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  1. Sitting in the Bollinger text at Turnberry watching Tom Watson almost win the Open...
  2. Yes ! TaylorMade M4 10.5 Graphite Design DI6 Black S flex I loved my old V steel and really want to check out the new updated model Of course !
  3. I loved my V steel ! Played it for at least 10 years. Excited to give this one a hit
  4. This year I’ve been super mellow and haven’t changed the clubs much at all. But I’m getting the new year started off well with a new set of irons.
  5. That BeCu Tyne looks sick. I would auto buy a heel shafted one !
  6. > @Mitchell said: > Zach, > Glad to see the old 07 burner tp 17.5* still in starting line up, I may have a bias towards that particular club? It’s a truly a great club. Unless it breaks it’ll be in my bag
  7. Looks great but no way in hell could I put with a Bears putter ?
  8. Well I’m pretty Sean designed the Spider when he was taylormade ...
  9. > @pdaero said: > So, is this like a new and improved BB? I believe so
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