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  1. It has been a while since I have sold anything on here but I have a few putters that I never use and a hat that doesn't fit my head to sell. I may be open to trades for other putters, especially mallets (can go + or - cash either way), so let me know. If any prices seem out of line feel free to make an offer. All prices include shipping. First up is a Mizuno Bettinardi Black Carbon BC2. This was my gamer for a few years, it has a little bit of finish wear on the bottom and a few small marks. It is 35 inches and has a pretty fresh Lamkin crossline. I do not have the headcover. I am loo
  2. I tried to pm about the Vokeys, but it says you can't receive messages. Please pm when you see this.
  3. Hey everyone, I am looking to sell a Tour AD DI 6s. It came in a 4 wood from Callaway preowned. I changed the grip, used it for a while and had it professionally pulled. Since I changed the grip, I can verify that there is no extension under the grip. The grip is a blue Golf Pride whiteout with the golf pride opposite the graphics. The shaft measures just a hair under 41.5. I am looking for 125 shipped.
  4. I have some stuff I am looking to move pretty quickly to pay for the Buttonback I bought. I am open to offers, but not really looking for trades. First is a gamed TEi3 Newport. There is some rust and a few small dings, but still rolls the ball very well. It is 35 inches with the original grip (I believe), which still feels pretty good. $150 Next is a Taylormade Fontana Ghost. There is some wear on this one also, got it in a trade and can't putt with it. 34 inches, comes with the headcover, and the grip is in great shape. No clue how to price this: $60
  5. Today I am selling a Gauge Design putter. As much as I enjoy the way it feels and looks I just can't putt with it. It is 34 inches long. I have not seen many Gauge Putters for sale, so I am not too sure what its worth. I will list it for $100 obo shipped, and may take trades for another putter, driver, 3 wood shaft, or towards a rangefinder. I am open to adding money if you have a trade worth more.
  6. I'd recommend Totteridge, its about 40 minutes from the city. I'd also take Lindenwood, Quicksilver, and Cranberry Highlands over Three Lakes, Moon, and Meadowink.
  7. I was told that Scratch would not have the shafts until Wednesday (Yesterday - March 13), which was 14 business days after I ordered my clubs. On K59 it said the clubs would ship in 10-14 business days, but there was no way that was going to happen. I am starting to get nervous about this purchase after reading the Scratch thread.
  8. Has anybody else that ordered a set from this deal heard anything from Scratch or K59?
  9. I am looking to move this stuff quickly. Feel free to make cash offers. Prices include paypal and shipping. First is a set of Adams Pro Gold 3-P heads only. I was told this set was made for Chad Campbell and they have the trailing edge ground down. There is some rust that could be removed on the trailing edge. I am looking for 100 shipped. Sold Next is a set of Mizuno mp67 4-P. These have been used heavily and have some sweet spot wear in 7-P, but are still great irons. They also have bag wear associated with a soft forged set that has been used a lot. They have Project X 6.0 s
  10. Do you have any more pictures of the Scotty, such as topline pictures or any pictures of any dings or imperfections?
  11. Makena is one of my favorite courses on the island, I also enjoy the Dunes. Make sure to eat a burger at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina.
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