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  1. Up for sale - TM p770 - used 3 rounds and no range time - near perfect condition. Standard LLL - 4-PW, KBS Tour Stiff shafts - GP TV+4 grips with one extra wrap. I ship within 24 hours of purchase via USPS priority. MY paypal is [email protected] Please PM questions. My feedback on here and ebay ( smithjohnjr ) is perfect. Dont let these go - back orders are taking forever. SOLD
  2. Couple items for sale - I ship USPS Priority within 24 hours of purchase - all feedback on here and ebay perfect ( smithjohnjr ). NO LOWBALL offers - Cash only please. Paypal is [email protected] Please PM Questions 1. Callaway 21 Xforged CBs 4-W, Standard LLL - Project X IO 6.0 shafts - GP Tour V +4 with one extra wrap. Condition is almost flawless played 3 rounds with them and almost zero range time.. Sold 2. Fujikura Red Ventus Velocore - 7S - 43.25 inches in Titleist TSi3 3wood - tip on shaft. Normal 3 wood tipping - GP TV +4 with one extra wrap SOLD
  3. Few items up for grabs - all used to some degree and prices reflect. All have TONS of life left. I ship USPS priority within 24 hours of purchase. NO TRADES. PAYPAL is [email protected] Please PM questions - feedback is perfect on here and ebay - smithjohnjr All GRIPS are TOUR VELVET with 2 wraps. except when shown in pic 1. Ping G400 LST - 10 degree - 2 shafts includes. hzrdus yellow plays just over 45. comes with headcover, only mark is slight mark on crown in pic - never noticed til in right light. certainly not noticeable at address SOLD 2. Cally Rogue SZ 3 wood - 42.75 inches long. barely used. headcover include Sold 3. Titleist H1 21 degree. all stock headcover included Sold 4. Cally X forged 2018 - 5-PW, KBS Tour S+ 125. Came 1/4 inch over, extended to 1/2 inch over. Lies are 1 down and 1 strong. Sold
  4. Dark box long ride I ship USPS priority within 24 hours of purchase. NO TRADES PLEASE. Feedback is perfect on here and eBay. Please PM questions custom Callaway order 4-per kbs tour v x soft stepped one time. Standard loft +1/4 length standard lie. Go mc +4 one extra wrap. Played 9 holes. Perfect condition $560 all in. PayPal is [email protected]
  5. Thanks for the help. So I need to keep the description but not photos or price?? Seeking to understand - what’s the point of that? Why would people click on a link to buy something that is. Not available? Seems misleading
  6. I apparently got 2 warnings yesterday. One I understood but the other I did not. I have been on this site for 13 years now and have never had a problem. I have always deleted the content of ad once it sold. I only have soo much memory space in my account. Was there a rules change?? Seems a little heavy handed to me.. 2 warnings - if I have done something wrong but have NEVER In 13 years had a single issue, it seems to me a PM could have been exchanged. Good way to run off long time members Just read the rules on my second infraction - and " You may, however, delete the photograph attachments to listings as well as the listed For Sale price if a different price has been mutually agreed to " This is exactly what I did so not sure what I did wrong...
  7. Time for a plane ride I ship USPS Priority within 24 hours of purchase. Feedback is perfect on here and ebay. NO TRADES PAYPAL is [email protected] 1. Rogue Pro 4-pw - played nine holes.. MINT +.25 length, tour KBS V X soft stepped one time. MCC +4 one extra wrap $575.00 all in 2. Stitch UGB Bag - used 2 times - have 2 - got one as a tee gift recently. This is the BEST travel bag, especially if you have to pack a suit or items not to wrinkle. MINT condition. Does have ingot with my initials and it may come off but didn't try. $165.00
  8. want to make one trip to PO TODAY - Price drops SZ - whole club - $320.00 Vokey SM - 88.00
  9. These are ready for a ride in a long dark box.. I ship USPS priority within 24 hours of payment. First to pay wins. PP is [email protected] Feedback is perfect on here and ebay - smithjohnjr. Please PM questions. all prices include shipping and paypal NO TRADES - Cash only!!! 1. Callaway Sub Zero - 9 degree, Even Flow Blue 6.0 75 gram - 44.5 inches long, GP Tour Velvet with 2 wraps. Played for one round - perfect condition Headcover and wrench kit included 2. TM HI Toe 64 - all stock - hit a few balls on the range on mat. 3. Titleist SM7 - 58.10s - played and practiced some with it around putting green. minimal markings and finish wear. All stock $100.00
  10. How well do Piretti custom / tour putters hold their value? Anybody got any insight before I spend too much on a brand new one
  11. In the post below, provide answers to the following questions: What’s in your current bag? 917 D2 7.75 - Even Flow 75s tipped 1 inch, TM Me Hzrdus Black 75 stiff, 917 h2 Even flow 85 stiff, 5-pw Cally x forged 18 - KBS S+ Tour, SM& 50, 54, 58 various grinds. Bettinardi BB1 tour proto What is your current handicap? +2 What's your driver swing speed? 105 Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Franklin, TN USA What driver (brand/model) will you be installing these in? 3 wood - need help with launch conditions TM M3 What shaft do you currently play now? Hzrdus Black 75 s If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. NOTE: You are responsible for supplying the driver head. yes AVAILABLE SHAFTS: MAD Pro 7X preferredDesired shafts. Info needed: Weight - Mad Pro 7 Flex - X Adapter - TM fairway Grip - GP Tour Velvet - +1/32 Total Driver Length - 42.75 inches [*]Please explain briefly how you would approach testing these shaft - will test on trackman head to head with current set up - will also play several rounds of golf - have 2 heads exact same specs so can tee both up on every hole and check dispersion, distance, flight and feel. Fairways hit, greens hit etc..
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