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  1. I’ve had a leather one for about 20 years and the Nylon one. I would say the nylon is definitely worth the money. It’s a great bag that I’d highly recommend. The leather Walkers are cool but pretty pricey now. If money matters give the nylon a try
  2. I Agree. The First shot I hit with the 58 I holed a crazy flop shot over a bunker to a tucked pin ?
  3. The one on the far right looks pretty good !
  4. Any new additions? Which new releases are you most interested in ?
  5. I was hoping for one as well. It seems Cameron is more concerned with his collector market than retail... I wonder how much market share Toulan Is going to take from him this year .
  6. I’ve always liked Ping fairway woods since they have a lower profile than most. The G400 is the shallowest yet and sits very flat on the ground making it easy to hit off the fairway. I struggle with fairway woods that have a deep/tall face off the turf. This bad boy is like cheating off the ground. Cool. I’ll check one out. I’m always looking for a good 3 wood
  7. Man that’s crazy ! I’m still playing at 44”
  8. None of this year’s club releases really excite me except for Sean’s Vegas. The more I look at it the more I want to order a slant neck.
  9. Marketing period. With the amount of posts I’m surprised with the response. I guess... IMO it could confuse people more than it helps
  10. Sorry off topic.... why do they change color schemes every year ? I’m not a marketing expert, but it makes no sense to me !
  11. I’m not sure if I really enjoyed that or pissed I watched the whole thing lol
  12. We need to get some sort of like button on your WITB posts. Or at least a :-). You are correct on that Ed because Zach and Buzzkill contribute so much great stuff to the forum in addition to being Mods Thanks STU. I appreciate that ! Ed love yuh brother
  13. Needed this like a hole in head. barrel find...
  14. Sorry if it’s been answered already but I can’t it. Are 845 irons legal or no? Thanks Zach
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