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  1. Near new Mackenzie bag with SD logo. Bottom shows the slightest shop wear, top looks like it has not held any clubs. there is a pic of slight blemish on the white leather. Save the waiting and a few bucks. $375 obo shipped in NA PM any cash offers or trade/cash
  2. Spectacular ad. I’d be thrilled with any of those sets but those Norman’s are next level.
  3. Shipping from Canada, so expect a few extra days. I mark items as gifts to limit the chance of duty fees. 1. Gibbons Handmade, think Footjoy classics, leather sole, exceptional craftsmanship and exotic leathers. If I recall correctly it’s lizard but no guarantee. They are size 10 but I found they run a little big but not wide enough for my feet. I bought these here but never actually took them to the course. $130 shipped in North America 2. Adidas 360 Boost, size 10. Wore these for about 4 rounds but no noticeable wear on the inside or on the soles. $80 shipped.
  4. Welcome to my favourite way to waste a Saturday night. Coming up is a bunch of stuff that I think I bought. 1. As a married man, every day begins with the same goal: convince my wife that it is her ultimate privilege to please me like her sister used to before we got married. This first item is like that. All I wanted was some high quality heads, but what I ended up with was an unsatisfactory shaft job. It’s not even complete. I’m going to need to stock up on blue sharpies to mark my balls. Here is a set of Steelfibers i110 in stiff, 4-pw minus an 8 iron because that stupid lil’ sum-b caused me to pull hook it during my final round of D flight Match Play. Im including a 3 iron shaft, it’s an i95, I hate it and so I’m including it before I use to stake a GD tomato plant. Pics are there. Price is $100 shipped, couldn’t be cheaper if Kuch was selling them. 2. Thirdly, full set of clubs from Cleveland. 1-3-5 588 woods and 588 Square Groove irons 2-PW. S400 shafts in everything, because heavier steel shafts make you look manlier. This is the perfect way to demonstrate that you hold absolutely no regard for the USGA. I don’t need your stinking rules. It’s also a well kept secret that wood actually has a higher COR than titanium. Guaranteed to hit it further (just kidding bu they’re pretty, much like my wife’s sister). Asking $125 OBO (overly bulging obelisks) 3. Fourthly, incredibly effeminate wedges. If you buy these, I hope you’re a girl. If you’re not, don’t tell me until payment clears. I bought these halfway through a bottle of butter ripple Schnapps, but just before I try on my wife’s high heels. 2 wedges by the worlds most mysterious wedge maker in the World. I heard from no one that these were meant for his mother in law. Jimmy Patrick should be proud of including as much tungsten as inhumanly possible. If you likes some stampage, you’ve got it. I paid more than I told my wife but less than I want you to pay. Both wedge heads for $150. 4. Seventhly, these wedges make the previous wedges look like they belonged to Burt Reynolds. But if you like Fruit Loops and visiting glory holes, these could be for you. Unlike my wife’s sister, these are new and unused. $180 for 52-56-60 Now I’m tired, please send offers. If I’m not daydreaming about the fulfilling life I’ve never led, I’ll probably answer very quickly. Rude or lowball offers will be given priority.
  5. Nice setup. I’m looking to see if I have family coming your way in March.
  6. Shipping from Canada. One item tonight, Kevin Burns Putter, 34.5 inches, red, white, and blue Best Grips. 60 gram weights in sole, interchangeable neck, super soft face milling pattern. This is a pure roller with a really cool look and butter soft feel. Asking $250 shipped in NA. Willing to listen to offers but don’t be rude. I’m pretty sure I have the black KB headcover and a new KB grip I’ll include.
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