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  1. Experimenting with hollow forged distance irons, Honma TW-X 5-11 irons with NS Pro Modus3 Tour 105 shafts.
  2. OP here. Thanks for the replies. Got a great deal on Ebay for a mint set of the Honma TW-X so I am excited to see how they play and feel. Having said that, I will probably go back to my old trusty Bridgestone J33 CBs.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before. Seems like the hot trend in irons now are forged hollow body muscle back irons, how good are they? Compare forgiveness, feel and length with forged players CBs please. Which one is your favorite? TM P790, Honma TW-W X, Mizuno MP 20 HMB, Ping i500 and others?
  4. Thanks for sharing. I am wondering about the Honma TW-X hollow forged irons. Do you have any feedback on these irons? Feel, forgiveness, distance and looks?
  5. I played J40 CBs for a while and they were great. Currently playing Miura CB 57 and they are very good but a week ago I went back to my old trusty 2007? Bridgestone J33 CBs and they are back in the bag...For some reason, I hit them better than the 2015 Miura CB 57 and all the newer forged CBs I have tried (Srixon, Mizuno, Honma, etc.). I would just reshaft the J40 CBs and get the loft/lie adjusted to your specs......
  6. If you are still playing 10+ year old irons, what are they? Been playing badly lately with new Honma TW 737V CB irons so I decided to bring out my old Bridgestone J33 CBs from 2007 I believe. Playing the worst golf right now so I figure I got nothing to lose. Instead of going forward, I am going backward and hopefully, the J33 CBs bring back some of the old good play.
  7. Thanks for the replies, very helpful. I also just learned of Honma's new TR 21 fairway woods, compact/traditional head and they have a 16.5. https://www.honmagolf.com/sea/product-details/7322
  8. I am thinking the Tour Edge EXS fairway woods but are there others? Thanks.
  9. my son learned to play with very compact forged cavity backs (snake eyes 600c) but with graphite shafts, i believe it taught him to find the sweet spot....his next set when he played high school varsity golf were TM RAC LTs and he said they were so easy to hit compared to the small cbs that it was like cheating....he is 27 now and hardly plays but his 3rd iron set are the mizuno mp 62s which he got when they first came out (almost 10 years ago?) with tt dg s300 shafts...i love watching him hit balls with those irons, high and long....but having said that, the best investment i made regarding h
  10. Bridgestone J33 CBs and Miura CB 57s if you have a decent iron game, they are almost blade like. I played them for years and still have them but am using Honma TW 737V CBs right now, a bit more forgiving.
  11. I use an 18* 5 wood followed by a 22* and 25* hybrid, then 6 iron to PW. Driver, 52 and 58 wedges and a putter round up a 12 club bag...May change the 5 wood to a 16.5-17* 4 wood.
  12. Honma advertises the Be Zeal 535 driver as the club for average golfers, between the Tour World for better players and their Beres line. Any feedback on this driver? Thanks.
  13. What is your current gamer putter? - Slighter Custom How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? - Better feel for lag putts. What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? - 11S at 33.5" If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? - Yes
  14. Thanks Golfwrx for all you do and the efforts to improve this site. Easier access to NEW POSTS?
  15. Reviving a 10 year old thread. Most of the new TM, Callaway and Ping drivers are at 45.75" . Is this the new trend? What is the length of your latest driver?
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