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  1. FS/ FT 35” Odyssey Oworks 7S Black. Tour SNSR 140CC grip. No head cover. $100 shipped or trade on other putters. Can add cash. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Very nice Titleist Scotty Cameron Red X3. 35 inches. Red baby T grip. Standard loft/ lie. Headcover included. $115 OBO. Will consider trade on Taylormade Hi Toe 56*,58*, or 60*. Thanks.
  3. Titleist Scotty Cameron Art of Putting Newport. 35" length. Lie is 2* upright. Lamkin crossline pistol grip. Great gamer or restore project. No head over. $150 shipped OBO. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  4. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #11. Like new and rolled maybe 25-30 putts. 35" length. Golf Pride Tour Classic grip. Headcover included. $ebay shipped OBO.
  5. I've had the HB Soft 11 for 2 weeks but the rain in East TN has been unreal. Haven't had a chance to roll it yet don't know what to expect. The milling is very aggressive for sue.
  6. Right there with you man.. Stainless Anser 2 from 2008-2010. The perfect amount of lead tape in the cavity. Traded it in (for who the heck knows what reason) towards some kind of used Newport 2 at a Play It Again Sports. Literally have been through a few hundred putters since then. Coincidentally shot some of my best rounds during that time with the anser 2 also ?.
  7. All I can say is you'll know it when you see it. I played a few years in college and like to think I can play a little bit still. Recently started working with a guy who played on the Nationwide/ Web/ Hooters Tours. Literally better in every aspect of the game. The true + handicap guys play a completely different game. Very consistent, no wild shots, keep the ball in play, hit greens, and putt unbelievably. Misses/ mis-hits are made in the correct spots on the golf course where they can recover. They birdie easy par 4s and birdie a par 5 or two and come in with a 67-68 and leave you wondering what happened. If they make a couple 20 footers on any given round combined with the above, you can be left in the dust QUICKLY.
  8. IMO go with one of the Bettinardi models. Nice solid heads with a great feel. The original Kuchar No.1 was my favorite but haven't tried the new release either.
  9. 41" Bettinardi Kuchar Model 1 Armlock. Stock Grey Bettinardi Grip. Worn matching cover included. Putter in great shape. Just looking to get about what I paid back. $sold shipped OBO. Will be shipped priority mail.
  10. Have a Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 on the way. I haven't had a Cleveland club in the bag for a handful of years. Excited to give this thing a go!
  11. Wow good for you man great deal!! That Sweedish paid off :)
  12. Just got my used bettinardi armlock kuchar in the mail Saturday. Excited to get it out and practice/ compare. I've sold off EVERY single putter except for this bettinardi armlock and a 16' Cameron Select Newport. I'm going to use one or the other for every round this year and decide on 1. I feel like if I can just commit to one and not 2nd guess everything I'll be fine.
  13. I'll be honest it can be both issues at times. I get in my own head after missing a few makeable putts way too often. I find myself being satisfied with always 2 putting from 15-25 feet. Not even expecting to make any. I really think it's a combo of speed and line.
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