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  1. Wanted to buy a Ventus Red (velocore version) 7x shaft to put in fairway. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, looking for 2 Fujikura fairway wood shafts: either a Fujikura Pro 2.0 7x or the Fujikura tour spec 7x fairway wood shaft. 3w or 5w length would be fine. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, looking for a set of pulls Of Dynamic Gold True Temper Elevate Tour X-stiff shafts to put in to try for a set of irons in building. Good condition, don’t need the grips. also if you happen to have a fujikura pro 2.0 tour spec 7x / regular (non-tour spex) 7x version for sale, let me know. The diamana shafts in my 3w/5w/7w have been giving me some left misses lately and I’ve been demoing the fujikura pro 2.0 shafts in my woods and they seem to give me what I want (never tried the Ventus) thanks! -John
  4. Thanks. That seems to align with my experience as well.
  5. Would love to hear how the 0211 irons feel compared to the 0311T if you happen to know. Thanks!
  6. Just got a shortgame lesson at my club with the pro who played on the PGA tour My setup: PW (46), 50, 55, 60, (optional 64 when I don't play 5w) He had me go on Trackman to do the Combine test where you get points for proximity to hole hitting my 50,*55*,60* wedges at the following distances: 50, 55,60 (usually about club head feeling like taking back to 3 o'clock for me), 70, 75, 80 (usually about hands feeling like taking back to 3 o'clock for me) 100, 115, 125 (3/4 swing) As someone who rarely practices and mostly just goes out to play, I feel l
  7. Hi GolfWRXers and MB connoisseurs, Anyone have tried hitting Kyoei prototype MB (or their other blade) and/or the Miura 101 MB? I have hit neither but trying to get some opinion out there from good iron players on which is more "soft" and "solid" feeling. I've tried to dig through everything that people have written on Kyoei Prototype MBs, but there's not much out there. I have so many questions... like is the S25C (1025 carbon steel) as soft or softer feeling than 1020 carbon steel from say Nike Forged Blades or Ben Hogan Icons? A little bit of background
  8. These are so nice, the irons are so clean looking. They’re exactly what I’m looking for haha! How can I get a set and can someone shed some light on ballpark pricing per head
  9. Putter does look different from that angle. If anyone has any updates please share. Thanks!
  10. Does someone know definitively whether Lamkin UTX or GP Z cords last longer?
  11. Yessssss I agree. Or black
  12. Wow had no idea! Thanks for the news. TM didn’t need him anyway they’re so stacked with big hitters lol
  13. I’ve been using this for 10 years and haven’t lost my range finder yet: Nikon Recon Gear Retractable Rangefinder Tether https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000JJGY7A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_xnu5Fb8FQZGJG
  14. I always thought pureing a high end shaft is not necessary since you’re already paying the premium for the QC and I just like my graphics down.
  15. I put my 3w shaft (Diamana BF 70x) in my Sim 5w head and had the swing weight to about D2, and cut the shaft down to 5w length... plays fine. I had to put some counterbalance lead tape under the grip though. I ordered another Diamana BF 70TX to try and tip it to 5w suggestion instead to compare
  16. @wgsmit02 Do you still have it? PM me if you do. Mine just broke and I need a new one
  17. Yea from my experience with trackman indoors if there’s not enough runway for the ball to fly and the radar to track... it’s not too accurate
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