learn to control your swing and then the speed will come with an efficient swing. Don't forget, though people offer quick fixes they will only compound your problem. Start with a solid setup and go from there. Go buy hogans 5 lessons and read it cover to cover then you will understand why setup is the most important part of a good golf game.
  9. I recently switched from ben hogan apex plus irons with stiff shafts. I played a lot of irons before arriving at these and let me tell you the hogan apex plus are great clubs. The cg1 black pearl are just the best clubs out there. I was using stiff shafts in my hogans and i switched to xstiff in the bp's. At first i was very frustrated with distance and weight and ballooning like everybody else says but these clubs are a learning process. I am a scratch golfer and i shoot about even or under on most average courses. It took me 2 weeks to understand these clubs. This metal is truly different than anything i've ever used. The sweet spot is small and the sole is sharp. After practicing and adjusting to the unforgiveness of these blades i hit golf balls better than ever before. I tried bot hthe cg1's and the cg1 black pearl's before choosing the bp's. They are less forgiving but more workable. The consistency of the spin will blow your mind. The clubs do exactly what your swing tells them to. If you swing badly the club will not do what you want but if you hit a 5 yard cut the clubs will cut 5 yards every time. One thing i like about these clubs is the teajectory control. If you try to knock it down very little distance is lost because of the spin control. I would highly reccommend these clubs to anybody who cares about shot shaping and striking but doesn ot care about foregiveness. The best part of the set is the pitchign wedge as its spin makes it versatile and can be substituted as a gap wedge with a 75% swing.
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