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  1. Just wanted to follow-up and share what I found. Contrary to popular belief, not all Scottys use 0.355 tip diameter shafts. The Select Newport 2 Mid (anchor putter) uses a 0.370–just pulled the shaft off one of the heads before sending it in and measured the tip.
  2. THanks MattM97! Do you know if the single bend shaft will create the same offset?
  3. Hi guys, I've been trying to search all over the internet on whether or not a KBS CT Tour putter shaft will fit the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Mid single bend putter (I would want it playing at 35" and not the original belly putter length), and my Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback. Both putters have a 3/4 shaft offset, and I just wanted to switch it to have a black finish on the shaft. Scotty Cameron custom shop won't do it since it's against their "restore to original" policy, and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience reshafting these types of putters
  4. Very stable, aligns great (better than operator for me), and I really liked it with the double bend
  5. Just tried out the new Bat Attack Battle Ready today: the sight line and dot is a great combo. I like how I can focus on the dot for lag puts for more speed feel, but still line it up on short putts to bang it in.
  6. So cool TM is on the thread and replying!
  7. Thanks. That seems to align with my experience as well.
  8. Would love to hear how the 0211 irons feel compared to the 0311T if you happen to know. Thanks!
  9. Just got a shortgame lesson at my club with the pro who played on the PGA tour My setup: PW (46), 50, 55, 60, (optional 64 when I don't play 5w) He had me go on Trackman to do the Combine test where you get points for proximity to hole hitting my 50,*55*,60* wedges at the following distances: 50, 55,60 (usually about club head feeling like taking back to 3 o'clock for me), 70, 75, 80 (usually about hands feeling like taking back to 3 o'clock for me) 100, 115, 125 (3/4 swing) As someone who rarely practices and mostly just goes out to play, I feel l
  10. Hi GolfWRXers and MB connoisseurs, Anyone have tried hitting Kyoei prototype MB (or their other blade) and/or the Miura 101 MB? I have hit neither but trying to get some opinion out there from good iron players on which is more "soft" and "solid" feeling. I've tried to dig through everything that people have written on Kyoei Prototype MBs, but there's not much out there. I have so many questions... like is the S25C (1025 carbon steel) as soft or softer feeling than 1020 carbon steel from say Nike Forged Blades or Ben Hogan Icons? A little bit of background
  11. These are so nice, the irons are so clean looking. They’re exactly what I’m looking for haha! How can I get a set and can someone shed some light on ballpark pricing per head
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