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  1. Hi guys, anyone have a new KBS CT Tour putter shaft in matte black with a .370 tip? Thanks, John
  2. Hi guys, looking for: -Stock Titleist driver shaft in S flex (preferably the ones that came stock with the TS or TSi drivers). Please let me know the playing length and condition, -Circle T Scotty Cameron putter grip (the thin pistolini grip preferably). Thanks!
  3. Great looking putter and paint fill. Props on making the jump to customizing the less-pretty original color scheme haha
  4. Looking for a brand new raw diamana zf60 in s-flex if anyone has one, or one that has been tipped 0.5-1” with a TM tip on it in like-new condition. Thanks
  5. Looking for new Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Newport 2 33” putter (with the 40g weights).
  6. 1. Taylormade OG Sim driver 10.5 head — used only for a couple weeks to test between a few driver heads. Face and crown is in like-new condition. Including additional rear weight if you like heavier swing weight. Note: Brush marks on sole by the speed injected rubber area are just material from the driving range mat and can be rubbed off. $250 shipped OBO SOLD 2. Mitsubishi Diamana D-limited 60TX shaft with TM tip, plays 45” in the Sim driver. $240 shipped OBO 3.Golf buddy voice 2 SE, new in box. $SOLD
  7. I don’t think they’re compatible
  8. Yup, 4” from Raw tip to “E”. That doesn’t include the extra length of the adapter tip.
  9. Finished building it (specs below), but haven't had the chance to practice/play it much because there were a few member-guests and fun events and I didn't want to risk shi**** the bed. -I put the Super Stroke wrist-lock grip on it (feedback: I wish they made one with a more aggressive wrist bulge since this one still has my arm needing a lot more forward press). -Put in 40g weights instead which makes the head feel a lot better (with the 10g weights it was too light for arm-lock). -Playing around with different lie angles... currently at 75* lie angle (more upright) for a more "bryson-like" putting style, for a more straight arm type putting. -I currently have it with 5* loft, but the roll I'm getting on the home carpet seems to be too much loft without having to forward press... going to deloft it 1 more degree if possible but might be difficult getting this to bend much more.
  10. Clearing out some clubs to make space for additional clubs in the garage. Serious offers only. 1. Kyoei prototype MB 4-pw — they have DG Tour Issue x100 AMT (soft stepped once), Can also send with the Project X 6.0 shafts(uninstalled, std length) with new Psold 2. PXG 0341X gen 2 7 wood 21* - Diamana S70 Limited X flex; plays 42”. Shaft is new hit only a few times. $175 obo shipped 3. Srixon zx7 4 and 5 iron - played only a few rounds. Sold 4. Taylormade Sim Ti 5 Wood 19* - Fujikura Pro 2.0 7x, plays 42.5” $Sold 5. Diamana BF70 TX shaft only with TM tip (plays 42.5” in a TM sim 5w) Sold 6. Titleist 818 H1 hybrid 19*. - Tour AD DI-85X Sold
  11. What’s the verdict? 5x for a 46” build or a 6x? Any test results so far guys?
  12. Sharing some of my experience and notes for anyone looking for some data points: Just installed my SuperStroke Wrist Lock grip today—there’s definitely no “added length” to the grip. After tinkering a few times, I cut my 38” armlock putter down to 37” and installed the grip (ended up playing 37 3/8” installed). the putter head is 395g and feels okay, might drop in another 10g of weight to see if it feels better. I had the grip play like an “arm lock” (instead of the SS recommended “wrist lock” which only extends about 3 inches into the wrist) so that there’s less forward press (I couldn’t get used to the amount of forward press in a standard Scotty Cameron stock dual balance armlock putter grip previously). With my right hand low, my index finger goes to the very bottom edge of the grip, and this setup is not too drastically different from my normal 33.5” putter that I usually game. My armlock Scotty is set to 5.5 of loft degrees currently and I’m getting good roll at home—will follow up on how it rolls out on the course. Hope this is helpful to anyone else looking to build one. It would play too short if I just dropped this grip into my 33.5” putter... and the “bulge” wouldn’t really secure against the wrist unless I choked down 3 inches to use the “wrist lock method” as intended. Maybe I have skinny wrists and someone with more muscles might find it different.
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