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  1. Apparently, they were designed by veteran golf club designer Jeff Sheets. I am glad I kept my 3-PW set of 600Cs. See below about the Snake Eyes 600C from his website: Model: 600B/C/XC Irons Material/Mfg: Billet Forged S45C Carbon Steel with Nickel/Chrome Plating Introduction: 2004 This series of three irons was my first forging project to work on for Golfsmith. All of my forging programs to date had been exclusive to Endo Manufacturing in Japan but this new project was orchestrated through Charles Su at VirageTech in ChengDu, China. I
  2. No offense intended but I guess some designs just get recycled and there is really not much improvement in forged cavity back iron design in the last 15 years. When I first saw the 2019 Mizuno MP 18 SC, it definitely reminded me of my old 2005 Snake Eyes 600C.
  3. Poll closed. Thanks. 1. Ping 2. Taylor Made 3. Titleist
  4. Poll closed. Thanks. 1. Ping 2. Titleist 3. Callaway
  5. Poll closed. Thanks. 1. Vokey Titleist 2. Cleveland 3. Ping
  6. Poll Closed. Thanks. 1. Scotty Cameron 2. Odyssey 3. Ping Apologies if your putter brand was not mentioned, apparently a lot of us are playing OTHER brands.
  7. Poll closed after 2 weeks. Thanks. 1. Mizuno 2. Ping 3. Srixon
  8. Poll closed after 10 days. Thanks. 1. Taylor Made 2. Srixon 3. Titleist
  9. I keep it simple (sort of). Controlling trajectory and distance, I basically have three shots I practice with a 58, 52 and a PW off 3 different lies (tight, lush and rough). 1. Square face shot that has forward spin. 2. Open club face with back spin. 3. A shot off the toe that's hit like a putt. All I am trying to do is hit it pure all the time with these 3 clubs/shots/lies.
  10. Are the soles on the XP-1 irons thick like the Honma TW-X for example? Thanks again.
  11. How do you like the TE EXS 220 4 Hybrid? I believe that's the one you are referring to with a mini-fairway look. Thanks.
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