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  1. Very nice Titleist Scotty Cameron Red X3. 35 inches. Red baby T grip. Standard loft/ lie. Headcover included. $115 OBO. Will consider trade on Taylormade Hi Toe 56*,58*, or 60*. Thanks.
  2. Titleist Scotty Cameron Art of Putting Newport. 35" length. Lie is 2* upright. Lamkin crossline pistol grip. Great gamer or restore project. No head over. $150 shipped OBO. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  3. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #11. Like new and rolled maybe 25-30 putts. 35" length. Golf Pride Tour Classic grip. Headcover included. $ebay shipped OBO.
  4. I've had the HB Soft 11 for 2 weeks but the rain in East TN has been unreal. Haven't had a chance to roll it yet don't know what to expect. The milling is very aggressive for sue.
  5. Right there with you man.. Stainless Anser 2 from 2008-2010. The perfect amount of lead tape in the cavity. Traded it in (for who the heck knows what reason) towards some kind of used Newport 2 at a Play It Again Sports. Literally have been through a few hundred putters since then. Coincidentally shot some of my best rounds during that time with the anser 2 also ?.
  6. All I can say is you'll know it when you see it. I played a few years in college and like to think I can play a little bit still. Recently started working with a guy who played on the Nationwide/ Web/ Hooters Tours. Literally better in every aspect of the game. The true + handicap guys play a completely different game. Very consistent, no wild shots, keep the ball in play, hit greens, and putt unbelievably. Misses/ mis-hits are made in the correct spots on the golf course where they can recover. They birdie easy par 4s and birdie a par 5 or two and come in with a 67-68 and leave you wondering
  7. IMO go with one of the Bettinardi models. Nice solid heads with a great feel. The original Kuchar No.1 was my favorite but haven't tried the new release either.
  8. 41" Bettinardi Kuchar Model 1 Armlock. Stock Grey Bettinardi Grip. Worn matching cover included. Putter in great shape. Just looking to get about what I paid back. $sold shipped OBO. Will be shipped priority mail.
  9. Have a Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 on the way. I haven't had a Cleveland club in the bag for a handful of years. Excited to give this thing a go!
  10. Wow good for you man great deal!! That Sweedish paid off :)
  11. Just got my used bettinardi armlock kuchar in the mail Saturday. Excited to get it out and practice/ compare. I've sold off EVERY single putter except for this bettinardi armlock and a 16' Cameron Select Newport. I'm going to use one or the other for every round this year and decide on 1. I feel like if I can just commit to one and not 2nd guess everything I'll be fine.
  12. I'll be honest it can be both issues at times. I get in my own head after missing a few makeable putts way too often. I find myself being satisfied with always 2 putting from 15-25 feet. Not even expecting to make any. I really think it's a combo of speed and line.
  13. Update: I have probably been through 2-3 putters in the last 9 months. I practiced my putting very little this year. Probably the worst year of golf I've had since I quit playing in college. Scores have been really poor. I made a leap and just bought a used Bettinardi Kuchar Arm Lock off a good member here. I'm really excited about potentially saving a few shots a round with this thing. Will keep you all posted.
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