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  1. On Instagram he said they are from the new "Premiere" line
  2. Yeah, I just can’t imagine they’ve sold a lot of the 1857 shoe
  3. Good looks, I’m very excited to get more info on these
  4. Nothing confirmed yet. Some people think he's wearing the new Icon, others think its the new Dryjoys. Either way, they look great
  5. Yeah good points. I missed out on the White/Brown Croc ones before. Might as well get the White/black while I can
  6. Apologize if this has already been asked / discussed, but has anyone seen the new Dryjoys lineup planned for next year? Specifically wondering if they will add / remove any color ways? I love the White / Black Croc model this year and will pull the trigger soon if that’s going to be discontinued Thanks
  7. I've been a huge Peter Millar fan and have plenty of shirts, but I could never justify paying $80-$100 for shorts. I got a pair of the Salem short and they are incredible. Worth the money for sure
  8. Good to know, I’m looking forward to seeing them too. Will definitely hit them
  9. I was told at my SIM fitting this week that the new 770 are coming in August and will have more traditional lofts as well, which I like. Not sure if the old 770 were traditional lofts, but just giving that info. I play 712 AP2's and am looking to upgrade to the T100... he told me to wait because these 770 are worth the wait. We'll see
  10. This is all good to know. Thank you very much for the info!
  11. Thanks for that info. Hopefully we catch Heritage on a good day haha. For the price it was hard to resist ($45-$50 I think)
  12. Going down in early August - playing Caledonia, Dunes Club & Heritage Club. Pumped to finally play Caledonia, and TB is getting punched that week so we picked Dunes Club instead. Very excited
  13. I normally wear a 10 regular. Got these, as well as size 10 and 10 wide. The 10 wide felt the best
  14. $225, shipping included US only SOLD Never worn, I needed a 10 wide instead. Awesome shoe, very comfortable
  15. Damn that sucks, hope you get yours soon. Those are some sick shoes too, was thinking of getting those.
  16. Damn it, this was going to be my first pair of BOA shoes, I love the way they look on these. Bummer
  17. Why would you assume this, has it been said anywhere? I'd rather not pay $250+ on Ebay.
  18. My club, Longue Vue in Pittsburgh is closed, but the course remains open to members on a walking only basis.
  19. Are any of the models going to be made for lefty? Apologies if it was written somewhere, I missed it
  20. Selling my Callaway Apex 19 2 Hybrid. I hit less than 50 balls with this, ended up going back to my driving iron. Headcover Included Standard loft and lie Custom order from Callaway (Can't buy the LH 2 Hybrid in Stores) 18 Degrees Stiff Shaft - Project X Catalyst 6.0 70g Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip ~~_**Asking $190 OBO Shipping Included CONUS**_~~ SOLD
  21. > @LICC said: > > @mlecs03 said: > > I would put it in this order, personally: > > > > The Masters > > The US Open > > The Open Championship > > Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup > > PGA Championship > > 1- The Masters > 2- US Open > 3- The (British) Open > 4- Ryder Cup > 5- tie: PGA Championship/Players Championship > 7- Fedex Playoffs > 8- President's Cup Yeah you're right, I lumped the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup together for some reason. I could care less about the presidents cup haha
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