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  1. Thanks for this info. Mine are the ones without ferrules and say "Patented" and have Tour Step steel shafts. Do you happen to know the specs on this shaft?
  2. Going back even older with the Tommy Armour 845S Silver Scot irons I played back in 1990. Let's see what happens. Been playing the Bridgestone J33 CBs and Snake Eyes 600C lately so this will be a move from forged blade like CBs to cast irons with a lot of offset. Also back in action is the old Anser putter and TA 588 56 and 60 wedges.
  3. They sent me two replacement Clevis Pins (attach stand to bag) because one of them fell off my Hoofer bag. Very good customer service.
  4. Not quite 460 but 455. Honma TW 747 455. I really like this driver.
  5. Apparently, they were designed by veteran golf club designer Jeff Sheets. I am glad I kept my 3-PW set of 600Cs. See below about the Snake Eyes 600C from his website: Model: 600B/C/XC Irons Material/Mfg: Billet Forged S45C Carbon Steel with Nickel/Chrome Plating Introduction: 2004 This series of three irons was my first forging project to work on for Golfsmith. All of my forging programs to date had been exclusive to Endo Manufacturing in Japan but this new project was orchestrated through Charles Su at VirageTech in ChengDu, China. I was internally conflicted in who I brought my newest forging project to. Mr. Katsuhiro Miura in Japan had invited me to bring a project to his boutique forging company in Himeji when I had visited his factory with the Wilson Japan staff. I was going to approach him about the 600 series irons but first had to give Charles Su an opportunity to show me his newly expanded capabilities. Needless to say his operational upgrades and technologies expansion impressed me, especially when it came to his multi-step forging operations. A final “as forged” part was only 8-grams heavier than the final target weight prior to any polishing operation. Compared to more than the 50-grams we had seen from U.S. forging houses or 20+ grams from Endo in Japan VirageTech’s was now producing the industry’s highest precision forgings. The 600B (blade) and 600C (cavity back) irons underwent a novel 5-step forging process while the 600XC (larger cavity design) required a 6th forging step. This was a new process that had not been commercialized by any other manufacturers. The multi-stage forging operation resulted in an extremely tight molecular compaction of the carbon steel for a solid yet soft feel in each club. Four years later other large OEMs would following behind with this same forging process. Each of the 600B/C/XC models could be mixed and matched to create a completely customized set based on a golfer’s ball striking ability.
  6. No offense intended but I guess some designs just get recycled and there is really not much improvement in forged cavity back iron design in the last 15 years. When I first saw the 2019 Mizuno MP 18 SC, it definitely reminded me of my old 2005 Snake Eyes 600C.
  7. Poll closed. Thanks. 1. Ping 2. Taylor Made 3. Titleist
  8. Poll closed. Thanks. 1. Ping 2. Titleist 3. Callaway
  9. Poll closed. Thanks. 1. Vokey Titleist 2. Cleveland 3. Ping
  10. Poll Closed. Thanks. 1. Callaway 2. Taylor Made 3. Ping
  11. Poll Closed. Thanks. 1. Scotty Cameron 2. Odyssey 3. Ping Apologies if your putter brand was not mentioned, apparently a lot of us are playing OTHER brands.
  12. Poll closed after 2 weeks. Thanks. 1. Mizuno 2. Ping 3. Srixon
  13. Poll closed after 10 days. Thanks. 1. Taylor Made 2. Srixon 3. Titleist
  14. I keep it simple (sort of). Controlling trajectory and distance, I basically have three shots I practice with a 58, 52 and a PW off 3 different lies (tight, lush and rough). 1. Square face shot that has forward spin. 2. Open club face with back spin. 3. A shot off the toe that's hit like a putt. All I am trying to do is hit it pure all the time with these 3 clubs/shots/lies.
  15. Are the soles on the XP-1 irons thick like the Honma TW-X for example? Thanks again.
  16. How do you like the TE EXS 220 4 Hybrid? I believe that's the one you are referring to with a mini-fairway look. Thanks.
  17. I'll add "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad" - Derek and The Dominoes live. First time I heard the guitar solo was a life changing event.
  18. Thanks everyone for all your input. I will keep the J33 CBs and will not buy the GI Honma TW XP-1 Irons but will play these 2009 TourStage X-Blade 701 CBs for now. Same shafts and almost identical to the J33CBs but maybe just a hair bigger. No intention of playing blades but would like to have the Bridgestone J15 MBs just because they look beautiful.
  19. I also learned to play with blades and played the Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot when the Ping Eye 2s were very popular. Good times.
  20. Did you have to adjust due to the different sole designs? I believe the Ping G25 has a wider sole than the Maltby TE Forged. That's my biggest problem with the wider soled GI irons. I hit them great in the range on mats but hit them fat on the course.
  21. I know this is trivial but I prefer the older/longer headcovers for shaft protection. Thoughts?
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