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  1. As much as I love Titleist clubs, the DCI line is a hard pass for me. I went from Cleveland TA4's that I played a decent number of years (the clubs I learned on) to a set of 762B's (first set I was ever fitted for). I kept the 762's in the bag for all of about a year until I saved up enough summer job money to get fitted for a set of 690CB's that I kept in the bag up until around 2008 when I switched over to the first generation AP2...and then the Hoing started. 710 MB, then MP-37, 714MB, then 716MB, JPX900 Tour, and finally back to 718 AP2 and I don't see those going anywhere unless I happen across another set of MP-37's that don't look like they've been through a war. Only reason I parted with the MP-37 is that I bought them used, not realizing that they were built +1/2" and hence the lighter weight head, after reshafting from DGR300 to my preferred PX and having them built to lengths based off of a 37.5" 5 iron, It became abundantly clear that the swing weight was super low. Off to the bay they went. Though I digress, I love Titleist irons, but their forged offerings are far superior to anything that I've experienced in the DCI lineup.
  2. Has anyone tried these grips? Don't get me wrong I love my UTx Cord Wraps, but seeing as they're not available anymore, I'd love to find another wrap style grip that won't have the club flying out of my hands when I'm all sweaty in the middle of July in the Mid-Atlantic heat and humidity. If they're slick like the standard rubber Tour Wraps that Golf Pride has now, I'll simply have to suck it up and go to a midsize Lanmkin UTx non-wrap.
  3. I moved from a 917D3 to a TS4 over the winter, and WOW! The TS4 gives me a couple extra yards of carry thanks to lower spin and a flatter flight apex, but it's immensely more consistent than the 917. My not so great shots still travel a long way and they're not hooked off the face of the planet as could occasionally happen with the 917. The sound and feel of the TS are better than the 917, it's much more pleasing to look at in the playing position than any of the current crop of drivers, and for me, still produces the most consistent results. Did I hit the Mavrik SZ further by a little tiny bit, yes, but I also didn't have as consistent a set of results either. I used all of the clubface on the Mavrik whereas I am more centered to slightly high toe with the TS4. In all fairness, however, the Mavrik was at the Callaway stock nearly 46" and my TS4 is 44.25", so there's that. Anyway, my TS4 will be staying for a long time.
  4. I'm taking a break from the dismal disappointment that is the current season of Destiny 2 and playing Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is AMAZING. So many throwback moments to the original, but also some really cool tweaks to the original. This game was well worth the wait.
  5. I'm currently an 11 index and am playing Titleist 718 AP2 irons with Project X shafts. Great setup for my swing. My Titleist fitter was fantastic, initially I wanted to go to a blended set of CB and MB, but after my fitter put the AP2 in my hand, I was sold. The look is definitely a little chunkier than what I prefer, but I was consistently seeing about 3 to 4 more yards of carry with the AP2 vs the CB and MB.
  6. At my home club, Ping (G30 through G410) is by far the most common driver you'll see in members' bags.
  7. Generally, when bending an iron or wedge to add loft, you also add roughly the same amount of bounce. You will also marginally reduce visual offset. The opposite is true of reducing loft.
  8. Last show I was at was the Knotfest Roadshow. Behemoth, Gojira, Volbeat and Slipknot. GREAT show!
  9. I'm still gaming a 917D3. I've hit the TS3 a bunch and while it does do a little better on a slightly off hit, it's not enough of a difference in my testing to merit the cost. I will admit, however, that I'm always on the look out for a TS3 head for the right price assuming the loft is correct.
  10. For a driver my favorites are Grafalloy Prolite 35, Aldila NV, Pro Force V2, Diamana Whiteboard and 'ahina, Fujikura Motore F1 For fairway woods, Aldila VS Proto and Voodoo VS, Diamana Blueboard and Kai'li, Fujikura Motore F3, and the old blue Project X Tour Issue.
  11. I can't speak from much experience with the 105 in stiff, but I did play it in X for about two years. My swing speed with a 7 iron is around 88. I found the 105X to feel superb, but I have a little bit of an aggressive transition and found that I could lose the ball left if I really went after a shot. This year I was fit into 718 AP2 with either PX 6.5 soft stepped or straight in PX 6.0. I opted for the 6.0 and find them to be a much better fit for my swing than the 105x. I do, however, miss the silky smooth feel of the 105x. As others have said, the PX and Modus 105 are drastically different shafts.
  12. The gapping looks a little odd to me. From what's posted, it appears that your 9i and PW are pretty dang close in yardages. As to what club to fill the role, 5 wood that's properly fitted to your gapping, or a different hybrid with between 19 and 20 degrees of loft that you're more confident with.
