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  1. Enjoy it, I really like mine.....smallish traditional head, easy to hit and quite long, I have the 16.5* 4 wood.
  2. hang on to them, endo forged blade like cavity backs, timeless design, those are the only irons i will not sell, still use them on rotation, truly great forged CBs IMO.
  3. those are real, you probably just got a set not made in japan. the usa release of the 747 series did not have made in japan etchings, i had a 747 455 driver and it was very solid, not made in japan, i think assembled in taiwan with honma QC standards.
  4. i am curious too especially with the irons and wedges....where's the sweet spot?
  5. I replaced a Honma TW 755 driver with the TR20 460 and I am starting to love it. Have to get used to the bigger profile but for me, it is longer and much more forgiving. Liked it so much, bought the matching 4 wood and hybrid.
  6. So I also weighed my old Bridgestone J33 CB Irons 3-PW with Nippon NS Pro 950GH steel shafts and they seem more consistent in progression, see below PW to 3 Iron. The question is, can a mid handicap golfer like me really benefit from properly weighted irons or is it negligible? P - 446 9- 440 8- 431 7 -424 6- 415 5- 408 4-403 3-397
  7. Thanks, these are total weights (grip, shaft and head) so they are light. Will look into the swingweight scale, thanks. I used my wife's kitchen cooking weighing scale, lol.
  8. So I weighed my graphite shafted irons and they seem to be askew. I wonder how to fix this and what is the weight progression from PW to 3 irons? Lead tape on heads in various increments? Thanks. Current total weights in grams: P - 411 9 - 410 8 - 398 7 - 399 6 - 386 5 - 387 4 - 394 3 - 373
  9. My Bridgestone J33 CB irons from 2006 or 2007.
  10. Never got to try the TS 202 but heard great thing about it.
  11. You are right. Tried them yesterday and they performed well, so solid and trajectory/distance was good, almost similar to the lighter shafts I played but less dispersion. I believe they are X100 shafts, saw the markings when I changed the grips. Although, I have a moderate swing speed, I have a very fast and hard transition swing so that's probably why they work. I was surprised but quite happy, never really played heavy steel stiff shafts in irons before. The irons were forged Tourstage Z101 CBs and they were a good match. Replaced the grips with standard GP Tour Velvets and brought the club weight down by about 5 to 7 grams. Thanks for your feedback.
  12. yeah most courses have a junior rate which is really almost nothing...have fun...
  13. Tourstage/Bridgestone Z101 3-PW Irons - should have never sold them to begin with.
  14. For the umpteenth time. Tourstage Z 101 Irons Miura Tour Wedges Slighter Seattle Putter Honma TW 747 455 10.5* Driver Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Tour 17* 4 Wood Honma TR 20 Hybrid 21* Old Ping L8 Bag
  15. Let's say a guy has played lighter steel shafts under 100g such as NS Pro 950GH steel shafts or even lighter graphite shafts around 85 grams for years because that's what he's been profiled to play. Player is in fit and in good shape but older, then he switches to heavier shafts such as TT DG S300, S400 or X100 steel shafts, complete disaster and loss of about a club or more and not get the ball on the proper trajectory or by some miracle, hits it straighter and better because heavier club produces more mass at impact and creates better impact and distance. What's going to happen?
  16. I think Miura iron players rave about their true performance because most Miura irons are custom made and fitted by professional and authorized Miura delaers, I think it is the fitting that makes them perform exceptionally well, not so much the design. Having said that, Miura irons and wedges are exceptionally made and all their published lofts and weights are right on spec so from that point of view and then add proper fitting, they will definitely perform better than off the rack unfitted irons.
  17. I have only played the CB 57s and can only compare them to the Bridgestone J33 CBs which I think are Endo forged, different feel, hard to describe, maybe the Miuras had a more solid/dense feeling. Both have a great and soft forged feel but I moved on from the CB 57s and kept the Bridgestones just because I am so used to them and have become my old reliable set of irons. I still play Miura wedges, a 52 and 58 in the Milled Tour version, now these are very soft and solid unlike any other wedges I played in the past.
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