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  1. Looking for 2 brand new, uncut Tour AD DI shafts. 1 x Tour AD DI 6 stiff, the other Tour AD DI 7 stiff. I would prefer that they be the black version and that I deal with one seller to cut down on shipping costs. I will however, entertain taking the orange version if I can't find the black. Please message me with your asking prices, shipped to 14305.
  2. Looking for 2 brand new, uncut Tensei CK Pro Blue. One in 60 stiff and one in 70 stiff. Prefer to deal with the same seller to cut down on shipping costs. Please message me with your asking prices, shipped to 14305.
  3. Selling a set of PXG Gen 2 - 0317x hybrids in excellent condition with Accra TZ6 85 stiff hybrid shafts. The 22* and 25* both come with PXG leather head covers, but no torque wrench. No trades are being accepted for these. Prices are as follows, sold as a set only: 22* and 25* heads only with adapter and covers: $325 shipped insured with tracking 22* and 25* with Accra TZ6 hybrid shafts with head covers: $550 shipped insured with tracking. **** 25* HAS BEEN SOLD!****
  4. Excellent condition Ping G410 LST in 10.5* with Ping Tour 65x. Comes with G410 head cover that was never used as I have my own and Ping torque wrench. The ONLY trade I would consider would be a PXG 0811x+ proto in similar condition and must come with correct head cover and wrench. I'd obviously send cash back your way to even out the trade, depending on the shaft you are including. Asking price is shipped with insurance and tracking out of Niagara Falls, NY. $OLD
  5. Up for sale is a set of P760's with KBS C-Taper Lite in stiff flex. Still in fantastic shape, grips are in excellent shape as well. Specs are -1/4", 2* up and 1 full tape under the grips. No trades being accepted at all for these. $OLD! shipped/insured with tracking - clubs will be shipping out of Niagara Falls, NY.
  6. Just had my new Miura TC-201 built with MMT Tour 105s and BBF&Co ferrules and holy hell do these these swing weight HEAVY. At 38”, my 5 iron is D6 and my 7 iron is D7. I know Miura are always on the heavy side, but they are sledgehammers. Time to tinker with shorter lengths to get these swing weights down. Regardless though, loved the feel and performance of these in my 919 Tour so just a matter of getting these right.
  7. Anyone on the fence about this - just grab it. Has to be one of the best covers Taylormade has come out with. Looks awesome on my Spider X !
  8. I've got a few Bettinardi items up for sale that are brand new, never used. Prices include trackable shipping w/insurance, no trades are being accepted. 1: Bettinardi Multi-icon Mash-Up Scorecard Holder $OLD!!! 2: Bettinardi Double Bubble Players Towel $100 shipped 3: Bettinardi Transfusion Tool $100 shipped
  9. You got lucky then, because the lead times I stated are exactly what's been taking place.
  10. You'll be waiting just as long for TM, Mizzy, CAlly and a host of others as they are back-logged because of the pandemic. Hell Mizuno about 3 weeks ago was at 7 weeks TAT on custom orders.
  11. ****NO TRADES**** Selling a MINT set of Z785 with Modus 120 Tour Stiff, that were purchased brand new at Golftown 2 weeks ago. Set is 4-PW with one round and one range session only. The 4 iron is still brand new in plastic as shown in the pictures. Asking $OLD!!!! shipped/insured.
  12. I asked them to follow specs off of 38" 5 iron.
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