  13. My personal favorite Mizuno blade that I played then foolishly sold was the MP-37. They have a really nice, clean look at address, the long irons are butter knives, and the short irons don't look as clunky as the short irons in some other Mizuno sets (MP-14 stands out to me for this). Other solid offerings from Mizuno are the MP-4, the MP-68, and the TN-87. As stated earlier, there are some other blades out there that should not be overlooked to include Wilson Staff, Hogan Apex, Titleist 680, Taylormade RAC MB (I was always particularly fond of the looks of these with the smoked finish), and MacGregor.
  14. I had JPX 900 Tours with the Nippon 105X straight in. For my gap wedge, I used the 105X straight in. For my sand and lob wedges, I used 105X soft stepped. Worked really well, and I'm still rocking the same wedges with my new AP2's.
  15. Lots of good options out there, but my short list would be Ping i210, MAYBE Titleist AP2, Titleist AP3, Mizuno JPX 900/919 Hot Metal, 919 Hot Metal Tours, JPX 900/919 Forged; Callaway Apex; Callaway Rogue Pro; Taylormade P790; Taylormade M.
  16. I've had my 917D3 in play for a couple years now and don't see a whole lot out there that will make me change it. The performance is as good as anything I've demoed and I'm consistent with it when I'm doing my part. When I'm not doing my part, it wouldn't matter what driver I were playing. Personally, I love the shape of the 917D3 head and love how solid it feels/sounds on solid strikes.
  17. From Mitsubishi, I would look at the Diamana BF or Tensei Pro Blue. From True Temper/Project X, it would be Even Flow Blue. From Aldila, Rogue Black, Tour Blue, RIP Phenom, or for something that won't break the bank, VS Proto. From Fujikura, Speeder Evolution III or IV in 757, Atmos Blue Tour Spec, or the new Ventus. From Graphite Design, Tour AD-DI, Tour AD-IZ, or Tour AD-VR should fit the bill.
  18. I typically opt for the same shaft as in my irons, but go soft stepped once for a slightly less stout feel on partial shots.
  19. Get a corded grip with a little bit of tack to it. I like Lamkin UTx cords, but I've also had good luck with Golf Pride NDMC (not the +4) and Crossline Cords.
  20. I play an 80g shaft in my driver and find that I have a much better ball flight in terms of launch window and dispersion as opposed to a 70 gram shaft. For me, it's more about controlling my tempo which can get rather quick with a lighter setup.
  21. I use a Titleist 917 F2 18* head lofted down to 17.25* with a 3 wood length Diamana S+ 80 that's tipped to 5 wood spec. Works like a charm for me.
  22. I think my favorite bag is as follows: Titleist 975D 8.5* Grafalloy Prolite 35 Cleveland Quadpro 3 wood with True Temper EI-70 Titleist 975F with Graphite Design YS 9.1 Titleist 690 CB with Dynamic Gold Cleveland TA 588 RTG 56, and 60 wedges Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 Gun Blue. Runner up as follows: Titleist 910 D2 8.5* with Motore F1 75x Titleist 910 Fd 13.5* with Project X 8A4 Adams Pro A12 16* hybrid with Matrix Altus Hybrid X Titleist 714 MB with KBS Tour V 120X Vokey SM 252.08 Vokey SM 258.08 Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Prototype Newport Beach 1.5
  23. I don' t think that there's really a "best of all time", but some of my personal favorites in no particular order: 99' Ben Hogan Apex Ben Hogan Apex Plus Mizuno MP-37 Titleist 680 Titleist 690MB Cleveland TA3 Tommy Armour 845 Maxfli Australian Blade Srixon Pro 100 Taylormade RAC TP MB Smoke Taylormade RAC CB
  24. My 7 iron is presently around 90 MPH and ball speed is around 129. When I was fitted earlier this year the fitter narrowed in on mainly the Project X options for me. Tried PX 6.5, PX LZ 6.5, PX 6.0, and PX LZ 6.5. The LZ definitely felt softer than the standard PX of the same flex in both 6.0 and 6.5.
  25. I've always been a good striker of the ball with my irons and up until about two years ago, played blades. At my best I was down to an 8.3 index when playing four times a week after work and hitting balls or rolling putts two or three days a week (though I was still a terrible pressure putter). Index went up to a 15.1. Went to JPX 900 Tours, index came back down a little bit to 13.2 and held. This year, went to 718 AP2, and index came down further to 11.6 and is still trending down. Moral of the story, if you're a good striker of the ball and play and practice a lot, blades a great; if you have to do adulting, like I presume most of us do, don't turn your nose up at some forgiveness that will give you that extra 5 or 8 yards when you don't absolutely middle the shot. That extra 5 or 8 yards could be the difference between putting and having to hit one of those tricky, delicate short-sided greenside chips that we amateurs overcook way too often. With all that said, I do really miss the feel of an absolutely pured shot with my old 716 MB's.
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