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  1. You don’t happen to have a stiff flex shaft for it? Don’t think I can rep the x flex. -Kaleb
  2. First I removed all the paint fill and the emblem, then sanded down most the nicks, torched it, then heated the whole thing and dipped it in oil. Not sure if it was the proper process but it turned out with the look I wanted!
  3. Just redid my Ping Redwood 303SS Putter myself for a first project. Also bent it 2 degrees Flat to match my putting stroke. Opinions?
  4. Not to be that guy, just trying to help out, I saw some new online for 179.99, Ping just did a price drop on them.
  5. R9 TP Irons 3-PW Great Condition! Multi Compound Grips and Rifle 6.5 Shafts Pictures don't include 3 iron. Put up separate picture though.$400. Shoot me an offer. Adams Pro Gold 18 degree Tour Prototype W/ Matrix Ozik Altus Hybrid X-Flex $SOLD. Also open to offers.
  6. Just picked up a ping redwood 303ss, amazing putter. Would highly reccomend it to anyone.
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