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  1. Come to think of it his philosophy is eerily similar to the hands control pivot I’m debating now. I think it’s a great way to become a short knocker. You are interrupting the chain right in the middle. In terms of the golf swing that is, not saying you’re interrupting the debate!
  2. Yes!!! He would have cried for at least 12 months when secret in the dirt finished up. Would have been like his local church burnt down.
  3. I get notified when there is a response. Easily, you can do it with your feet, you can do it with your hips, your stomach, your lats, your shoulders, your elbows. You pinch TGM terms but don’t understand the alternatives to hands controlled pivot. You get a much better radius with passive hands and forearms than active. Pretty basic stuff. As for me not having a clue, I’ve posted my swing, where’s yours? You talk a big game. Let’s see it. If you think Hogan is simple you don’t understand the man, less his swing.
  4. His book had viral threads on a few forums for a while. I think it’s similar to the Moe Norman fans who worship anything Todd Graves puts on the market.
  5. Now we’re taking a Gerry Hogan turn in here. Can’t be worse than be the ball evolutionary hands controlled pivot.
  6. You’re funny. Nuts. Not many well read guys muck up their you’re.
  7. Absolutely it would. I’ve been studying over time what each of his inner circle has said without necessarily “Hogan said...” at the start of it. They all have a lot of common features. Venturi, Bolt and a few others spoke about their weak left hand, using the feet and knees (narrow the gap). Gardner Dickinson and Jackie Burke spoke about striping it with the right side against the weak left hand. Burke talks about feeling like your arm is coming out of its socket. You don’t see the extreme long right arm on swings now. Computer says be neat and symmetrical. Leadbetter says use legs for resist
  8. That Jackie Burke quote describes what I mean by throwing but without the thumb and forefinger. It’s like a blocked throw, to first base. Bill Melhorn described it as a forehand to the right side of the court from the left.
  9. Secret(s). He had a great swing. He worked tirelessly at it and had a lot of very interesting ideas he shared with friends. The “secret” was a fad created by the media. If you think his book and Coleman is enough then good for you. He didn’t write his books for high level players. Yes the fundamentals are important but when he and his closest friends discuss the swing it’s more nuanced than those books. He said many times to friends don’t help other players not in their circle. He wasn’t the type of guy that would give away his life’s work. The letters he wrote to friends weren’t 5 les
  10. So you keep saying. Yet you keep coming back. You need to see your therapist so you don’t keep walking straight into a mess involuntarily. I feel for you.
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