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  1. Enjoy it, I really like mine.....smallish traditional head, easy to hit and quite long, I have the 16.5* 4 wood.
  2. hang on to them, endo forged blade like cavity backs, timeless design, those are the only irons i will not sell, still use them on rotation, truly great forged CBs IMO.
  3. those are real, you probably just got a set not made in japan. the usa release of the 747 series did not have made in japan etchings, i had a 747 455 driver and it was very solid, not made in japan, i think assembled in taiwan with honma QC standards.
  4. i am curious too especially with the irons and wedges....where's the sweet spot?
  5. I replaced a Honma TW 755 driver with the TR20 460 and I am starting to love it. Have to get used to the bigger profile but for me, it is longer and much more forgiving. Liked it so much, bought the matching 4 wood and hybrid.
  6. So I also weighed my old Bridgestone J33 CB Irons 3-PW with Nippon NS Pro 950GH steel shafts and they seem more consistent in progression, see below PW to 3 Iron. The question is, can a mid handicap golfer like me really benefit from properly weighted irons or is it negligible? P - 446 9- 440 8- 431 7 -424 6- 415 5- 408 4-403 3-397
  7. Thanks, these are total weights (grip, shaft and head) so they are light. Will look into the swingweight scale, thanks. I used my wife's kitchen cooking weighing scale, lol.
  8. So I weighed my graphite shafted irons and they seem to be askew. I wonder how to fix this and what is the weight progression from PW to 3 irons? Lead tape on heads in various increments? Thanks. Current total weights in grams: P - 411 9 - 410 8 - 398 7 - 399 6 - 386 5 - 387 4 - 394 3 - 373
  9. My Bridgestone J33 CB irons from 2006 or 2007.
  10. Never got to try the TS 202 but heard great thing about it.
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