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  1. TaylorMade UDI is the best. The Cobra is also very good.
  2. I’ve got a taylormade 1UDI. Great club off the tee ! I also have a 2, 3, and 4 lol.
  3. Man that Tyne slant neck is sick ! I’m confused because I’ve seen both answers. Tour only or available for custom order ?
  4. My old 5 wood is easily my favorite club in the bag. I love that thing
  5. Copper Ping eye 2 TaylorMade 300 Bridgestone J’s professional weapons
  6. Very cool. I love my IZ’s as well. I’ve got one in the my driver and 3 wood
  7. This is a very difficult post for me. This summer I lost one of my very best friends. Like best men in each other’s Weddings type of friend. He was a OG member here and a serious club ho. This was his putter that was gifted to me. Today I used it for the time, and on the first hole first putt I ever hit with it I sunk a nice snake 12 footer for bird for him! ?. Took these pics right after I made it. Long story short if you are struggling with your mental health please reach out and talk to someone who can help...
  8. Brandon, Thanks for taking the time to write that . Your game has come a long way ! I know it’s hard with a young family but keep working hard. I always look forward to checking out your bag when you come ?
  9. That’s a great question! I would say my all time favorite wedge was a copper ping eye2 L wedge. But I hate/ don’t get along with current ping wedges at all. I really liked the taylormade tour preferred 58 with the atv grind for some reason. Of the new stuff I like the cobra trusty rusty, Vokey’s or Cleveland’s
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